Walk-Through Temperature Detector UNX-M3

UNX-M3 is a cutting-edge Walk-Through Temperature that combines the power of two differently-sized infrared sensors. These sensors operate at a highest optimal level to provide top level detection.

Additional information

Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 220 × 81 × 33 cm
Power Supply

AC 110~240V, 50/60HZ

Power consumption


Temperature accuracy


Description of Walk-Through Temperature Detector UNX-M3

Do you require the swift services of Fast and Accurate Walk-Through Temperature Detectors?


Well, here you have it.


UNX-M3 is a cutting-edge Walk-Through Temperature that combines the power of two differently-sized infrared sensors. These sensors operate at a highest optimal level to provide top level detection.


Once an individual walks through the UNX-M3, his or her body temperature is immediately captured by the infrared camera. Once an abnormal temperature is detected, say at over 37.3℃ (Limits can be tweaked as desired), the UNX-M3 Walk-Through Temperature Detector will trigger an alarm or light indicator.




We have amassed 15-year expertise in the field of security inspection and we are quite confident in our ability to design some of the most reliable Fast and Accurate Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector. We have compiled below the many features of the UNX-M3:

  • High-temperature correctness: ±0.3℃, two infrared sensors, each of different size and height.
  • Calibrates itself, reduces manual operation, alters sensor settings and optimizes efficiency.
  • It counts while individuals go in and out, automatic alarm systems: light and sound.
  • Self-calibrating safety limit for temperature checks (basic: 37.3 °C)
  • Quick temperature capturing with a fast alert time of less than half a second.
  • Simple to implement, user-friendly modular design structure.
  • Revert to factory reset at the click of a button.




The COVID-19 scourge has given rise to the need of limiting its spread in public places. Hence, people should have their body temperatures checked when they walk into crowded spaces such as railways stations, airports, malls, or board public transportation. The UNX-M3 Walk-Through Temperature Detector is a simple self-operational system that makes for a thorough temperature check to effectively limit the spread of the virus.

Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector application

  • Train Station
  • School
  • Airport
  • Hospital
  • Custom
  • Hotel
  • Museum
  • Theatre
  • Exhibition Center
  • Factory

… …


Comparison in different methods of temperature assessment

Infrared thermometer Slow detection speed, may spread the virus
Thermal imaging camera Expensive


Walk-Through Temperature Detector Fast speed detection and affordable cost
Thermometer gun Slow speed detection




Technical Parameters

LCD Display  7” Colors TFT LCD
Temperature accuracy ±0.3℃
Power consumption <15W
Temp. Detecting Range 25 ℃~ 43 ℃
External Power AC 110~240V, 50/60HZ
Net Weight 45KG
Gross Weight 52KG
Working Environment No direct sunlight, no wind
Operating humidity 99% ,non-condensing
Inner Size 1983 × 702 × 334 (mm)
Outline size 2199 × 818 × 334 (mm)
Package Size(2 cartons) 820*480*260mm  (Control Unit)
2340*830*260mm    (Frame Panel)
Certifications CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, OSHAS18001



Function list:

Fever Rectification:

  • Quick temperature detection: Response time less than half a second.

As soon as a passenger walks through the walk-through temperature scanner, a temperature assessment is immediately made by the system. If the system records a temperature over 37.3 (adjustable), it triggers the alarm.

  • Detection distance: In the range of 80mm.
  • High detection correctness: The detection correctness is ± 0.3.
  • Energy-saving: The system has a built-in start-stop mechanism that allows its infrared camera functionalities to automatically increase its life by 100x.


Other Function lists:

  • Automatic self-calibration, adjustable alarm limit, reduces manual operation, and optimizes efficiency.
  • Its 7”LCD touch screen allows for a smooth seamless operation.
  • The UNX has a user-friendly modular design which makes implementation and troubleshooting quite easy.
  • Its state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology helps lessen the rate of false alarms.
  • Revert to factory settings at the click of a button.
  • Alarm function: The UNX system has a wide range of adjustable alarm types (sound and light) for different cases.
  • A great networking management system for retrieving data and a multi-terminal with real-time monitoring. Optional feature for advanced analytics and tracking.
  • Its working proficiency can be automatically and manually adjusted.
  • Multi-level integration with CCTVs, turnstile barrier gate, ID reader, and finger-print access control, three-roller gate, access control gate and wing gate ( Optional)
  • Shell protection technology: IP54 protection (optional)
  • Mobile Internet technology: remote control by mobile APP (optional).



How to pick a Walk-Through Metal and Temperature Detector?

Temperature detection
Metal detection
Infrared imaging detection
The real-time infrared image can be viewed through an external monitor ? (option)
Infrared sensor detection
Temperature detection distance < 1 meter < 1 meter < 80mm < 80mm
Can integration with other access control ?  (option)


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