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Industrial X-ray machine can be applied in different industries, including automotive, battery, PCB, welding, security…

  • Excellent image quality
  • High degree of safety
  • Versatility
  • Extremely user-friendly

Benefits & Advantages of Industrial X-ray Machine

Purchasing an industrial X-ray machine for your inspection needs is usually worth the investment because of the many benefits that it offers. Apart from ensuring that you manufacture a quality product that is acceptable internationally, which in itself is a huge advantage, it offers other benefits that are equally huge, and they include:


  • Non-destructive: Being a non-destructive testing method offers massive benefits to the manufacturer. Unlike the destructive process, where the test sample is destroyed and counted as a loss, the manufacturer can reuse a test sample as a finished product if no flaws are found in the selection.  
X-ray image
  • Quick and Feasible: The use of projected X-ray beams and a screen for imaging ensures that the test is done quickly and accurately. It has the ability to analyze the image and to identify the errors that may be present in the sample. The use of computer tomography further ensures the accuracy of the analysis.


  • Guide to Inspect Sizes and Materials: The size and material of a sample are two critical features that are often inaccurately assessed by other methods. The choice of using an X-ray machine for your inspection ensures that you get an accurate reading for the size and the type of material used for the test sample.


  • Help to Detect Failures Pre-production: Properties like material thickness or constituent ratios of an alloy can be checked before using the material for production. X-ray machines allow manufacturers to measure these parameters quickly and accurately during pre-production. This helps to ascertain their quality before using them for production.


  • Easy to Identify Inner Structure Faults: For products with crammed components, or hidden internal features, other inspection methods like visual inspection and optical inspection often fail to accurately identify quality-impacting flaws. X-ray machines can penetrate internal parts of a product making it possible to see hidden flaws that the quality inspector might not notice while using other inspection methods.


  • Allow for High-Quality Assurance Post-production: The use of industrial X-ray machines allows manufacturers to guarantee their products post-production, which often increases the end user’s confidence in the product.  

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Uni X-ray produces machines that have an easy mode of operation.

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Installation Guideline

We offer you free and quick installation instruction with online video tutorials. The tutorial explains detailed and important steps to get your machine started. Any questions about installation, feel free to contact us!

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Online equipment shipped within 45 days and offline equipment within 20 days after payment confirmation. The customized machine is supposed to be deliveded in less than 90 days.

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Warranty Service

Uni X-ray machine comes with a one-year warranty. In the warranty period, machine defects, repairs, and part changes are free. Unexpected damage issues due to shipment, handling, storage, abuse, or misuse will not be covered.

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Installation Guideline

We offer you free and quick installation instruction with online video tutorials. The tutorial explains detailed and important steps to get your machine started. Any questions about installation, feel free to contact us!

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Customer Support

We work to provide the best customer support. We are here to help you solve any problems you may encounter. Feel free to contact us Uni X-ray team online via video chat, phone, or email anytime.

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Quick Delivery

Online equipment shipped within 45 days and offline equipment within 20 days after payment confirmation. The customized machine is supposed to be deliveded in less than 90 days.

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Warranty Service

Uni X-ray machine comes with a one-year warranty. In the warranty period, machine defects, repairs, and part changes are free. Unexpected damage issues due to shipment, handling, storage, abuse, or misuse will not be covered.

Industrial X Ray Machine: the Complete Guide

Table of Contents

What is an Industrial X Ray Machine?

Industrial X-ray machines rely on the properties of electromagnetic radiation generated from a source like an X-ray tube to penetrate a sample material producing an image which is then analyzed for errors.

The ability of electromagnetic energy to produce a grayscale image of an object when projected on it is the reason for its effectiveness. The ordinary eye cannot view products with awkward shapes or hidden features during visual inspection. So, employing this method gives excellent results.

How does an Industrial X-Ray Machine Work? 

The working principle of an X-ray machine starts with the generation of electromagnetic radiation from an X-ray tube.

This radiation then passes through an object with a detector on the other side of the object.

The detector will detect the total amount of radiation passing through the object and form an image based on radiation hitting its screen.

Thicker objects will absorb more radiation and hence allow little to no radiation to pass on to the detector.  

What are the Applications of Industrial X-Ray?


