X-ray machine for Electronics AX8400P

The AX8400P X-ray machine, a new upgraded version of AX8400, is equipped with intelligent efficient software for producing clearer and sharper image. It also adopts fingerprint access management system for security and comply with high safety standards with real-time radiation. It is the best choice for you to acquire accurate and precise inspection analysis for PCB, BGA, battery and etc. 

Additional information

Weight 1400 kg
Dimensions 150 × 128 × 170.5 cm
Power supply

AC 110~220V, 50/ 60Hz



X-ray Tube Voltage


Imaging type

Image Intensifier/ Flat Panel Detector

Description of X-ray machine for Electronics AX8400P

Here you have it! The AX8400P X-ray machine, a new and advanced X-ray inspection equipment for electronics, spawned from its base model, the standard AX8400 X-ray machine. This unique design comes from listening to customers’ demands and pain points who need more functionalities and features to carry out their inspections effectively. It has all the functions and advantages of the standard AX8400 and combines the ergonomics and design concepts, making it more adaptable and user-friendly than the AX8400. 

The equipment made its first entrance into the market near the end of 2018 and was widely received and applauded by customers for meeting their specific needs. After these years of market validation and positive user reviews, its flexibility, stability, reliability, and responsiveness have been validated. It is no exaggeration to say that this X-ray is an exceptional masterpiece rare in the industry today, but it also signifies a mark of progress.




A Meticulous and Advanced Design

With the new upgrades installed in the AX8400P, it follows that the X-ray machine must be optimized and upgraded considering its structure, function, SoftwareSoftware, and security.

  • Efficient SoftwareSoftware

The AX8400P is equipped with intelligent software which features a high-end, real-time positioning imaging system combined with high resolution and high magnification utilities. It produces images that are clearer and sharper for easy analysis and defect identification. The AX8400P also has powerful measurement functions such as the actual distance, diameter, angle, curvature, circle rate, gray ratio, gray density distribution, polygon measurement, PTH filling rate, etc.

  • A Solid Design

Structurally, the AX8400P and AX8400 are similar in overall appearance but differ in size and movement patterns. The AX8400P has a broader loading platform with a 610 x 610 mm carrying area and a 550 x 550 mm detection area, with a maximum loading capacity of more than 10 kg. This feature makes it possible for it to take more samples for simultaneous detection. The flat panel detector has a 60 ° tilt angle to detect samples in different orientations. The AX8400P is also more efficient and flexible due to the six-axis interactive mechanical movement.

  • Great User Interface 

This X-ray machine has many intuitive capabilities, such as a 24-inch FHD interactive touch liquid crystal display. This screen controls the entire operation of the SoftwareSoftware with just a single touch, a feature not found in other standard models. 

In addition to the keyboard and mouse to control the system, users can also choose to touch the screen to scroll and access software functions, such as using a finger touch to zoom the image size, adjust voltage and current. You can also move image position, measure image data, etc. Other user-friendly features include Laser-precise positioning images, precise control, CNC programming control, automatic detection, automatic positioning, and efficient detection operation.

  • Secured Access

On security, AX8400P adopts a fingerprint access management system. Users who have the right to use it need fingerprint input to unlock the system, avoiding misusing the machine, causing a malfunction, or causing unnecessary damage to the device. The cavity door of the machine is controlled by SoftwareSoftware, an automatic switch, and a lock, which reduces the complexity and risk of manual door opening and closing. 

  • Complies with Very High Safety Standards

The AX8400P model is safe for operators and individuals in its vicinity. It has a real-time radiation monitor. While the machine is in use, the automatic real-time monitor monitors the radiation leakage throughout the whole process and displays the radiation leakage value in real-time. The exceeding standard will automatically alarm the user to shut down immediately, stop the operation, and quickly leave the scene, maximum assurance of any security of the user and monitoring of any possible risk at any time.


