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The 4 Best Industrial X-Ray Machines Manufacturers in Austria

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There are many reasons why you should look for the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Austria. The main one being you can be assured that you will get the best industrial x-ray machine that will meet all your quality control and product testing needs and requirements. This is crucial because every manufacturing company should invest in product testing systems to not only make sure that they produce the best products, but also that their manufacturing process is efficient.

Did you know that industrial x-ray machines use both gamma and short x-rays? Due to the penetrative nature of these rays, x-ray machines can be used to inspect even solid objects without damaging them. This is what is referred to as non-destructive testing (NDT). There are many different industrial x-ray machines but they all fall under two main categories. These are stationary and portable industrial machines.

Industrial x-ray machines are widely used in various sectors for inspection, product testing and quality control. Some of the sectors that have been using x-ray machines include aircraft inspection and maintenance, welding, building and construction and others.

4 Best Industrial X-Ray Manufacturers in Austria

  • FujiFilm Austria
  • Colenta Labortechnik Gmbh & Co KG
  • Nordson Austria
  • Shenzhen Uni X-ray Technology Limited

FujiFilm Austria

FujiFilms’ NDT section was established in order to satisfy the growing demand for industrial x-ray machines, testing and inspection systems, and quality control solutions for various industries in Austria. The team behind the company has a lot of experience and hands-on professional knowledge about the industry. This has enabled the company to be able to compete at a higher level. This is evidenced by the superior and high quality industrial x-ray machines manufactured and deployed by the company.

It manufactures both catalog and custom industrial x-ray machines and inspection systems. Catalog industrial x-ray machines are those that are designed to meet the already existing basic conditions for testing and inspection for the various industries. Although there is demand for catalog x-ray machines developed by the company, it is overwhelmingly surpassed by the demand for custom industrial x-ray machines. Custom machines are designed to meet the specific needs of a customer. These are more popular because they enable companies to perform quality control tasks and testing with a higher accuracy, efficiency and speed. 

The company’s x-ray machines can be found being used in industries like food inspection, ballistics, automotive, security, construction, welding and others.


Company website: https://www.fujifilm.com/at/en   

Address: Euro Plaza – Am Euro Platz 2, Gebaude G, 1120 Wien, Austria.

Telephone: +43 1 7075979

Colenta Labortechnik Gmbh & Co KG

Very few brands can compete with this company because it has dedicated itself to manufacturing the best quality industrial x-ray machines at customer-friendly costs. The company’s mantra is that designing, developing, manufacturing and deploying superior quality industrial x-ray machines is more important than revenue. The huge revenue and sales that the company has achieved are a consequence of them providing excellent equipment and services to their customers.

The company provides its customers with a wide variety of testing and inspection systems and industrial x-ray machines. Some of them include portable industrial x-ray machines, stationary x-ray machines, and custom x-ray inspection and testing machines.

Machines manufactured by this company are widely used by companies in various industries in the country such as railway, aircraft maintenance, ballistics, luggage control, security, welding, and others that employ non-destructive testing techniques


Company website: https://www.colenta.at 

Address: Neunkirchner Str. 117A-2700 Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Telephone: +43 2622 283110

Nordson Austria

Since its establishment, the company has become a powerhouse in the industry.  The company has been one of the best industrial x-ray machines manufacturers in Austria. It has developed and deployed numerous inspection and testing systems throughout the country and internationally. The customer services and after-sale care that the company gives its customer are unrivaled by others in the industry.

Industrial x-ray machines that are manufactured by the company fall under two categories; portable and stationary industrial x-ray machines. Portable industrial x-ray machines are lighter and thus easy to move from one location to another for use. On the other hand, stationary industrial x-ray machines are bulkier and harder to move. Once they have been installed/placed, they have to be used where they are.

The company manufactures and deploys industrial x-ray machines and inspection systems for industries such as food inspection, aerospace, ballistic, luggage control, security and safety, building and construction, and many others in the NDT sector.


Company website: https://www.nordson.com/en/   

Address: Parkring 21010 Wien, Osterreich

Telephone: +43 1 707 5521

Shenzhen Uni X-ray Technology Limited

Established in 2002, Uni X-ray Technologies has made huge steps towards becoming a global market leader in the manufacturing of industrial x-ray machines and 3D CT (computer tomography) systems. The company has also invested a lot into incorporating Internet of Things and Cloud Computing into its operating infrastructure. This has enabled it to rise above its competitors and be able to provide higher quality systems and machines compared to those available in the market.

The company manufactures both catalog and custom industrial x-ray machines. Before the manufacture of a custom x-ray machine, the client provided a list of all the requirements they would like the machine to meet. The machine is then made meeting all the set criteria. The company has deployed x-ray machines and systems to companies in many industries such as ballistics, construction, welding, safety and security, and others.


Company Website: https://unixray.com/ 

Address: Building 9A, Shenzhen Bay Eco-technology park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Telephone: +86 755 61301521


Quality control and product testing is mandatory for any manufacturing company no matter the industry it operates in. Testing provides a reliable way of finding out whether or not the manufacturing process is producing goods that are up to the set industry standards. 

Industrial x-ray machines are the main mode of testing and inspection in different industries. While there are different industrial x-ray machines, and they are used for different tasks, they all use gamma and short x-rays to evaluate product integrity and quality.

We hope the list of the best industrial machine manufacturers in Austria will assist you in your search for the best equipment and system for your quality control and testing requirements.

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