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The 5 Best Industrial X-ray Machine Manufacturers in Spain

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Rapidly developing technologies mean that even the products that manufacturers produce must be of a better standard. This has brought about the increased need for better and more efficient ways of product testing and inspection. Due to this, many companies are in search of the best industrial x-ray machines manufacturers in Spain. Finding reliable x-ray machines is important for any company that wants to implement a smooth and accurate inspection and testing process.

Industrial x-ray machines have been a reliable way of testing and inspecting manufactured products. The machines use gamma and short x-rays to find flaws and errors in the testing and inspection phase of production. Industrial x-ray machines are widely used in different industries to carry out quality control. Some of the industries using these machines are construction, safety and security, ballistics, automobiles, aircraft inspection and maintenance, and many others in the non-destructive testing sectors.

5 Best Industrial X-Ray Manufacturers in Spain

  • Novadep
  • Tecnitest 
  • Radiansa 
  • End SLL
  • Herrikontrol


Novadep is a company specializing in the designing and manufacture of custom industrial x-ray machines. It offers customers a platform to specify any special needs or requirements that they want their x-ray machine to have. Then Novadep builds it, fulfilling every specification outlined by the customer. The company’s industrial x-ray scanners are used in a number of industries.

The company designs and manufactures two types of industrial x-ray machines. These are portable industrial x-ray machines (these are easy to move to a desired location for use) and stationary industrial x-ray machines (which are bulkier and can only be used where they are installed or placed).


Website: http://www.novadep.com/ 

Address: Calle Pino 2, Nave 1, Pol. Industrial “La Mora”, La Cistérniga, 47193, Valladolid, Spain

Telephone: +34 983 34 73 28


Tecnitest Ingenieros has been in the industrial x-ray machine manufacturing business for than 20 years. The company has specialized in the designing, development and deployment of a wide range of non-destructive testing products and systems. It offers custom NDT solutions and machines that are designed to meet all of the specification outlined by the customer.

The company has invested heavily in infrastructure and technology to make sure that it provides both high quality customer care and services, and a wide array of superior products. Tecnitest has manufactured industrial x-ray machines for companies in various industries such as aerospace, energy and automotive.


Company Website: https://www.tecnitestndt.net/ 

Address: Calle Ciudad de Frías 1, Nave 4. 28021 – Madrid, Spain

Telephone: (+34) 91 796 14 18


Since the company’s inception back in 2004, Radiansa has served many customers by providing them with a selection of various industrial x-ray machines. The company’s x-ray machines have been used in a wide range of industries such as food inspection, safety and security, oil and gas, construction and metal recycling.

The company’s mission is to provide custom industrial x-ray machines of high and superior quality, and at a reasonable cost. This has made it a popular brand, especially for companies in Girona (where it is located) and surrounding towns. 


Company Website: https://www.radiansa.com/en/index.htm 

Address: Salt 19, 17006 Girona, Spain

Telephone: (+34) 972 298029


End SLL is a company the has dedicated itself towards providing the best NDT engineering solution for years. It provides companies with an option between catalog products or customer solutions. Catalog products provide companies with minimal and base specification that are common for most NDT inspection needs. The custom option gives a company the ability to specify any, and all, requirements and specifications they would want their industrial machine to meet, and End designs and develops them.

The company has over the years supplied industrial x-ray machines and systems to many companies in different industries. Throughout all that, the company has built up a reputation for excellent customer service.


Company Website: http://www.endsl.com/ 

Address: Astikene Business Park, Nave 32C / Errotazarre 32, 48160 DERIO (Vizcaya), Spain

Telephone: +34 946 421543


For over 50 years, Herrikontrol has been providing solution and products for customers that need industrial x-ray machines for inspection and testing. The company has served many customers in various industries like welding, oil and gas, non-destructive testing, and others.

It has endeavored to deliver quality products and excellent customer services and after sale care to all its customers. The company designs and manufactures both portable and stationary industrial x-ray equipment and systems. It is focused towards becoming a leader in the x-ray machine industry in Spain.


Company Website: https://herrikontrol.com/ 

Address: Calle Rontegui, 22, Planta baja 48901 Barakaldo, Biscay, Spain

Telephone: +34 944 383513

Established in 200, Uni X-ray technologies has over the last 2 decades proved itself to be one of the best industrial x-ray manufacturers globally. The company has been providing superior industrial x-ray machines to various companies in Spain, and around the globe.

The company is very proud of its culture of providing both excellent products and quality customer service and that is why it was among the first in the industry to integrate internet of things(IoT) and cloud computing into its infrastructure. This enabled the company to offer not only better services to its customers, but also be a pioneer in the research, designing, manufacture and deployment of world-class industrial x-ray systems.


Company Website: https://unixray.com/  

Address: Building 9A, Shenzhen Bay Eco-technology park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Telephone: +86 755 61301521


Quality control and product inspection is vital for the production of quality, durable and safe products for use. Industrial x-ray machines offer a reliable mode of carrying out quality control processes no matter the industry. The machines can be categorized as either portable or stationary. 

The industrial x-ray machine market is full of catalog systems. These are machines that meet the base and general inspection and testing requirements that are commonly found in many manufacturing plants. However, recent history has brought about the need for custom industrial x-ray machines tailor made to meet a customer’s specific criteria of inspection. 

The list of the best industrial manufacturers in Spain compiled above will help you pick a good manufacturer for your industrial x-ray machine.

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