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The 9 Best Industrial X-Ray Machine Manufacturers In Germany

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Are you looking to inspect hidden flaws on various items for quality control? Industrial X-ray machines are an excellent model of non-destructive testing. Essentially industrial X-ray or radiography is a way of inspecting items for unseen flaws through the use of gamma rays and short X-rays. 


These rays penetrate different items such as steel piping without doing any damage to it. These machines play a vital role as their technology is used to ascertain product quality and reliability. Inspection methods of these machines can either be stationary or portable and can be used in weldingX-ray luggage scanning, X-ray food inspection, aircraft maintenance, turbine inspection, ballistics, and much more.


Take a look at our compilation of the 9 best industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in Germany below.


9 best industrial X-ray manufacturers in Germany


  1. VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH
  2. ProCon X-Ray GmbH
  3. OR Technology
  4. X-ray Lab
  5. CASSEL Messtechnik GmbH
  6. DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG
  8. Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH
  9. Werth Messtechnik


VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH

industrial x ray machine manufacturers

This is a family-owned company based in Nothern Germany and is a leading supplier for standard and customized X-ray inspection systems. VisiConsult develops and manufactures all its products locally. It intends to solve inspection issues through tailor-made systems while guaranteeing excellent after-sales service.

VisiConsult’s experience and expertise in image enhancement and Automatic Defect Recognition span for more than 25 years. Its experienced team of engineers continues to give some of the best industrial X-ray machine solutions.


Company website: https://visiconsult.de/    

Address: Brandenbrooker Weg 24, 23617, Stockelsdorf, Deutschland

Telephone: 0049 (451) 290 286-0

ProCon X-Ray GmbH

industrial x ray machine manufacturers

ProCon X-ray is known for producing high-quality industrial X-ray machines that are widely used for failure analysis, process control, and NDT. It has more than 10 years of manufacturing state-of-the-art Micro and Nano computed tomography, X-ray CT, and 3D metrology.

CT systems from ProCon X-ray offer impeccable image quality for the customers to deliver differentiated and revolutionary capabilities in quality control. Its CT systems come in 3D (with motion) and 4D imaging that is up to date with analyzing systems.


Company website: https://procon-x-ray.de/en/ 

Address: Ludwig-Erhard-Ring 6a, 31157 Sarstedt

Telephone: +49 (0) 5066 – 98414-0

OR Technology

industrial x ray machine manufacturers

Armed with more than 28 years of experience, OR Technology has successfully been creating specialized and innovative solutions. Being a leading provider of image management (PCS) and digital X-ray imaging, its clientele base spans the NDT industries, hospitals, universities, and much more.

The company is in a position to provide advanced and independent configurable system solutions to the NDT  industry and medicine. All product development is done at the company’s headquarters in Germany. It prides itself on having installed several thousand image processing systems and X-rays in over 100 countries.


Company website: https://www.or-technology.com/en 

Address: Neptunallee 7C, 18057 Rostock 34, W4+JQ Rostock

Telephone: Telephone: +49 381 36 600 500 

X-ray Lab

x ray machine companies

Having put their first X-ray machine into operation in 1998, X-ray Lab decided to specialize in industrial NDT. Using a wide range of methods on a wide variety of industrial components they were convinced of 2D/2.5D X-ray analysis and 3D CT.

Its Computed tomography provides high-resolution imaging but also a fly-through (virtual flight) on all electronic and mechanical objects. With the help of its contemporary scanning technologies, 3D object detection records high-precision images fast and inexpensively.


Company website: https://xray-lab.com/ 

Address: Theodor-Schweitzer-Strasse 1, 75447 Sternenfels

Telephone: +49 800 972 9522

CASSEL Messtechnik GmbH

x ray machine companies

Located close to Hannover, Germany, CASSEL has invested in research, staff training, and development to have the most advanced technological inspection systems. Its industrial X-ray machines are used in various sectors to protect production machinery from damage caused by undiscovered damaged parts

It has also succeeded in ensuring quality control in the consumer goods industry. Established in 1994, the company has been an industry leader in the design and production of X-ray inspection systems for industrial use, metal detectors, and check weigher.


