X-ray machine for Electronics AX8400

AX8400 X-ray machine, a cutting-edge equipment designed with high resolution and a high magnification features. It comes packed with special inspection capabilities, and is quite adapted for PCB, BGA and battery testing.

Additional information

Weight 1150 kg
Dimensions 108 × 118 × 173 cm
Power supply

220AC/110AC / 50Hz



X-ray Tube Voltage


Imaging type

Image Intensifier or Flat Panel Detector

Description of X-ray machine for Electronics AX8400

Introducing the latest AX8400 industrial x-ray equipment, cutting-edge equipment designed with nothing short of quality in mind. This machine incorporates high resolution and high magnification features. The model was first brought into the market in late 2016. This release was made following customers’ demands for additional functionalities. The Ax8400 comes packed with special inspection capabilities and is quite adapted for electronic connector module inspection, printed circuit board solder joint inspection, and flip-chip inspection. It is used for ceramic products, large circuit boards, solar panels, semiconductors, CSP, BGA, battery testing, as well as packaging components. This machine is super optimized and its automatic NC programming makes highly accurate conclusions.




The AX8400 has passed all proscribed standard safety requirements to meet the desires of our respectable client base.

This product is a high-quality and low-maintenance industrial X-ray machine that comes with the exclusive million-pixel digital camera and 4″ image multiplier (Optional 6”). Its large windows make identifying product defects relatively easy. The BGA inspection program makes accurate Excel reports following customer specifications. This program also spots every BGA bubble at real-time.

It is a common understanding that as technology continues to advance in every facet of human and economic life, so is the urgent need to design new products and functionalities that are geared towards real customer satisfaction. We believe without any shadow of doubt that we have been able to deliver in this department, and as a brand, this is exactly what makes us stand out from the competition. Our products which are quite the pick of the litter make great use of lead glass, thicker lead plates as well as lead-containing rubber. Safety is our watchword and we are uncompromising on quality and high standards. We maintain strict adherence to FDA certification standards.




  • 90KV / 100KV-5 micron X-ray source
  • High-performance stage control
  • Megapixel digital camera (optional 6-inch) and 4-inch image intensifier
  • Simple mouse click operation to write detection program
  • Positive and negative 60-degree rotation and tilt allows for special perspective detection samples
  • High detection repeat accuracy
  • Large navigation window-easy to locate and identify defective products
  • The automatic BGA X-ray Inspection accurately detects each BGA bubble, judges according to customer needs, and outputs an Excel report



  • Electronic connector (harness, cable, plug, etc.)
  • PCB solder joint inspection (CSP, BGA, POP and other components inspection)
  • LED detection
  • Solar photovoltaic (silicon solder joint inspection)
  • Electronic module detection
  • Semiconductor (package component inspection)
  • Battery (Cell winding condition detection, Pole piece solder joint defect detection)
  • Ceramic products testing
  • Automotive (Instrument panel, detection of patch cord, etc.)
  • Inspection of special industries such as aviation components


X-Ray machine for Electronics AX8400 X ray




Item Name Parameters
Overall Machine Status Size 1080(L)x1180(W)x1730(H)mm
Weight 1.15T
Power supply 220AC/110AC/50Hz
Power 0.8kW
X-ray Tube X-ray tube Closed X-ray tube
Maximum voltage 90kV/100kV
Maximum Output power 8W
Focal size 5μm
Imaging System Imaging type 4″Image Intensifier / Flat Panel Detector
Display 22″ LCD
System magnification 600x
Detection Area Maximum load size 510mm x 420mm
Maximum detection size 435mm x 385mm
Safety (radiation) < 1uSv/h


X-Ray machine for Electronics AX8400 out size
X-Ray machine for Electronics AX8400 outsize


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