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The 6 Best Industrial X-Ray Machines Manufacturers in South Africa

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Any company looking to improve its quality control, and product testing and inspection tasks, needs to look for the right equipment from one of the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in South Africa. Finding an industrial x-ray machine that meets all your company’s product inspection and testing needs, helps in making the quality control process in your organization much more efficient and faster.

There are various types of industrial x-ray machines, the main ones being portable and stationary industrial x-ray machines, and catalog and custom industrial x-ray machines. Stationary industrial x-ray machines are heavy and, because of this, difficult to carry and move. Therefore, in most cases these machines are used where they are placed or installed. Portable industrial x-ray machines on the other hand, are much lighter and therefore easy to move. They can be carried to a desired location for use. 

Catalog industrial x-ray machines are designed and developed to meet the basic and most common inspection and testing needs that are general to most industries. Custom industrial x-ray machines are much more popular because they are specifically designed to fulfill a customer’s particular inspection and testing needs.

In South Africa, industrial x-ray machines are used in various sectors such as security and safety, food inspection, automobile, welding, building and construction, and many others that use non-destructive techniques for quality control and product testing.

6 Best Industrial X-Ray Manufacturers in South Africa

  • Khomanani X-Ray Systems
  • Microsep
  • X Sight X-Ray Services
  • Hab International South Africa
  • Teraoka
  • Eastimage Africa

Khomanani X-Ray Systems

The company has been at the forefront of manufacturing some of the most innovative, quality, and most durable industrial x-ray machines in South Africa, and the African continent as a whole. It has invested a lot of resources towards making sure it not only manufactures excellent quality control and inspection products but also provides its customers with the best after-sales care and services.

It manufactures catalog and custom x-ray machines. The catalog machines are those found in the company’s products catalog. These are designed to satisfy the basic needs and specifications and solve the most common industrial inspection and product testing problems. Custom industrial x-ray machines on the other hand are specifically designed and manufactured to fulfill a specific set of requirements and criteria set by the customer, and also solve particular testing and product inspection challenge facing the customer.


Company Website: https://khomanani.co.za/ 

Address: 33c Golden Drive, Morehill, Benoni 1501, South Africa

Telephone: +27 (0) 11 425 3609


There are very few manufacturing companies that can design and manufacture industrial x-ray machines of the same quality as Microsep. The company has a proud tradition of making innovative and advanced industrial x-ray machines that are designed to meet specific customer needs. The company has received awards and recognition from a number of organizations in South Africa, and internationally.

The industrial x-ray machines developed by the company are categorized as either stationary or portable machines. The stationary industrial x-ray machines are a lot heavier than the portable ones. Due to this, they are very hard to move once they have been installed. The user has to go to where the machine is to use it. By contrast, portable industrial x-ray machines are lighter and thus a lot easier to move. They can be easily carried to the desired place of use, before operating them.

Industrial x-ray machines manufactured by the company are used in various sectors in South Africa. Examples are electricity generation, automobile, welding, building and construction, food inspection, and luggage control.


Company Website: https://www.microsep.co.za/ 

Address: 2 Saturn Crescent, Linbro Business Park, Frankenwald Ext 30, Sandton, 2196

Telephone: +27 11 553 2300

X Sight X-Ray Services

For many years, X-Sight X-ray Service has provided various industrial x-ray machine systems and products to the research and industry sector in South Africa. Its range of products includes 3D CT (computer tomography), x-ray CT inspection solutions, quality control, and testing equipment.

The diverse solutions and industrial x-ray machines provided by the company are used in aerospace, electronics, ordinance, pharmaceutical, mining, agriculture, and many other industries.


Company Website: https://www.x-sight.co.za/ 

Address: Unit 2 Gable Business Park, 10 Derrick Drive, Somerset West, 7130

Telephone: +27 72 856 8505

Hab International South Africa

Started back in 1980, HAB International has for more than 40 years been providing South African companies with a variety of industrial x-ray machines, and security equipment. The company has built a reputation for being a leader in the sector of security systems and customer services. 

The industrial x-ray machine and inspection products manufactured by the company are widely used in airports, firefighting, and emergency services.


Company Website: https://www.hab.co.za/ 

Address: 61 Tsessebe Crescent, Corporate Business Park, Randjiespark, Midrand

Telephone: +27 011-314-7067


This company has built itself a name as one of the manufacturers of reliable and durable industrial x-ray machines in the country. It has provided solutions to companies in many different sectors and industries.

The company has also greatly benefited from a team of experienced and qualified industry professionals that are dedicated to creating a brand that can be regarded as one of the best industrial x-ray manufacturers in South Africa.

The industrial x-ray machines, inspecting and testing systems manufactured by the company use both short x-rays and gamma rays to inspect for flaws and faults in products. These rays have a penetrative nature and because of this they can be used to inspect and test even solid products and objects without damaging them.


Company Website: https://www.teraoka.co.za 

Address: Unit 6, City Deep Industrial Park, Fortune Street, City Deep, 2049, South Africa

Telephone: +27 011 613 4291

Eastimage Africa

The company is one of a few in the industry that is recognized for manufacturing superior and quality industrial x-ray machines at customer-friendly costs. It has been establishing a track record of not only providing machines but also excellent customer care and services, especially deployment and handling troubleshooting and machine problems. This is a company that does not only manufacture your industrial machine and delivers it to you, they always make sure that it is installed properly, and you can count on them in case of any problems.

The company has over the years been manufacturing industrial x-ray machines for companies in different sectors such as ballistics, security and safety, food inspection, automobile, construction, welding, and many others that use NDT as a method for quality control.


Company Website: https://www.eastimage.co.za 

Address: 17 Conrad Dr Blairgowrie Randburg,2194, South Africa

Telephone: +27 0 11 029 4988

Uni X-ray Technologies was founded back in 2002. For almost 2 decades now, the company has been offering its customers innovative, superior, and quality industrial x-ray machines, 3D CT systems, product inspection, and testing equipment, and many other quality control solutions.

The company gained a reputation and respect in the industry after it became the first in the sector to integrate cloud computing and the internet of things into its operational infrastructure. This meant that the company was able to seamlessly manufacture superior products that most other companies in the sector could not compete with. 

The company has been manufacturing and deploying a wide range of industrial x-ray machines for companies in industries such as luggage control, building and construction, oil and gas, aircraft maintenance and inspection, welding and many others. 


Company Website: https://unixray.com/ 

Address: Building 9A, Shenzhen Bay Eco-technology park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Telephone: +86 755 61301521


No matter the industry or sector of operation, any manufacturing company that wants to become a leader in its market must invest in accurate and reliable quality control and inspection equipment. 

Searching for the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in South Africa will allow you to compare the different equipment and solutions offered by industry leading companies. This will make it a lot easier for you to find an industrial x-ray machine that will fulfill your quality control, and product inspection and testing requirements.

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