Product Specifications:

  • The AX8400P is equipped with a 90KV/5-micron X-ray source. This factor is critical as it contributes to AX8400P’s very high-resolution X-ray images. 
  • The AX8400P can measure the size of defects based on generated X-ray images, which can help engineers understand the flaws more accurately.
  • AX8400P works on the Windows operating system, which means that if a customer encounters a software problem, the user can connect to the Internet, and we can provide a solution remotely.
  • AX8400P uses a large navigation window to make it easy for the operator to locate and identify defects in the product.
  • For BGAs, an automatic BGA X-ray inspection program can accurately detect each BGA bubble based on the customer’s requirements. The BGA X-ray inspection program can then produce the result and generate an Excel report for reference.



AX8400P is a new X-ray detection system with a large capacity, high resolution, and high magnification that is suitable for:

  • PCB solder joint testing, including BGA, CSP, Flip-chip testing, and other welded electronic components; 
  • Semiconductor (package components inspection); 
  • Electrical connector testing, including cables, plugs, and harnesses; 
  • Ceramic products; 
  • Aviation components; 
  • Solar panel battery testing; 
  • Large circuit boards and large panels with NC programming, automatic detection accuracy, and high repetition accuracy.



  • AX8400P uses a Modular design that offers an easy-to-use approach for functions that involve its SoftwareSoftware, machine installation, and machine maintenance. All functions are intuitive and made accessible for even a novice. 
  • AX8400P has a high-end, real-time image positioning system, combining the qualities of high resolution and high magnification to make the image clearer and sharper.
  • AX8400P uses laser-precise positioning images, precise control, CNC programming control for automatic detection, automatic positioning, and efficient detection operation. 
  • AX8400P has facilities for unique and powerful measuring functions. These functions include assessing the sample’s actual distance, diameter, angle, camber, circularity, gray ratio, gray density distribution, polygon measuring, PTH filling ratio, etc.
  • The AX8400p has a broader platform with a 610 x 610mm dimension for the bearing area and 550 x 550mm for its detection. It has a maximum loading capacity of more than 10kg, making filling it with more samples for simultaneous detection possible. 
  • Again, due to AX8400P’s rotating platform that can tilt 60 ° both ways, it becomes easy to detect defects that might be difficult to identify. However, users can only determine these flaws from different angles by tilting the plate detector.
  • AX8400P’s six-axis interactive mechanical movement makes the system more flexible and efficient.
  • The AX8400P comes with a 24-inch FHD interactive touch liquid crystal display that controls the SoftwareSoftware with just a touch, a feature that is absent in other standard models. 
  • AX8400P uses both keyboard and mouse and can engage the touch feature to control the system. Users can use the touch screen to activate software functions such as zooming the image in and out, adjusting the voltage and current, repositioning the image, measuring the image data, and many other applications.
  • AX8400P implements a fingerprint access management system. Users who have the right to use it need to register their fingerprints to access the system.
  • The cavity door of AX8400P is controlled by Software, which is an automatic switch lock. This access system reduces the complexity and risk associated with manual switch doors. 
  • AX8400P is also equipped with a real-time radiation monitor to ensure the safety of users and observers. When using the machine, the automatic real-time monitor checks the whole process for radiation leakage and displays the real-time value of radiation leakage. If this value exceeds the acceptable standard, it automatically triggers an alarm to immediately remind the user to shut down and stop operation.


Technical Parameters:

Item Name Parameters
Overall Machine Status Size 1500(L)x1280(W)x1705(H)mm
Weight 1400kg
Power Supply AC 110~220V, 50/ 60Hz
Power Consumption 1.0kW
X-ray Tube Tube Type Sealed
Voltage 0-90kV(adjustable)
Maximum Output Power 8W
Focal Spot Size 5μm
Imaging System Imaging type Flat Panel Detector(FPD)
Pixel Size 85μm
System Magnification 600X
Detection Area Max. Loading Area 610mm x 610mm
Max. Inspection Area 550mm x 550mm
Safety (radiation) < 1uSv/h



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