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Yxlon v.s. UNI X-ray: a Full Comparison Guide

In this blog post, you’ll read:Yxlon is one of the most reliable x-ray machine brands with CT software for inspection analysis. However, do you really need an advanced Yxlon machine? Here’s the article that helps you know if Yxlon is really the best for you.

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Whether you’ve previously used a Yxlon brand of X-ray machine or not, it is quite typical to wonder what makes it different from any other X-ray machine suppliers.  

Like every X-ray manufacturer, the Yxlon brand has its value proposition for its customers, and the manufacturers often use these proposed benefits for customer acquisition.

However, what you want to know is if the values it promises to deliver are what your quality assessment processes need.

The answer to the above question is what this post aims to help you answer. This article also helps you determine the most critical factors you should consider when picking an X-ray manufacturer.

So, if you are ready, let’s get down to it.


Reviews of the Yxlon X-ray Machine

Advantages and Disadvantages


Yxlon X-ray machine proposes some benefits for your quality inspection activities. However, they don’t come without their disadvantages. You will find both the merits and demerits of the Yxlon X-ray machine brand below.




  • Good Image Quality

One determiner of accurate X-ray analysis and result is the quality of the image it produces. Yxlon X-ray machine manufacturer is one of a handful of X-ray manufacturers that deliver quality images.


  • Intelligent CT Software

Computer tomography is another critical factor for arriving at a precise analysis and accurate scan result. Yxlon X-ray machines have one of the most intelligent CT software installed with their equipment.


  • Reliable X-ray Inspection System

The reliability of an X-ray machine also forms a core part of the quality and accuracy of the analysis. Yxlon X-ray machine has a consistent track record of reliability which helps customers arrive at dependable inspection results.


  • Optimized to Customer Specifications

Customers often have peculiar needs and individual specifications to meet their exact inspection needs. Yxlon is one X-ray machine whose suppliers can optimize X-ray solutions to meet individual users’ specifications.




  • Expensive

Yxlon X-ray machines are quite expensive compared to some other X-ray manufacturers with the same quality assessment offerings. Chinese X-ray manufacturers offer more competitive pricing than Yxlon.


  • Need Professional Operator

The ease of use is another downside of the Yxlon X-ray machine. It is less intuitive than X-ray machines from Chinese manufacturers and often requires that the operator undergo thorough, rigorous training.




To have a wholesome view of the capacity of the Yxlon X-ray machine, certain features and functions, you’ll need to examine some of its parameters. 

These parameters include the power, X-ray tube capacity, detector sensitivity, and ability to view a sample from different angles with oblique viewing. 


Capacity and Power 

Yxlon’s X-ray machine has a power capacity of 1,000W of current, making it suitable for high-density samples, which often require high power usage. 


X-ray Tube

The X-ray tube for the Yxlon X-ray machine is 160kV which is one of the factors for the quality image production of Yxlon’s X-ray machine. This high-capacity X-ray tube also helps reduce the exposure of the sample to radiation. 



Detector Active Area

The active detector area ensures that the passing radiation is well captured to generate an accurate image representing the sample.

The Yxlon X-ray machine has 9 inches and 12 inches diameter to capture the image well and produce a clear high-definition image.


Oblique Viewing

The angle of view is equally important to ensure that no sample angle is not covered and to get an accurate result.

Yxlon’s X-ray machine platform affords the operator different oblique viewing angles to guarantee that every corner is touched for effective results.



One further understanding that you’ll need to know about is the area and industry where the Yxlon X-ray machine is effective. 

Here are some industries where you’ll find applications for a Yxlon X-ray machine for quality assessment needs. 


Automotive Industry 

The automotive industry requires a quality inspection to meet international safety and quality standards for their automotive parts. Yxlon X-ray machines have quite a substantial application in the automotive industry.


Aerospace Inspection

Aerospace is another industry that takes quality assessment as a critical part of its manufacturing process as it ensures the safety of air passengers and properties. Yxlon is quite helpful in the aerospace industry for ensuring the quality of aerospace manufacturing. 


Electronic Components

Electronic components require quality checks and inspection to ensure that they work perfectly and don’t become a safety risk to users. Yxlon X-ray machines have applications in the electronic industry to meet their quality assessment needs. 

x-ray inspection on electronics


Weld Inspection

Many products have welding processes as part of their manufacturing and thus need to undergo quality checks to ascertain their mechanical and structural integrity. Yxlon is purposeful in this industry to guarantee the integrity of these welds.


Comparison Between Yxlon X-ray Machine vs. Uni X-ray


Yxlon vs. Uni X-ray Main Differences

Here is a comparison of the Yxlon X-ray machine with an equally quality Chinese X-ray manufacturer, Uni X-ray, to confirm the differences between these manufacturers.