– X-ray in Fuse Inspection

X-ray image



  • X-ray instrument is used to measure the interior structure and linear distances accurately
  • Verify the probability of open circuits, short circuits, defects, or inappropriate connections in linking circuits of multiple types.
  • Determine fuses, insulation layer, faulty assemblies, broken cables, etc.
  • Examine the flaws such as bursts, holes, voids, layer peel, misalignment (twist and fitting) in the stacked wire, and integrity testing of wire.
  • Analysis of the failed fuses
  • X-ray examination at every phase can predict the probability of any short circuit 


– X-ray in Car Tires Inspection


X-ray image for tire


The wheel should be of good quality since it is a significant part of a car. Hence, a strict quality inspection should be followed during its production series. In case the wheel fails in terms of quality, there may be a chance of accidents.

Hence, an X-ray inspection test should be integrated directly into the manufacturing step to inspect the internal portion of every car tire. This X-ray inspection helps in detecting foreign objects, pores, slags, missing wires in the belt plies, cracks, air inclusions, looseness, and shifts in the reinforcement plies within these automobiles in an accurate manner. Even the anomalies including position, spacing, and damage in steel wires can also be determined. 


– X-ray in Lithium Battery Inspection

Lithium battery is widely used in household appliances, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, aviation, military, as well as other sectors. Since lithium battery emits more heat, it is wrapped by a stainless-steel sheet with the right thickness to avoid any leakage or prevent any harm. The more the battery use, the more will be its probability of failure. A small imperfection can also turn out to be life-threatening. Therefore, you follow strict quality control standards to make sure of its safety. 

A high-resolution inspection of X-ray Li-battery equipment can assess the quality of any complete battery cells and verify if the welding inside the battery is proper or not. If the rolls are aligned well, the winding will not have a short-circuit and explosion. 

Furthermore, the X-ray system can inspect the following aspects such as:

  • Examine if the lithium battery is completely functional
  • Assess the quality of the stainless-steel weld used to wrap the battery.
  • Identify the sign of holes, voids, or misalignment in the stacked parts
  • Detects insulation layer, fuses, welds, faulty assemblies, broken cables, etc.
  • Measures the missing material, overhangs, and foreign material inclusions
  • Determine the presence of nick as well as its length, fitting, and twist.
  • Measures the internal structure, linear distances, as well as alignments precisely


– X-ray in Ceramic Knives Inspection


Ceramic knives are precious, elegant, and made up of hi-tech nano zirconium oxide. The combination of zirconia with alumina powder can be pressed with high pressure of 300 tons into a blank, sintered at 2000 degrees Celsius, followed by polishing with a diamond to prepare a ceramic knife with fine finishing. It is ten times sharper when compared with the steel blade. Ceramic knife has the features of anti-oxidation, anti-magnetization, increased density, hardness, as well as temperature resistance, etc. 

In case the combination of the zirconia is inappropriate with alumina powder, the texture may become very fragile with the probability of defects like voids and inclusions. These defects can reduce the stiffness of the overall zirconia- alumina composition followed by the reduction in thermal conductivity followed by the formation of cracks. This is where an X-ray device can determine volumetric information, including dimensions, density variations, voids, and inclusions, within the ceramic knife by scanning its internal and external structures from multiple angles.

It is of great significance to carry out the x-ray inspection on the ceramic knives to ascertain the product safety before entering the market.


X-ray Machine for Electronics 


PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) is the major component used during the manufacture of electronic products. Surface mount technology (SMT) helps in making the packages smaller. The attributes like high density, less size, with intense PCB complexity have made it impossible to detect defects visually. So, it is a necessity use a machine do an x ray inspection or electronics, ensuring the quality of PCB.

Here is the list of features assessed by the X-ray instrument:

  • X-ray equipment can inspect the IC package faults including bursts, cracks, layer peel, voids, and integrity testing.
  • Faults in the printed circuit board process, including open circuits, poor alignment, short circuits, bridging, or improper connections in various circuits.
  • Integrity testing of solder balls in cladding chip and solder array packages.
  • Figure out and measure chip size, voids, marking and wire arc, and tin component area ratio.             
  • Electrical and electronic components for broken wedge bonds die-attach, lifted ball bonds, and wire sweep
  • Check populated and unpopulated PCBs, CSPs, and BGAs (ball grid arrays)
  • A detailed study of vias through multi-layer alignment and hole plating

If you want to get a clearer and sharper image of the inspection result, the updated and advanced AX8400P is your best choice. It is affordable and user-friendly, with smart design and efficient software.


X-ray Equipment for Automobile


All the materials used in automobiles are made up of metals like cast aluminum, cast steel, etc. The quality of these castings has a direct effect on the safety and service life of the cars. Every workpiece used in the car including the car’s engine, connecting rods, brake braking system, pistons, piston rings, steering wheel, shock absorber rods, car wheels, and other parts should have no defects like a bubble or crack formation. Hence, x-ray on automotive is a significant step to make sure the quality and operation of all car parts. 


