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Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector

The detection device also called the metal detection gate is used to detect people who carry unauthorized and unsafe metallic devices that can pose a threat to the life and safety of other people and the community. It is mainly used in airports, stations, large meetings, and other public places to check people’s luggage and bags for hidden metallic objects and weapons. When the inspected person passes through the security gate and the metal carried by the person’s body exceeds the value of parameters set up according to weight, quantity, or shape, the security gate immediately gives an alarm and displays the location of the metal causing the alarm, letting the security personnel know in time to find the person carrying metal items.

To control the spread of Covid-19, we have added a temperature measurement function to the security gate.

Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector comes with additional features to make up for those lacking in the metal detector. The key differentiating factor in the Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector is that it is designed for the additional purpose of measuring body temperature.

It is an added bonus since it’s a more or less a hybrid – doubling as both a body temperature detector and a metal detector. Once a person goes through this machine, metal detection and temperature checks are performed. Once the machine spots an anomaly, an alarm system is triggered immediately to inform the operator.
A typical illustration would be a temperature read at over 37.3 C, which automatically triggers a voice or light indicator alarm. This temperature threshold can of course be adjusted as desired by the operator.

Its metal detector has 18 detection zones and can spot any transported metal objects to include knives, guns or explosive devices with 100% accuracy.
The Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector is found mostly in public places such as airports, railway stations and custom checks to include a few.

Following the current scourge which the COVID-19 virus poses to the environment, this machine serves as the much needed deterrent to limit the indiscriminate spread of this disease.

The Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector is a super dedicated, self-operation machine equipped with state-of-the-art features and capabilities to give you the very best in accurate detections.
It is one of the highest quality detection machines available in the market today. As a brand, we pride ourselves in being a highly sought-after name in the business, with years of experience and expertise to meet the needs of our esteemed customer base.

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What is the warranty period for your equipment? After the warranty period, how do you guarantee?

The equipment warranties period is one year. During the warranty period, repairs and possible parts and component changes are free.

What does your warranty cover?

The warranty covers defects in machines. It does not cover damages issues caused by damage due to handling, shipment, storage, accident, impact, abuse, or misuse.

We have bought your equipment. How can we get started? What kind of training do you offer?

 We offer three training methods:

  1. The customer (or agent) sends their engineers to our company for on-site training.
  2. Our staff goes to the customer’s site for training. (Charge fee: Charged by the Ministry of Commerce of China)
  3. Video remote training: The machines are equipped with instruction manuals, and machine operation training is done using videos. After the training, a certificate of completion of training is

What is the delivery time for your equipment?

  1. Off-line equipment are shipped out within 20 days after payment confirmation.
  2. Online standard equipment will be issued within 45 days after receiving the payment.
  3. Non-standard customized order within 90 days after we receive payment, depending on the customization.

For overseas customers, do you recommend shipping by sea or air?

This can be done according to the needs of customers. Shipping costs are cheap and long, while air freights are expensive but take a shorter time.

You can contact us by emailing us your questions, and we will get in touch with you within 12 hours.