Yxlon X-ray Machine

  • The price of a Yxlon X-ray is higher than that of a Uni X-ray machine 
  • The use of Yxlon X-ray machines need extensive training for the operator to use it
  • There is a need for in-person maintenance, which can cause significant production downtime
  • Setting up a Yxlon X-ray machine will require high technical competence and might even require Yxlon technical personnel for installation.


Uni X-ray Machine

  • Uni X-ray machines are less expensive than Yxlon’s X-ray machine
  • Very minimal training often from accompanying user manual is required to operate Uni X-ray’s equipment 
  • There is often no need for in-person maintenance as Uni X-ray has 24-hour service maintenance available through their online platform
  • Setting up X-ray machines from Uni X-ray is a walk in the park, even for a first-time X-ray machine user.


Similarities Between Two Brands

Though Uni X-rays share differences that separate them into their unique value propositions, Uni X-ray shares some similarities with Yxlon X-ray machines, listed below. 


  • High-quality Images

Both Uni X-ray and Yxlon offer quality images with similar benefits.  

  • Client-specific X-ray Solutions

Uni X-ray designs bespoke X-ray solutions just like the Yxlon X-ray machine offers specific X-ray solutions for clients.

  • Intelligent Inspection Analysis Software

It can be installed with both Uni X-ray Yxlon X-ray machines.

  • Multi-industry Application

Both Yxlon and Uni X-ray machines have multi-industry quality inspection applications.


Comparison of Popular X-ray Machine Models

It is often necessary to compare the popular X-ray machine offerings of manufacturers to choose a suitable option for your individual needs.

Here are the popular X-ray machine models for Yxlon and Uni X-ray with their features and functional offerings. 


Popular Yxlon Models

  • YXLON Cheetah EVO


This machine is designed and well-suited for surface mounting technology inspection as these samples are often small and carry tightly packed components. 

Its features include a 160kV X-ray tube with 160.5 microfocus, a 1004×1004 active area, and a maximum radiographic area of 460x410mm.

Other features include 16-bit depth, 2200kg system weight, and an 800x500mm sample size.




This X-ray machine is one of Yxlon’s multi-inspection X-ray machines employed for various applications in many industries like aerospace, automotive, and electronics. 

It features a 190kV tube that powers two-dimensional visibility of as much as 150 nanometers. With a maximum sample weight of 17kg, 280mm sample diameter, and 700mm sample height, the Yxlon FF20 CT is well-suited for tiny samples with high accuracy.  


  • YXLON MU2000-D 


A solid and well-rounded X-ray machine, the Yxlon MU2000-D is the machine of choice for most industrial manufacturing quality inspection tools.

It produces quality images with its standard 225kV power capacity and an X-ray tube of 450 kV capacity. Its maximum allowable sample weight is 200kg, and its maximum sample diameter is 600x900mm. It also features 695-995mm FDD (focus detector distance) and CT diameter 170mm by 150mm CT height.


Popular Uni X-ray Models

Uni X-ray AX9400

This top-quality X-ray inspection machine from Uni X-ray is exceptionally suitable for inspecting various components, including electronic components, ceramics, plastic, LEDs, and aluminum die-casting.

It features some of the best functions for accurate analysis and detection of the defect. These features include a 90-130kV X-ray tube, up to 1600 times magnification, multi-angle tilt detection, and high image resolution.

Other beneficial features include offline programming, navigation mode detection, 3-5µm X-ray source, and high-density detector. 


Uni X-ray AX8400

This machine is another high-resolution equipment with excellent image quality. It is sufficiently suitable to inspect LEDs, electronic connectors, semiconductors, and solar voltaic cells.

It features some exceptional tools, including a 90-100kV tube with a 5µm X-ray source, multi-tilt rotating platforms with +/- 60˚ angle, and a large navigation window to identify flaws on samples easily.

Some other features include a Windows operating system for easy integration with existing systems and excel compatible report outputs.


Uni X-ray AX8400P

The AX8400P carries a highly advanced image-enhancing technology that delivers sharp quality images, making analysis and results easy and accurate. It also ensures access control to restrict unauthorized access using fingerprint technology.

Its features include an intuitive user interface for easy operation, high magnification and resolution of the image, optimal parametric settings, and a wide 610x610mm platform. 

Other features include a 24-inch LCD for software interaction, a 60˚ rotating platform, and automatic sample detection. 


Uni X-ray Desktop AX3100

Uni X-ray’s AX3100 is an X-ray machine specifically designed for small spaces and sample assessments. It is a desk-mounted machine with capabilities that outperforms other brands of the same size. 