X-ray Equipment for Security



Hijacks are quite common and hence, airport security plays a vital role. That’s where security doors and security machines are used predominantly to protect people’s lives. 

X-rays are integrated into security doors and handheld machines where they can pass through wood, fabric, ceramic, metal, glass, liquid, and many others. After passing through them, these rays hit the circuit board below the conveyor belt in order to develop a radiation signal, when then converts into a computer image. Various materials have varied X-ray penetration degrees followed by the difference in the image color. Dangerous objects like knives, dagger, and guns are displayed as dark blue or black. Lighters or other explosive items appear blue in color with the middle part in green color.

In the case of walk-through security doors, there will be an alarm sound in case you carry a knife, explosive, or any other prohibited items. Therefore, hi-tech security X-ray machine saves time and manpower by identifying the threats quickly and effectively.


X-ray Equipment for Welding



Welds should also be smooth, tidy, and rust-free. However, fatigue, stress, or excess pressure can weaken any weld over time. Hence, there will be varied flaws in the structure of the weld such as cracks, porosity, slag inclusion, cold lap, incomplete fusion, incomplete penetration, mismatch, cracks, or external/internal undercut. The welding x-ray inspection on braided hose is especially essential for the  ascertain the quality to avoid the failure. This is where X-ray equipment on welding can determine these flaws quickly and effectively. As a result, the outcomes are stored as a permanent record.

How Much does an Industrial X Ray Machine Cost?

The cost of an X-ray machine, like the CNC machine, is dependent on several factors, including if it is a new or refurbished machine, the power capacity, if it is supplied by a local manufacturer or a foreign manufacturer, and the level of automation.

If you are in the market to purchase a brand-new X-ray machine, it is only expected that the price will be higher for a new machine than for a refurbished one of the same capacity.

Also, the cost of importing an X-ray machine from a foreign manufacturer is often more expensive as shipping and freight costs can quickly rack up the overall cost of the machine. Additionally, importing from foreign manufacturers based in the US and Europe is even higher than importing from Chinese manufacturers.

The type of product and its thickness will inform the power capacity of the X-ray machine that you must purchase to achieve accurate inspection results. The cost is generally higher for thicker materials requiring a higher capacity X-ray machine than lighter materials with low power capacity requirements.

Lastly, the level of automation of the X-ray machine is a critical factor that increases the cost of the machine as the level of automation increases. You must understand that an analog machine is lower in price than a semi-automatic, which is also less expensive than a fully automatic X-ray machine.

In all, an X-ray machine can cost as low as $30,000 and be as high as $600,00. It all depends on the combination of the above-listed considerations. Here’s the guide for you to save as much as $10,000 x-ray machine cost on your next purchase, click to read if you are interested in.

Industrial X Ray Machine Parts: 

Knowing the workings of the X-ray machine will give you an idea of what it can achieve for your inspection needs. However, knowing the parts of the X-ray machine will further increase your knowledge of the X-ray machine, especially for carrying out routine maintenance and troubleshooting in case of any breakdown.

– X-Ray Tube: The X-ray tube is the source of radiation that penetrates the test samples. It can be separated into internal parts – the Anode, Cathode, and the surrounding vacuum. The external components include all supporting accessories like the tube support, metal envelope, and protective casing.

– X-Ray Generator: This is the source of power for the X-ray tube. High energy X-ray generators were used in the past to power X-ray tubes. However, recent advancements in technology have provided high-frequency X-ray generators, which are more advantageous as they don’t consume much energy. They are also smaller in size which increases their portability.

– Operating Console: Operating console is the user interface where an operator can interact using controls and menus designed to help carry out functions like controlling the X-ray voltage, current, and radiation quantity.


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How to Import an Industrial X Ray Machine from China? 

Most manufacturers prefer to import their X-ray machines from China due to the benefits they offer.

Some of these benefits include very competitive prices, good customer support, and innovative X-ray solutions. Nonetheless, many manufacturers still don’t know how to get their equipment down to their facility from China.

Here are helpful steps for you to import your X-ray machines from a Chinese supplier successfully.


– Free Consult and sample Testing

After contacting an X-ray machine supplier from China, your first move is to request for free consultations and sample testing.

At this stage, your interest should be to get all the answers to your questions. You should also find out their capacity to meet your individual quality assessment needs.


– Get Your Free Quotation

Your next move will be to request a free quotation to get all the prices for all their X-ray machines regarding option changes that can affect the price. For instance, what will be the additional cost of introducing automation into the machine?


