Industrial X-ray Machines

X-ray inspection technology is a widely used non-destructive testing technology, it is used in electronic components, auto parts, and  other industries.

Uni X-ray technology are experts in developing and manufacturing industrial X-ray machines. Whether you need X-ray machines for electronics, auto parts, lithium battery, welding, and safety inspection. Uni X-ray can help you find the best solution to meet your needs.

PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) is the indispensable part used in the manufacturing of electronic products. Hence, you should rely on high-precision machinery and testing equipment to complete the excellent control of PCBA. For the accurate and high-performance testing, you need equipment such as AOI inspector, component cutting foot machine, wave soldering, X-ray system for PCB, ICT test fixture, FCT test fixture, aging test stand, etc..    

Uni X-ray was established in 2002 and has become a national high-tech X-ray equipment supplier engaged in the research of precision X-ray technology as well as the development and manufacture of X-ray intelligent inspection equipment. Our technology and equipment are widely used in testing SMT, BGA, CSP, Flip-Chip, IC semiconductor components, connectors, wire, photovoltaic components, batteries, ceramic products, and other electronic products. Our manufactured equipment is ergonomic, easy to use, cost-effective, reliable, highly qualitative, long-lasting. Our equipment is used by many domestic and foreign companies, including PCBA manufacturing companies for quality testing.

To make a car with high safety and service life, many auto parts manufacturers are required to test every workpiece used in the car. These components include the car’s engine, the car’s pistons, piston rings, connecting rods, brake braking system, steering wheel, car wheels, shock absorber rods, and other parts. These workpieces should have no defects, cracks, and bubbles. Hence, it is mandatory to inspect all these workpieces.

X-ray NDT inspection equipment can quickly and automatically analyze and display defects. Additionally, conventional X-ray inspector 3D industrial CT is used for inspection and 3D measurement of metal and plastic castings. High-resolution X-ray NDT inspection equipment is also used in sensor technology, electronics, materials science, and other natural sciences. Due to high detection, efficiency, intuitive and reliable results, X-ray nondestructive testing has become the preferred method to detect the defects of auto parts.

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How should the X-ray inspection tool work during the production of lithium batteries?

There are several quality-based risks while winding the pole pieces, welding the ears, spot welding into the shell, and welding caps. Hence, after completing the lithium battery package, X-ray inspection is required to check whether the welding inside the battery is proper or not. If the rolls are aligned properly, the winding won’t undergo short-circuit which leads to an explosion. The internal image is visually displayed by the X-ray inspection equipment, and the defects are automatically predicted by its associated software. This equipment improves the efficiency of detection and the quality of the factory products.

UNI X-ray, the national high-tech X-ray equipment supplier, has developed its Li-ion battery X-Ray inspection system to solve the purpose. This X-ray equipment emits X-rays through an X-RAY generator, which penetrates the battery’s internal structure. The imaging system receives the X-rays of the lithium battery and takes pictures. The associated software will automatically measure and predicts the quality of the battery, by analyzing the pictures.

All welds are for specific purposes. They need to meet the required standards and specifications. That’s why they are assessed to confirm their quality. This process is known as x ray weld inspection. There are several methods to inspect welds, but digital x-ray systems give the best and most reliable results.

Every welding job needs to be inspected for its quality and strength. Stress, fatigue, and pressure can weaken welds overtime. So, it is important to check if a welding project can withstand the pressure of usage for several years without giving in. Also, welds need to be smooth and tidy for aesthetics and visual appeal. During X-ray inspection, many features of a weld will be evaluated. Some aspects of inspection focus on weld sizes, while others are for weld discontinuities/imperfections. In other words, welds are assessed against the stipulated codes and standards required by the intended application of the welds.

the main purpose of X-ray inspection is to detect flaws or discontinuities in welds and correct them. It is normal in every field. Weld inspection is the quality assurance aspect of welding. Without a proper inspection, there could be welding failure and other problems in the future. The size of the weld will also be inspected. To summarize it all, we need x-ray inspection for welds to check whether the welds meet all the required specifications, codes, and standards.

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