It features a 90kV X-ray tube with a 5µm X-ray source, a resolution of 1176×1104, and a dynamic FPD (flat panel detector).

Its other features include an automatic safety stop button, a 360˚ rotation view, and a 165x190mm maximum inspection area. 

With all these offerings from Uni X-ray, it is good to note that the internal components of Uni X-ray equipment are imported high-quality products that are reliable and smart. 


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Do You Need a YXLON X-ray Machine?

Question 1: What’s Your Budget for the X-ray Machine Purchase?

Budget is usually a showstopper for many individuals and institutions looking to purchase an X-ray machine for their specific quality assessment needs.

But what are the factors that can negatively affect your budget and reduce your purchasing power? 

The first factor is often your choice of analog or automatic X-ray machine, as the level of automation often significantly increases the price of owning an X-ray machine.

The second impeding factor is your choice of X-ray manufacturer as manufacturers in the US, and Europe like Yxlon X-ray machines can quickly rack up the price of your desired X-ray machine.

However, Chinese manufacturers like Uni X-ray have very competitive prices for X-ray machines of the same quality. The reason is that Chinese manufacturers like Uni X-ray are strategically located in Shenzhen, where there is an abundance of skilled professionals.

The level of specialized expertise needed to fix and operate the Yxlon X-ray machine is also very high. It will require bringing in their technical personnel, which often add up to the cost of purchase.

However, Chinese manufacturers like Uni X-ray produce X-ray solutions that are easy to install and operate with little technical ability. 

By following the accompanying user manual, even a first-time X-ray machine user can install Uni X-ray’s machine. 

Furthermore, the operation does not require extensive training like what you get with Yxlon X-ray machines.


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Question 2: How Often Do You Use the X-ray Machine?

The ability to ascertain the number of times you employ an X-ray machine within a week allows you to assess the type of x-ray machine you’ll need.

If you’re like most X-ray users, you probably use the X-ray machine a few days a week, which shouldn’t make you get a costly general application X-ray machine.

It is more logical and economical to get an X-ray machine tailored to your specific needs, which is often more affordable than a multi-purpose X-ray machine can be expensive.

Uni X-ray provides bespoke X-ray solutions that are designed to meet your specific inspection requirements. Hence, getting your X-ray machine from Uni X-ray will be more economical and suitable for your quality assessment programs.


Question 3: In What application will You Use X-ray Machines?

X-ray machines have different applications in aerospace, automotive, electronics, welding, energy, and power generation industries. 

While some of these industries require high-level automation, some only require basic analog needs. Furthermore, some organizations require an X-ray machine as part of an inline assembly, while others only use it as a standalone solution.

However, your requirements will depend on the level of inspection you intend to carry out. Putting critical factors into consideration, including the weight and size of your sample and the thickness, will help you decide the suitable X-ray solution for your specific application.

Though Yxlon offers reliable quality inspection solutions, they are still more expensive than Chinese suppliers like Uni x-ray who have consistently delivered tailor-made X-ray solutions for individual applications at very competitive prices. 


Question 4: Do you have the Professionals to Operate the X-ray Machine?

The technical expertise required to operate the X-ray machine is another critical consideration for successful quality inspection.

Yxlon X-ray machines require a high level of technical ability to operate the X-ray machine, which might both take learning time and additional cost.

However, Uni X-ray manufactures X-ray machines that are easy to use and don’t require many expenses for training operators.

This benefit makes Uni X-ray a better X-ray solution provider than Yxlon X-ray machine.


X-ray Machine Manual for First Time User

If you’ve never used an X-ray machine before, you might feel a bit frustrated during installation. Not knowing its components and the settings that can help you achieve your quality assessment objectives are some of the things that might upset you.

But you don’t have to worry as manufacturers like Uni X-ray have user manuals that are easy to follow to successfully unbox your machine and achieve optimum settings for your operations.

With these manuals, you can also know the essential parts you should watch out for as these parts are essential for maintenance purposes and the longevity of your machine. 


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To wrap up, it’s not wrong that Yxlon X-ray machines are one of the most reliable equipment with intelligent CT software for analysis. Also, it produces quality images and can be tailored to fit individual client specifications.

However, it has various disadvantages, including the high cost of purchase and high level of operational and technical expertise, which often need long hours of training.

With these disadvantages, you might not need Yxlon after all as there is a better alternative like Uni X-ray, which can give you the same quality as Yxlon X-ray machines and even more.

Some merits of choosing Uni X-ray over Yxlon x-ray machines include competitive pricing and less technical operational requirements. Other advantages of engaging Uni X-ray include round-the-clock after-sales service to attend to your specific needs. 

The ball is in your court. What are you waiting for?

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