– Reconfirm Details of the Order

Once you agree with the pricing and options, you must make sure to reconfirm the order’s details. Making any mistakes while ordering the machine might be disastrous as the cost of shipping and customs duties are not cheap. Therefore, make sure to reconfirm the details of the order before the supplier packages it for shipment.


– Place an Order

Place your order once you are satisfied that the product details from your reconfirmation meet your requirements.


– Start X-Ray Machine Production

Your supplier can then begin producing your X-ray machine based on the details you supplied to them. Always confirm the expected date of completion before the commencement of production. This information is critical for your planning and should be noted on your calendar.


– X-Ray Machine Quality Control

There is a minimum acceptable requirement for quality control when manufacturing an X-ray machine. Find out from your supplier what standard they use. Also, confirm if both their quality and safety certification is available and updated.


X-Ray Machine Quality Control


– Industrial X-Ray Machine Delivery

Plan to take delivery of your X-ray machine at your home port by communicating with your X-ray machine manufacturer to furnish you with the expected time of arrival. Also, engage a competent logistics company beforehand to handle the freight movement.


– Custom Clearance

Ensure you are updated with the customs’ clearing fee to prepare well in advance for clearing the machine. Also, engage a competent clearing agent to help you handle the challenging aspects.


– Service and Support

It would be great to do your research on how well your X-ray machine supplier’s handles their customer. This step will help you resolve any challenge you encounter while using the X-ray machine.

How to Select the Best Industrial X Ray Machine?

To get the best suited industrial X-ray machine for your quality assessment tests, you must be clear on the requirements that can help you select the best industrial X-ray machine for you.

Find the set of criteria highlighted below.

– Quality Brands

The quality of the brand that you decide to patronize is an indicator of the probability of getting the best X-ray machine to attend to your needs.

Going for a terrible brand because of a bad recommendation or low budget can adversely affect your business. It will indeed affect your ability to get the best-suited X-ray machine to manage your quality assessment challenges.  

– Application

The various possibilities that the machine offers is an essential factor to note. You might encounter problems if you purchase an X-ray machine capable of a single application while you require a multi-application X-ray machine for your inspection.

– Ease of Use

Going for a complicated X-ray machine that requires lengthy training and many technical terms to use might pose many challenges. 

It might even lead to a loss of production time, which often leads to a cut in the company’s bottom line.

It is better to go for an X-ray machine that is easy to use and requires minimal training for the operator to start using it.

– Data Storage

Advancement in technology has shifted data storage from analog to digital storage. This advancement is beneficial for quickly accessing results and for referencing data during analysis and report writing.

Digital storage is also permanent, unlike analog data storage, which can be destroyed while keeping it in an unsafe area.

– Reliability and Warranty

Warranty is a reliability tool that guarantees the quality of the X-ray machine you purchased from the manufacturer. It also takes away the risk of breakdown and repairs from your budget for an agreed period.

Always look for X-ray manufacturers that have a good warranty program. It shows they have a very high-reliability rating.


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How to Maintain an Industrial X-Ray Machine? 

The best type of maintenance you can give your X-ray machine is preventive maintenance. The life span of your machine is dependent on the checks, routine, and periodic care that you give it. These activities will reduce the wear and tear as well as a sudden breakdown of working parts.

Firstly, you need to regularly clean the X-ray tube as it is the most critical part of the machine. This device is the source of the radiation that penetrates the test sample.

Knowing that the breakdown of this tube will mean production downtime should motivate you to carry out the necessary periodic maintenance.

Generally, the tubes come as either open or sealed tubes. The sealed type cannot be opened, and hence, does not require any cleaning. Only periodic replacements based on the level of usage are possible for the sealed tube.

However, you can clean the open tube by unpacking its internal components, including its filaments, O-ring, the cathode, and the anode.

Ensure you clear out any accumulated debris and replace or adjust the filament as needed. Also, check the O-rings and sockets to see if a replacement is required. Carefully reassemble the tube components and fix them back into the machine.

Other x ray machine maintenance includes electrical checks, which should be done by a trained technician on periodically scheduled dates. Also, mechanical and moving parts, as well as all mounted accessories, should be secured appropriately.

Industrial X Ray Machine: FAQ Guide

The operation and usage of an X-ray machine require some fundamental knowledge about the equipment. Some industrial manufacturers or intending users are often curious and want to know more about this equipment. Here are the most frequent inquiries that they often present.

An X-ray is electromagnetic radiation often generated using a high-energy source and projected on objects to penetrate and expose the internal constituents of the object. 

When the photon energies go above 5-10keV, they are known as hard X-rays. However, when the energy goes below this point, they are known as soft X-rays. 

