Security X-Ray Machine UNX6560

The UNX6560 is a powerful security X-ray machine with a detection speed of up to 0.67m/s and maximum penetration of 43mm steel plate, which can meet most of the airport and station security needs.  It is widely adopted in the civil aviation sector, sports centre, hotels and hospitality sector and conference centres.


Additional information

Weight 800 kg
Dimensions 216 × 97 × 137 cm
Channel Size

650 mm (wide)× 500 mm( high)

Conveyor speed

up to 0.67m/s

Conveyor Height

330±30 mm

Maximum load

200 kilograms

Filamentous resolution

40 AWG(diameter 0.07 mm wire)

Penetrating Force

36 steel( classic value)

Description of Security X-Ray Machine UNX6560

Here is a piece of multi-energy industrial x-ray equipment known as UNX series security X-ray machine for safety inspection. It is developed and manufactured by Uni X-ray Technology and it’s especially suitable in places where there is a need for luggage inspection like airports, railway stations, and subway stations. It is also widely adopted in the civil aviation sector, sports, culture, hotels and hospitality sector, conference centers, transportation, and logistics as well as many other areas. It is used to inspect items and luggage such as parcels, courier goods, backpacks, and goods. UNX series x-ray baggage scanner is designed to capture a combination of advanced industrial design concepts and industrial characteristics. The overall appearance is beautiful and simple.


The UNX6560 is a powerful airport x-ray machine with a detection speed of up to 0.67m/s and maximum penetration of 43mm steel plate, which can meet most of the airport and station security needs. The UNX6560 x-ray scanner has a very high level of material identification, different colors for different substances; orange for organic, blue for inorganic, green for metals and mixtures, as well as explosives and drugs with an auxiliary detection function.


Besides its beautiful appearance, this x-ray scanning machine is designed to simultaneously weigh the parcel, measure the parcel volume, and scan barcodes, or FRID, automatically. You can also choose to add the face recognition function, to achieve more accurate matching of people and their parcels.


Product Features:

  1. Completely European and American Model with exquisite industrial design, overturning the traditional bulky and crude appearance.
  2. Cloud computing IoT function (image cloud upload and storage, remote background monitoring, and mobile APP access).
  3. High-speed of detection (up to 0.67m/s), the industry’s competitor products are generally 0.4m/s, tops.
  4. Weighing parcel, measurement of package volume, barcode scanning, or FRID detection address function, and tracking parcel information can be done simultaneously.
  5. Face recognition function to achieve accurate matching of people and their packages.
  6. Customizable user-specific background monitoring and management center, which can be quickly applied to the scene of dangerous situation linkage, police force deployment, emergency command, etc.; and big data collection and background analysis.


Product Specifications:

  • Detection speed up to 0.67m/s
  • The channel can detect the largest object size up to 650mm × 500mm
  • The dose of radiation dose is close to the natural cost and meets international and domestic health and safety standards
  • Explosives and drugs auxiliary detection function, automatic detection and alarm based on the composition of explosives and drugs
  • It can penetrate up to 43mm steel plate
  • Remote technical service support
  • Substance recognition ability: orange represents organic matter, blue represents inorganic matter, green represents metal and mixture


It can be used at:

  • Sports centers
  • Hotel
  • Conference centers
  • Customs ports
  • Airports



Product Parameters:

Universal indicator External Dimensions / weight 2166mm(L)×970mm(W)×1370mm(H)/800kg
Channel Size 650 mm (wide)× 500 mm( high)
Conveyor speed up to 0.67 M/S
Conveyor Height 330±30 mm
Maximum load 200 kilograms( evenly distributed)
Filamentous resolution 40 AWG(diameter 0.07 mm wire)
Penetrating Force 36 steel( classic value), 32m steel (application value)
X-ray generator Tube voltage 140-160 kV (adjustable)
Tube current 0.4-1.2 mA( adjustable)
Power 800W
Beam Divergence Angle 80°
Image processing system Image enhancement

Black and white, anti-color, high-energy Penetration, low-energy Penetration,

organic removal, inorganic removal, super-enhanced, variable absorption rate,

pseudo-color, etc.

Selection and amplification Random selection, 1-64x magnification, continuous magnification
Image Return 50 images reviewed
Image storage

The image is saved in real-time and can be processed by any image.

The image can be saved continuously with a storage capacity of at least 100000

Radiation Safety Radiation leakage dose rate

0.21μGy/h (5 cm from housing), in compliance with all international and national

health and safety standards

Single check dose ≤2.4μGy/h
Film Safety Safety of ASA / ISO 1600 film
System function

Date/time display, baggage count, user management, system timing, beam out timing,

power-on self-inspection, image storage, and retrieval, maintenance diagnostics,

two-way scanning, image recognition training

Optional function

High-density area alarms, explosives/drugs assistance checks, dangerous goods image


Network extension
Installation data Operating temperature/relative humidity 0 °C ~ + 40 °C / 5 °C ~ 95 °C (no dew)
Storage temperature / relative humidity – 40 °C ~ + 60 °C / 5 °C ~ 95 °C (no dew)
Power supply AC power supply 220 v(-15% ~ + 10%) , 50 HZ ±3 HZ
Power consumption 1.0 Kva



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