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The 3 Best Industrial X-ray Machine Manufacturers in Saudi Arabia

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Have you decided to purchase an Industrial X-ray machine in Saudi Arabia? In that case, you should select the manufacturers who can understand your requirements and deliver the best industrial X-ray instruments at an affordable price. However, do you have any idea how to determine the best X-ray machines and their manufacturers?

We are here to highlight the 3 best Industrial X-ray equipment manufacturers in Saudi Arabia so that you can choose easily. Make sure you consider their annual maintenance services, market position, and client reviews before rounding off the best manufacturer. And this list could be worth a reference where we have made things easy for you by showcasing the best 3 Industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in Saudi Arabia.


  1. Abdulla Fouad Group
  2. Astropack Gulf LLC
  3. ACIX Middle East

Abdulla Fouad Group


Established in Ras Tanura as a small service company 65 years ago, Abdulla Fouad Group (AFG) dynamically diversified its business group pioneering many products as well as services throughout the way. This company successfully serves Healthcare, Construction sectors, Energy, Consumer, Oil & Gas, and Information Technology sectors across its business units. To provide world-class solutions for its customers, this company has built strong commercial and technical partnerships with renowned companies worldwide.

AFG has an IES (Industrial Equipment and Services Division) which was established in 1973. It distributes NDT inspection and measurement devices to serve the manufacturing, power, aerospace, O&G, mining, utility, and petrochemical sectors.


Website: https://www.abdulla-fouad.com/index.html

Address: P.O. Box 257, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Telephone: (+966) 013 814 1414

Astropack Gulf LLC


Astropack Gulf LLC is one of the top best manufacturers of metal detectors, food inspection systems, inkjet printers, X-Ray inspection systems, thermal transfer printers, hand jet printers, flow wrap machine, laser marking & coding machine, packing machines, and so on. in the Middle East area. This company has been set up with a mission to endure the legacy in the market by delivering matchless support to the industries. Astropack company can fulfill its customers’ demands starting from the inception of thoughts to the execution of projects. 

This company is famous for its after-sales technical support of their products. They have a qualified, skilled, and experienced team of engineers who helps the team with the installation and commissioning of the instruments across the Middle East.


Website: https://www.astropackgulf.com/ 

Address: Astropack LLC KSA, Office No: 380, 3rd floor, AI Zamil Business Centre, 2nd Industrial City, New Sanaya, Riyadh – 11373. Saudi Arabia

Telephone: +971 6 749 4981

ACIX Middle East

Based in Dubai, ACIX Middle east is a professional value-added manufacturer of X-ray baggage scanners and detectors, system parking management systems, Telecom solutions, etc. By providing these varied technological solutions, they can fulfill the requirements of the end-users. They have their branch offices in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi of Saudia Arabia. They cater their solutions to North Africa regions, Egypt, and other parts of the Middle East. Moreover, this company is renowned for proper distribution, on-time delivery, as well as timely technical support according to the clients’ demands.


Website: https://acixme.com/sa/solution-provider-uae/x-ray-baggage-scanner-security-metal-detectors 

Address: #217, Business Venue Building, Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE.

Telephone: +971 43967751 / +971 564884085


Finally, have you made up your mind to purchase an industrial X-ray machine so that you can quickly assess the quality of your goods? Opt for renowned industrial X-ray manufacturers to begin with. Just the quality of the X-ray machine is not enough. The timely service of its manufacturers really matters! Only client-friendly manufacturers can successfully satisfy their customers’ personalized requirements even after the purchase.

If you would like to opt for a reputed manufacturer other than the ones in the list above, check Uni X-ray Technology Ltd. Established in 2002, this company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Uni X-ray Technology Ltd. is renowned for not only manufacturing industrial X-ray machines as per their customer’s requirements. But they are also involved in its design, research and development, as well as manufacture. That’s how developing personalized X-ray equipment is very much possible. Furthermore, this company can successfully innovate the integration of the internet of things and cloud computing technology in operations. Hence, they are renowned for quality, services, and affordability when compared to other manufacturers. 

The list of manufacturers in Saudi Arabia is ready now. So, go through them wasting your time anymore. In case of any doubts, contact us right away. Remember to pay attention to client satisfaction while assessing the manufacturer’s success!

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