Company website: https://www.cassel-inspection.com/ 

Address: In der Dehne 10, 37127 Dransfeld, Germany

Telephone: (+49) 5502 91150


x ray machine companies

DÜRR NDT is a company committed to delivering exceptionally tailor-made products that meet customers’ needs. Within a short time, it has risen to become a market leader through the development of new innovative products and constant improvement of its current products.

Its industrial X-ray machines offer excessively high-resolution flat-panel detectors, computed radiography (CR) scanners, X-ray film processors, and innovative software solutions. It is part of the DÜRR DENTAL group situated in Baden-Württemberg. 


Company website: https://www.duerr-ndt.com/

Address: Höpfigheimer Straße 22, 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 7142 / 99381 – 0



industrial x-ray systems

HEITEC AG is an owner-managed and regional company whose core competencies are in the areas of; X-ray technology, software development, standard automation, plant engineering, and robot handling.

The company was founded in 1997 and has installed over 500,000 robotic systems worldwide. It designs and produces industrial X-ray machines under one roof and delivers them worldwide. HEITEC guarantees consistent high-quality results at all process steps within your production.


Company website: https://www.heitec-pts.de/en/index.html

Address: Hauptstraße 49, 73329 Kuchen, Germany

Telephone +49 7331 3046-0

Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH

industrial x-ray systems

Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung (Research) has also had decades specializing in industrial Xray machines. It operates from two locations and works for both its affiliates and customers in such industries as automotive, steel, plant and machinery and more.

The company has excellent technical and scientific resources, extensive state-of-the-art equipment, and hands-on experience. It develops and implements processes for NDT of both flat and tubular products and as well offers ad-hoc assistance.


Company website: https://www.salzgitter-mannesmann-forschung.de/en/index.html

Address:  Eisenhüttenstraße 99, 38239 Salzgitter, Germany

Telephone  +49 5341 21-2222

Werth Messtechnik

industrial x-ray systems

Werth Messtechnik boasts of over sixty years of quality, innovation, and precision which are what it believes have formed the basis of its corporate growth. It takes pride in having installed over 10,000 industrial X-ray machines all over the world.

Its clientele spans the automotive manufacturing industry, aerospace technology, electronics industry, medical technology among others. It currently leads in coordinate measuring technology with multi-sensors, optical sensors, and X-ray tomography. It has exemplified its global leadership with a series of patents and global firsts on sensors and machine technology.

Company website: https://www.werth.de/en/start/home.html

Address: Siemensstr. 19, 35394, Gießen

Telephone: +49 641 7938 0

Shenzhen Uni X-ray Technology Limited

Uni X-ray

If you have been having a hard time trying to get a reliable producer of Industrial X-ray machines, then Uni X-ray is your one-stop shop. Established in 2002, the company specializes in the design, innovative research, and manufacture of superior and functional industrial X-ray machines.


As the first in the industry to integrate cloud computing and internet of things into its architecture, it has risen to become a leader in this industry. Its industrial X-ray machines are widely used in various industries such as automobiles, electronics, welding, and security.


Company Website: https://unixray.com/  

Address: Building 9A, Shenzhen Bay Eco-technology park,  Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Telephone: +86 755 61301521



Industrial X-ray machines are an excellent way of inspecting areas of a component that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  The primary purpose is to check for inconsistencies or unseen defects of materials used to create a product. Most defects happen especially when there is a change in design, production process, or a change in the materials used.

Lack of NDT results in substandard products that have poor performance, shorter life cycles thereby failing to meet quality requirements and industry standards. A certified third-party assessor or a qualified inspector performs in-house tests and documents findings of the test pieces as these can be requested by a client before shipping.

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