X-ray machine for Electronics AX9400

The AX9400 is a top-of-the-range X-ray machine which incorporates the million high density FPD detector and 90-130KV 3-5μm X-ray source. It is a full 360° rotation equipment which operates from any direction.

Additional information

Weight 1900 kg
Dimensions 135 × 125 × 170 cm
Supply Voltage

220AC / 110AC / 50Hz


1.6 kW

X-ray tube Maximum voltage

90-130 KV

X-ray tube Focus size

3-5 μm

Imaging Type

Flat Panel Detector

Imaging System magnification


Description of X-ray machine for Electronics AX9400

The AX9400 is a top-of-the-range industrial X-ray machine that incorporates the million high-density FPD detectors and 90-130KV 3-5μm X-ray sources. It is a full 360° rotation equipment that operates from any direction. This machine magnifies images in real-time to 1600x its original size and has a 7-axis linkage for easy inspection at different angles. It can also operate offline, measure the length of objects as well as to detect navigation mode.

AX9400 has a wide range of applications. In the manufacture of electronic components, it can detect SMT, BGA, CSP, Flip Chip, and LED. It is also used in aluminum die-casting in the production of auto parts. The x-ray machine can be used for off-line detection of Lithium batteries and also test ceramic products in plastic molding and other specialized industries.

The AX9400 PCB x-ray machine is equipped with a navigation function; when the user clicks on the detection area of the navigation area, the screen automatically displays an x-ray image of the user’s selected navigation area. Also, the AX9400 X-ray machine has a distance measurement function; Users Click on two points in the X-ray image, and the system automatically measures the distance between the two locations.
Besides, the BLOB Bubble measurement and BGA measurement significantly reduce the workload of the Inspector and make the machine ideal for electronic detection. AX9400 x-ray machine is very convenient for users to adjust images while supporting CNC programming, which can greatly improve the efficiency of image detection.



  • Real-time high-resolution imaging, 1600X magnification
  • 90-130KV 3-5μm X-ray source
  • Multi-angle tilt detection
  • Navigation mode detection
  • 7-axis linkage
  • Million-level high-density FPD detector
  • Offline programming



  • Battery industry, Semiconductor, Packaging components
  • LED Detection, BGA, SMT, CSP, Flip Chip
  • Electronic components, Auto parts, Photovoltaic Industry
  • Moulding Plastic, Aluminum Die-casting
  • Ceramics, Other Special Industries


X-Ray machine for Electronics AX9400 X ray





Item Name Parameters
Machine Condition Dimensions 1350(L)x1250(W)x1700(H)mm
Weight 1900 kg
Supply Voltage 220AC / 110AC / 50Hz
Power 1.6 kW
X-ray tube Type of Ray Tube Closed Closed
Maximum voltage 90-130 KV
Maximum output power 40W
Focus size 3-5 μm
Imaging system Imaging Type Flat Panel Detector
Display Unit 22″LCD
System magnification 1600x
Detection area Maximum loading size Φ570mm
Maximum test size 450mm x 450mm
Safety (radiation dose) < 1uSv/h






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