X-rays have various applications across industries and disciplines. 

Aside from their medical uses, where they are used to scan the human bone to identify the possibilities of fractures, they are also used in the manufacturing industry to conduct quality assessment tests. 

For instance, they are used in the food industries to identify impurities in food before packaging. 

In the automotive industry, they are used to confirm if car components and welded joints meet standard manufacturing requirements.

An industrial X-ray tech is an individual who has been trained in the techniques of carrying out quality assessment tests using an industrial X-ray machine. 

Sometimes known as an NDT tech, Radiographic tech, or Industrial Radiographer, they also analyze radiographic images generated from an X-ray test.

Furthemore, they are trained to carry out other duties, including interpreting digital X-ray readouts, radiographs, and visual indicators. 

They are also involved in following specified testing standards to carry out testing activities and generating test reports for tests carried out.

There are usually specific training centers certified by a regulatory body for individuals who wish to acquire the skills of an Industrial X-ray tech.

Long time exposure or exposure to high doses of radiation can have adverse effects on humans. However, for industrial radiography, the safety standards are high to ensure no harm befalls any human while operating an industrial X-ray machine.

Advancement in safety technologies has also helped reduce the risk that any industrial X-ray equipment might have. For instance, the compartment where the radiation is projected on the test sample is designed as a sealed compartment with effective protective materials used to seal the machine.

Also, some devices are installed to monitor the leakage of radiation before, during, and after a test activity. These devices take readings of the radiation around the machine. 

Safety mechanisms have been designed to automatically shut down the industrial X-ray machine once the monitoring device detects that the radiation is above the acceptable safe limits.

Every part like battery, welds, etc. is critical in the manufacturing field. Therefore, these parts should be examined properly to make sure that they strictly adhere to the international guidelines before they are put into service. But before proceeding with radiographic inspection using an X-ray system, we recommend you pay attention to the following three phases:


  1. Adjust the X-ray instruments used for the quality check to a known standard. This calibration helps in delivering precise test results.
  2. Examine if you need to use a combination of NDT techniques. Usually, companies use a combination of methods to evaluate metal components such as pipes, joints, as well as bends. Manufacturing industries including petroleum, automotive, as well as aerospace industries, not only go for X-ray examination. They also use other inspection methods such as magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic inspection, as well as dye penetrant testing. This can ensure the completeness of the reliability and inspection of the results.
  3. Before selecting the combinational NDT techniques, verify the advantages and disadvantages of all the techniques. Different defects may need diverse inspection techniques. For instance, planar cracks, as well as de-laminations, can be examined by ultrasonic and acoustic-based inspection tests. Just radiography technique is not enough. Correspondingly, the size of the surface area may also decide the testing type. For instance, a large surface area at a reduced cost requires dye penetrant testing. However, there is one drawback. This method needs appropriate surface preparation as well as chemical handling precautions.

Hence, the digital X-ray system is considered as the quick, precise, and reliable tool to examine the internal defects present in the given test sample.

There are often many factors you should consider before purchasing that X-ray machine. Adequate consideration for these factors will ensure that you get the most suitable machine for your unique quality assessment inspection.

Firstly, consider the properties of the product you wish to test. Properties such as size, thickness, and material (either metal or plastic) are the first criteria for buying a suitable X-ray machine.

The second consideration is the image quality of the machine during analysis. The test result will primarily be based on the quality of the image generated by the X-ray machine.

Thirdly, consider the reputation of the X-ray manufacturer or supplier to assess their reliability. Find out their capacity and their track record to confirm if they have consistently delivered value to their customers over the years. Also, note their customer relationship and customer support ratings.

China is fast becoming the biggest industrialized nation in the world. The abundance of technically skilled individuals ensures that there is no lack of innovative solutions coming out of China. 

Also, their competitive pricing for their X-ray equipment gives them leverage over their European and American counterparts. 

Chinese suppliers have an excellent customer support rating and most have an online platform to deliver technical support to their clients without being physically present on site. 

These benefits and more are why so many industrial manufacturers rely on Chinese suppliers for their X-ray equipment supply.


Finally, the choice of buying an X-ray machine is an important one that requires adequate planning, diligent research, and logical consideration.

Buying an X-ray machine should be an investment for your business. Still, if you fail to put critical factors into consideration, you might spend a fortune on a machine that does not solve your inspection challenges.

Consider the product you intend to test, the quality of the brand of X-ray machine, its ease of use, customer support, and most importantly, the supplier’s reputation.

If you follow these steps diligently, you will get a suitable X-ray machine to serve your quality assessment needs.

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