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The 5 Best Industrial X-Ray Machines Manufacturers in Norway

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There are various industrial x-ray solutions available in the market for companies that are looking for testing and inspection equipment. While there are many providers in the industry, finding the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Norway is a great way of ensuring that you get a solution from one of the leaders in the sector. 

Industrial x-ray machines are popular because they provide a reliable and accurate way for manufacturing companies to carry out product testing and inspection. They are not only used to inspect finished products, but also the raw materials and components used in the manufacturing process. They are able to detect flaws and faults that would be impossible to be seen by the naked human eye. The best part, they use short x-rays and gamma rays to penetrate even solid objects and thus they are able to inspect even solid products without damaging them.

Due to the reliability of industrial machines, they are widely used by many companies in different industries in Norway. Some of the sectors that use industrial x-ray machines for testing and inspection include welding, building and construction, safety and security, aerospace inspection and maintenance, and others in NDT sectors.

5 Best Industrial X-Ray Manufacturers in Norway

  • Zeiss Norge
  • Flow Capture AS
  • Force Technology Norway As
  • Olympus Norge
  • Shenzhen Uni X-ray Technology Limited

Zeiss Norge

Zeiss is a brand synonymous with major technological advancements. It is a global brand that has striven to provide solutions and manufacture products that are of a very high quality. Some of these are industrial x-ray machines that the brand manufactures under their Xradia and Bosello subsidiaries. The company has provided different types of industrial x-ray machines that are used in the inspection and testing of products.

The company has not only been in the front line when it comes to manufacturing of excellent industrial x-ray inspection and testing solutions, they have also invested heavily in ensuring that they also offer quality and world class after sale service and care to their customers. 

The industrial x-ray machines developed and manufactured by Zeiss can be found in various industries in Norway. Some of them are oil and gas, food inspection, security and safety, aerospace, construction, and many others that use the NDT methods of testing.


Company Website: https://www.zeiss.no 

Address: Kabelgaten 8, 0580 Oslo, Norway

Telephone: +47 23 17 2390

Flow Capture AS

Flow Capture AS, is one of the leading brands when it comes to the manufacture of accurate, precise and superior quality industrial x-ray machines and inspection systems. The company has been manufacturing innovative systems to meet and fulfill all the inspection, product testing and quality control needs of its customers in the current market. It has been able to achieve this because of its team of industry experts and well trained professionals that are dedicated to offering clients the absolute best in terms of x-ray systems and solutions.

Flow capture machines are used in ballistics, food inspection, security and safety, welding, and many other industries.


Company Website: https://www.flowcapture.com/

Address: Industriveien 1, Skerdsmokorset 2020, Norway

Telephone: +47 40 49 8889

Force Technology Norway AS

Force Technology is a company that has been designing industrial radiology technology for many years. Over the years, the company has been offering its customers a wide range of industrial x-ray machines and solutions to meet varied needs in the industry.  The main aim of the company it to manufacture not only the best industrial x-ray systems but also ones that are custom and specific to the needs of each customer. 

The company manufactures two types of industrial x-ray machines; these are portable and stationary machines. Stationary machines are the heaviest of the two types and are difficult to move hence they have to be used where they are placed or installed. Portable machines on the other hand are much lighter compared to their counterparts. They can easily be moved to a desired location for use. 

Force Technology industrial x-ray machines are wide used by companies in ballistic, aircraft maintenance, security, and food inspection sectors.


Company Website: https://www.forcetechnology.com/en 

Address: Nye Vakas vei 321395 Hvalstad

Telephone: +47 64 00 35 00

Olympus Norge

Having been founded back in 1919, for more than 100 years, Olympus is a brand that is regarded as one of the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Norway. The company has been a leader in the industry when it comes to research, design, development, and manufacturing of innovative and advanced industrial x-ray machines to fulfill the needs of the customers in the industry.

The company has been providing bespoke industrial x-ray machines to meet the inspection and testing needs of different companies in the country. These bespoke or custom x-ray machines are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the specific criteria set by the client. Therefore, these machines are more customized to fulfill the customer’s quality control and product testing needs.

Olympus manufactures many diverse industrial x-ray machines that can be grouped in to various categories such as stationary x-ray machines, portable industrial x-ray machines, catalog, or even bespoke industrial x-ray machines. Its machines are used in various industries such as nuclear energy, aerospace, automobile, oil and gas, construction, security and safety, and many more.


Company Website: https://www.olympus.no/company/en/about-olympus/company-profile 

Address: Olympus Norge AS, Drengsrudbekken 121383 Asker, Norway

Telephone: +47 2300 5050

Shenzhen Uni X-ray Technology Limited

Having being established back in 2002, Uni X-ray technologies has been around for almost 2 decades. The company made history after becoming the first in the industrial x-ray manufacturing business to integrate cloud computing and internet of things into its working infrastructure. This made the company a leader in the market because it was able to not only manufacture products that were superior to those by its competitors, but also offered excellent customer care and services.

The company has a track record of manufacturing and deploying different types of industrial x-ray machines. Some of the industries using Uni X-ray machines are ballistics, oil and gas, building and construction, welding and aerospace, among others.


Company Website: https://unixray.com/ 

Address: Building 9A, Shenzhen Bay Eco-technology park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Telephone: +86 755 61301521


Industrial x-ray machine can be divided into 2 categories. That is, portable and stationary industrial x-ray machines. Portable industrial machines are smaller and lighter, and hence can easily be moved to where they are needed to be used. Stationary x-ray machines are heavier and bulkier, and thus are difficult to move. They are mostly used where they have been installed or placed.

Finding the right industrial-ray machines manufacturers in Norway is crucial to ensuring that you get excellent inspection and testing equipment for your company. This will ensure that you have the assurance that the machine you get will help you carry out your quality control processes accurately and smoothly.

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