Walk-Through Temperature Detector UNX-M7

UNX-M7 is a walk-temperature scanner that ensures high detection correctness. It does this through the presence of an infrared imaging camera of great excellence, and an AI algorithm.

Additional information

Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 23.4 × 19.4 × 14.7 cm

blue, yellow



Charging Time

1.8 hours




70Hz – 20kHz


VAC 230V

Description of Walk-Through Temperature Detector UNX-M7

Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector UNX M8-P

Is a swift and error-free walk-through temperature scanner what you are looking for?


If yes, then here it is!


UNX-M7 is a walk-temperature scanner that ensures high detection correctness. It does this through the presence of an infrared imaging camera of great excellence, and an AI algorithm.

The moment a human goes past the UNX-M7 walk-through scanner, the detection of the body temperature occurs swiftly by the infrared imaging camera. The system will pass light and voice notice if the temperature exceeds 37.3°C (Adjustment can be made to the threshold).



We know how to generate swift and accurate walk-through temperature scanning because of our 15 years of experience as manufacturers of equipment for security inspection. In lieu of this, here are some features of the UNX-M7


  • Swift discovery of body temperature and instinctive alarming system, reaction time < 0.5s
  • High-temperature correctness: ±0.3°C
  • Smart and quick detection: AI algorithm is the basis of the system’s production for the purpose of a more accurate measurement of temperature.
  • Threshold of safety temperature can be adjusted (standard 37.3°C, although modifiable)
  • Auto self-calibration; advance setting of the alarm threshold leads to a reduction of manual operation, hence providing improvement in efficiency.
  • In and out counting; auto notification with LED lights and sounds.
  • Easy to set up and can diagnose a problem easily
  • One button is needed to activate factory default settings.




Discovery of people’s body temperature is a top priority in the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 disease in crowded areas, hence, the wide use of the walk-through temperature detector UNX-M7 in public areas like railway stations, airports, seaports, customs, etc.


The UNX-M7 boasts of efficient detection of temperature which can curtail the circulation of the COVID-19 disease.

Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector application


  • Airport
  • Custom
  • Train Station
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
  • Theatre
  • Museum
  • Factory
  • Exhibition Center

… …



Why do we need a Walk-Through Temperature Scanner to help us back to work safely?

Swift detection of body temperature

One-by-one manual checking of people is very limited if a lot of people enter an office building at the same time. The walk-through temperature scanner, however, can check their body temperature quickly.


High detection accuracy

The infrared imaging camera present in the walk-through temperature scanner makes it possible to discover body temperature more accurately than hand-held thermometers.


Recording of temperatures that are above the threshold

The system can be set up to record photos and general information of people whose temperature is above normal via the use of a separate camera. This is, however, optional.


Why do our products have high accuracy in temperature measurement?

AI algorithm and high-quality infrared imaging camera

A high-quality infrared imaging camera and a facial matching algorithm are the two factors that are important in the accuracy of temperature discovery and detection.

The upper body of a person is captured by the camera while the person being measured is moving. There are differences in temperatures where the clothes are covered and where the hair is covered. The precise location of the forehead has to be determined by the algorithm, so more than three temperature points on the forehead are taken. A comparison of the temperature measured is then done to check for any error, and then, the accurate reading is displayed.

This whole process is usually completed in 1 second or less.

It is very easy to describe this function, however, making the algorithm efficiency is quite difficult. In order to successfully get a high test accuracy, we tested and optimized many times.

Our product utilizes high-quality infrared imaging cameras, and our AI algorithm boasts improved accuracy in temperature detection.


Comparison of multiple temperature measurement methods
Thermal imaging camera High cost
Infrared thermometer Slow detection speed, may spread the virus
Thermometer gun Slow detection speed
Walk-Through Temperature Detector Fast detection speed and moderate cost




Technical Parameters
LCD Display 7” Colors TFT LCD
Temperature accuracy ±0.3℃
Power consumption <15W
Temp. Detecting Range 25 ℃~ 43 ℃
External Power AC 110~240V, 50/60HZ
Net Weight 45KG
Gross Weight 52KG
Working Environment No direct sunlight, no wind
Operating humidity 99% ,non-condensing
Inner Size 1983 × 702 × 334 (mm)
Outline size 2199 × 818 × 334 (mm)
Package Size(2 cartons) 820*480*260mm  (Control Unit)
2340*830*260mm    (Frame Panel)
Certifications CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, OSHAS18001


Function list:


Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector UNX M8-P

Fever Detection:

  • Distance of detection – This is within 1 meter.
  • Swift temperature detection – It takes less than 0.5 seconds to respond. An assessment of a passenger is quickly made by the system as soon as he passes the Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector. A notification is immediately raised if the system records a temperature of over 37.3°C (adjustable).
  • Energy-saving system – The equipment is built in such a way that the life of an infrared camera is extended by 100 times, due to its automatic start-stop technology.


Other Function lists:

  • The operation is simpler and easier to understand because of the 7-inch touch LCD screen.
  • There is a reduction in false notifications because of cutting-edge digital signal technology.
  • It can be remote-controlled by a mobile app (optional)
  • Shell protection
  • The equipment can easily work with other devices like a three-roller gate, wing gate, access control gate, finger-print access control, CCTV, ID reader, etc. (optional)
  • Data can be retrieved for further analysis (optional).



How to choose a Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Scanners?
Temperature detection
Metal detection
Infrared imaging display
The real-time infrared image can be viewed through an external monitor ? (option)
Infrared sensor detection
Temperature detection distance < 1 meter < 1 meter < 80mm < 80mm
Can integration with other access control ?  (option)


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