Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector UNX-M4

The UNX-M4 Walk-through Metal Detector is one of the best you can find in the market today. It comes with temperature measurement functionalities. Unlike other walk-through metal detectors, the UNX-M4 performs both metal and temperature detection at the same time when a person passes through it.

Additional information

Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 220 × 81 × 33 cm
External Power

AC 110~240V, 50/60HZ

Temperature accuracy


Power consumption


Description of Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector UNX-M4

Are you searching for the best walk-through temperature scanner with a Temperature Measurement function? Are you wondering where you can get the best Walk-through Temperature Detectors or the best walk-through Metal Detectors? Then look no further, you have come to the right place.


The UNX-M4 Walk-through Metal Detector is one of the best you can find in the market today. It comes with temperature measurement functionalities. Unlike other walk-through metal detectors, the UNX-M4 performs both metal and temperature detection at the same time when a person passes through it. The in-built system will issue an alarm when it detects an abnormal temperature below the 37.3℃ threshold. More so, it will also signal an alarm if it detects any metallic object like a gun or knife on the person that passes through it. The machines come with 18 detection zones. Therefore you’re sure that it will be useful in helping to detect temperature and metals.



We have been actively involved in the manufacturing of top-notch security inspection equipment for over 15 years plus. With our years of experience, we’re known for one thing only-excellence, quality, and guaranty. Our Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector are highly sensitive and reliable when it comes to detecting metals and temperature. The UNX-M4 is no exception. Here are some of its features

  • Excellent extensibility.
  • Automatic self-calibration.
  • Rapid installation.
  • Highly sensitive body temperature detection.
  • It is integrated with Metal detection and temperature detection.


Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, as part of the preventive measures set in place to prevent the spread of the disease in crowded areas, there is a need for walk-through temperature detectors in all public places. The UNX-M4 can be effectively used in overcrowded public facilities like rail stations, airports, customs, etc. it is highly sensitive, accurate, and efficient. It can help in preventing the spread of this global pandemic.


Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector application


  • Exhibition Center
  • Factory
  • Museum
  • Theatre
  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Train Station
  • Custom
  • Airport


Comparison of multiple temperature measurement methods
Walk-Through Temperature Detector Moderate cost and fast detection speed
Thermometer gun Slow detection speed
Infrared thermometer Slow detection speed, may spread the virus
Thermal imaging camera High cost




Technical Parameters
Certifications CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, OSHAS18001
Package Size (2 cartons) 820*480*260mm (Control Unit)
2340*830*260mm    (Frame Panel)
Outline size 2199 × 818 × 334 (mm)
Inner Size 1983 × 702 × 334 (mm)
Operating humidity 99%, non-condensing
Working Environment No direct sunlight, no wind
Gross Weight 52KG
Net Weight 45KG
External Power AC 110~240V, 50/60HZ
Temp. Detecting Range 25 ℃~ 43 ℃
Power consumption <15W
Temperature accuracy ±0.3℃
LCD Display 7” Colors TFT LCD



Function list:


Metal Detection:

  • Higher detection and discrimination- the machine comes with 18 detection zones, three lateral, six vertical, no blind zone. The sensitivity of each detection zone can be increased. More so, if you want, we can also increase the number of detection zones to 60.
  • Ease of identification and detection- the machine comes with LED lights positioned on the doorposts for easy detection. The LED lights can detect the position of the metals on the body of a person.
  • Advanced detection program- there are 72 in-built detection programs in the system
  • Fast detection speed- the detection capacity of this machine is super fast. It can detect the temperature of over 60 passengers at the same time.
  • Energy-saving- it comes with a smart standby for conserving energy.
  • Anti-interference- the machine automatically tunes to the temperature of the surrounding environment when you turn it on. The anti-interference functionality ensures that even if multiple doors are positioned close to each other, it will not affect the performance of the detection of the system.



Fever Detection:

  • Detection distance: the detection distance is within 80mm.
  • High detection accuracy: the accuracy of temperature detection is ± 0.3 ℃.
  • Fast temperature detection: Response time < 0.5s .

The system is designed to measure people’s body temperature when they pass through. The system will signal an alarm if their body temperature is higher than 37.3 ℃ (you can also reset the threshold temperature to your desired temperature)



Other Function lists:

  • Shell protection technology: IP54 protection (optional)
  • Mobile Internet technology: remote control by mobile APP (optional).
  • Extensibility of the integration with other devices: the equipment can cooperate with other devices easily, such as a three-roller gate, wing gate, access control, gate ( Optional).
  • Extensibility of the integration with turnstile barrier gate, finger-print access control, CCTV, and ID reader ( Optional)
  • Networking management for multi-terminal with real-time monitoring and data retrieving, for further tracking and analysis (Optional)
  • One button operation to restore factory default settings.
  • The working frequency can be adjusted manually or automatically.
  • The system adopts a modular design, which is convenient for installation and troubleshooting.
  • Alarm function: The equipment has a variety of sound and light alarms for easy identification; you can set the alarm lights and sound types.
  • With cutting-edge digital signal processing technology, the system reduces the false alarm rate.
  • The automatic self-calibration, pre-setting the alarm threshold, decreases the manual operation, and improves efficiency.
  • The 7-inch touch LCD screen makes the operation more simple and easy to understand.



How to choose a Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector?

Temperature detection
Metal detection
Infrared imaging detection
The real-time infrared image can be viewed through an external monitor ? (option)
Infrared sensor detection
Temperature detection distance < 1 meter < 1 meter < 80mm < 80mm
Can integration with other access control?  (option)



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