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The 5 Best Industrial X-Ray Machines Manufacturers in Hong Kong

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Industrial x-ray machines are a must-have for any company that wants to produce goods and products that meet the industry standards and that are tested and inspected if they are fit for the human market. Finding the best industrial x-ray manufacturers in Hong Kong is the right step for any company. This assures that the company will only choose industrial x-ray machines from one of the leading manufacturers in the country.

Industrial x-ray machines are becoming a more and more popular way of inspection and product testing because they are reliable and accurate. They use short x-ray and gamma rays to penetrate even solid things and because of this feature, they are able to be used to inspect solid objects for any flaw and faults without damaging them; hence the term non-destructive testing. These machines are much more dependable when carrying out quality control and product testing and inspection tasks compared to the naked human eye.

Many industries and sectors in Hong Kong have embraced the use of industrial x-ray machines for NDT and other forms of product testing. These industries include ballistics, aerospace, luggage control, safety and security, building and construction, welding, food inspection, oil and gas, and many more.

5 Best Industrial X-Ray Manufacturers in Hong Kong

  • ZKTeco Hong Kong
  • Nexxis
  • Mekitec HK Ltd
  • Ranghua X-ray
  • Shenzhen Uni X-ray Technology Limited

ZKTeco Hong Kong

Over the years that the company has been around in the industrial x-ray machine manufacturing sector, it has put together a team of industry experts and experienced professionals. They are dedicated to ensuring the company becomes a leader in the industrial x-ray inspection sector in Hong Kong.

The company has been providing several different industrial x-ray machines and testing solutions to its customers. Two categories of x-ray machines manufactured by the company are portable industrial x-ray machines and stationary machines. Portable x-ray machines are lighter and thus much easier to move. They can be moved from one position to another for ease of use. Stationary industrial x-ray machines are heavier and thus cannot be moved to a new location/ area once installed. They have to be used where they are.

The company’s industrial x-ray machines are used in ballistics, food inspection, oil and gas, luggage control, and others.


Company website: https://www.zkteco.com.hk 

Address: Unit B, 20/F COS Center, 52-56 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong

Telephone: +852 3460 5275


Nexxis is a company that over the years has been at the forefront of developing industrial x-ray machines for a wide range of companies in different industries. Some of the industries that the company has manufactured x-ray systems for include oil and gas, food inspection, cement manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, safety, and security, to mention but a few.

The company has built a reputation as one of the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in the world, and supplies companies in Hong Kong with innovative and superior testing and inspection systems.


Company website: https://www.nexxis.com    

Address: 315 Odyssey Drive, Suite D, Webster, Texas 77598

Telephone: +1 (713) 258 6061

Mekitec HK Ltd

The main objective of the company is to become a leader in the industry and offer its client a wide range of industrial x-ray machines that are of a higher quality and reasonably priced. It has been manufacturing custom and catalog machines. Catalog machines are those that meet the basic specification that is common to most industries. On the other hand, custom industrial x-ray machines are purposefully developed to fulfill the specific needs and set criteria of requirement from a customer. Nowadays, custom industrial x-ray machines are much more popular.

The company has over the years developed a portfolio of products and testing solutions that it has deployed to various companies in the food industry. 


Company Website: https://www.mekitec.com 

Address: Room 1707, 17/F, Chinachem Tsuen Wan Plaza, 457 Castle Peak Rd, Tsuen Wan N. T. Hong Kong

Ranghua X-ray

Started in 1964, Rangua X-ray is definitely one of the most sought-after industrial x-ray manufacturers by companies in Hong Kong, despite being headquartered in China. The company has not only developed competitive x-ray machines and testing solutions but has also dedicated a lot of resources towards making sure that it offers its customers unrivaled care and aftersales service.

The industrial x-ray machines that the company manufactures are innovative and designed to be reliable and durable. The are two main categories of products offered by the company, stationary and portable industrial x-ray machines. Stationary machines can only be used where they have been installed or placed, while portable industrial x-ray machines are those that can easily be carried or moved to a place where they are to be used.


Company Website: https://www.rhxray.com 

Address: 70-29 East Wenqing Rd, Zhenxing District, Dandong, Liaoning, China 118000

Telephone: +86 415 256 2551

Shenzhen Uni X-ray Technology Limited

The company was founded in 2002. After almost two decades in the industry, Uni X-ray Technologies has built itself a reputation for excellent customer care and after-sale service. On top of all these, its industrial x-ray machines and inspection system are of a higher and superior quality compared to the majority of those found in the market today.

The company was the first in the industrial x-ray machine manufacturing field to integrate the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing into its day-to-day working infrastructure. This made the company stand out and become even more competitive in an industry in which it was already a leader. 

The company has been manufacturing a wide range of industrial x-ray machines, 3D CT systems, and other quality control and product testing and inspection solutions for its customers in Hong Kong. Several different categories of x-ray machines and solutions developed by the company include stationary industrial x-ray machines, portable machines, catalog,s and also custom or bespoke industrial x-ray machines.

Uni X-ray Technologies provides industrial x-ray machines, quality control equipment, and product testing and inspection systems to various companies in industries such as ballistics, welding, aircraft inspection and maintenance, oil and gas, building and construction, luggage control, and security and safety.


Company Website: https://unixray.com/ 

Address: Building 9A, Shenzhen Bay Eco-technology park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Telephone: +86 755 61301521


Quality control is one of the most important stages of any manufacturing process. This stage is where tests are carried out to determine whether or not the goods or products being manufactured meet the set standards before they are packaged and released for sale to the market. The stage also can be used to gauge the effectiveness of a company’s manufacturing process.

Industrial x-ray machines provide the most reliable, effective, and accurate method for quality control and product testing. It is therefore very important that a company finds the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Hong Kong so that they can be assured that they are choosing from the best testing and inspection equipment available in the market.

With the right industrial x-ray machine, any company can be certain that their product inspection and testing, and quality control processes will be accurate, efficient, run smoothly, and much faster.

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