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X-ray Machine Price: 5 Tips Help You Save 10000 USD

In this blog post, you’ll read:Buying an X-ray machine is a major investment decision that you can make. These machines are not cheap. A quick look at the data on the X-Ray equipment prices is enough to prove this assertion. You would definitely wish to get an X-ray machine at a pocket-friendly price even though this may seem to be a herculean task for you to achieve.

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Buying an X-ray machine is a major investment decision that you can make. These machines are not cheap. A quick look at the data on the X-Ray equipment prices is enough to prove this assertion. You would definitely wish to get an X-ray machine at a pocket-friendly price even though this may seem to be a herculean task for you to achieve. Even if it comes to buying, you would still like to save a significant amount of money in the process.

X-ray Machine Price

So, how can I save USD 10000 on an X-ray machine? This is a big question that you are likely to ask. However, keep in mind that saving some money off the purchase should not compromise on the quality of the machine.  In this guide, we are going to give you the best tips for getting X-ray machines at a pocket-friendly price.


What is the Price of X-Ray Machines?

The price of X-ray machines varies depending on numerous factors. One of them is the type of X-ray machine that you are buying.   There are numerous ways of classifying the machine and one of them is drawing a comparison between portable and fixed x-ray machines. Portable x-ray machines can be transported easily to different locations. This is unlike the fixed systems which are to be used at a fixed point.

Also, the pricing of the x-ray machines varied depending on the type of technology that is used on the machine. This is where we have digital vs. analog X-ray machines. Analog machines have been around for years and tend to attract modest prices as compared to their digital counterparts.

The price of analog X-ray machines ranges between $50,000 to $80,000 depending on the specifications of the machine and where you are buying it. Technological advancements in flat-panel detector technology have greatly lowered the price of digital X-ray machines. This is one of the reasons why they are quite popular.


X-ray Machine Price


On the other hand, digital X-ray machines were invented to improve key issues that analog machines could not save. For instance, they support remote imaging. So, whether you are choosing an analog vs. digital X-ray machine, you would still want to get the best price for the machine.

The technical specifications also determine the final price of the X-ray machines. These are features that determine the performance parameters of the machine. An X-ray machine with premium specifications will attract a higher price tag than a machine that has basic specifications.

One of the key technical specifications is the power rating of the X-ray machine. The higher the power, the more capable the X-ray machine. This will lead to the high price of the equipment.

Another key technical parameter that will influence the price of an X-ray machine is the flat panel detector. Here, you need to look at the size and type of the flat panel detector that is used on the X-ray machine.

There are different sizes of X-ray flat plate detectors. Some machines have large-size panel detectors while others have small-size plates. The dimensions of most large panel detectors are 14” by 17”. Small flat panel detectors come in different dimensions.

Some X-ray machines feature both large panel detectors and small panel detectors. This is a common feature on most mobile X-ray machines as they are designed to accommodate different needs.

Larger panel detectors are ideal for general imaging purposes.  They can cover large areas such as the chest and abdomen. Small flat panel detectors are ideal for precise imaging. This is when you need to image a small area or a subsection of the body.

Critical components of the X-ray machine may also determine the final price that you will pay for the machine. These components may include the X-ray tube that is used in the machine.  These tubes have different specifications hence different pricing plans.


Tips for Buying  X-Ray Machines

Regardless of the price, here are some of the surefire tips that you can use to get the best X-ray machine;


Focus on the image accuracy

The accuracy of the image generated by the X-ray machine will determine its relevance. You don’t want to buy an X-ray machine that relays poor quality images even though it is sold cheaply.

X-ray Machine Price

Choose an X-ray machine that gives a true representation of the image. The final image should be the same when the imaging process is repeated severally. The machine should meet the minimum industry standard which is +-5.

The good news is adequate research has been done in this field to improve the accuracy of X-ray machines. Also, you can easily gauge and compare the performance of the machine and choose the most accurate one.


Ease of using the X-ray machine

You wouldn’t wish to end up with a sophisticated machine that will give you a difficult time when using it. Such machines may force you to hire a well-trained X-ray machine specialist and this will end up raising the cost of owning the machine.

Digital X-ray machines tend to win in this as they are super easy to use. You can easily move the digital sensor around the target body to get the most accurate images. They also make it easy to transition from one shot to the next one.

Also, mages from the digital X-ray machines are automatically saved once you are done with taking the best shots.  It is easier to send images to remote locations through digital X-ray imaging. The ease of use will not only save you the cost but also time.


Choose a trusted X-ray machine brand

It is important to consider the X-ray machine manufacturer from whom you are buying the machine. The brand that you choose will have a direct impact on the quality of the machine that you are buying. Choose a reliable brand and you will walk away with a high-quality X-ray machine.

Other than the quality, you can also get the best prices for the X-ray machines when you buy from reputable X-ray machine manufacturers. So, take your time to compare different X-ray machine brands and choose one that has a good reputation.


Prioritize safety

X-ray machines can be a safety concern to both the patients and the operators. Direct exposure to the rays can give rise to various health complications including cancer. Choose an X-ray machine that is designed to maximize the safety levels of the users.

X-ray machines price

 For example, the X-ray machine should allow you to limit the exposure but still be able to take accurate images. The good news is recent technological advancements have made it easy to enhance safety measures when using X-ray machines.


Focus on the long-term use

Be long-sighted when buying X-ray machines. Focus on buying an X-ray system that will reliably serve you for a considerably long period.  Under this, look at the issues such as the build quality of the X-ray machine.


How to Save Money on Your Next X-Ray Machine Purchase

It is not easy to ignore that $10000 that you will save on your next purchase of the X-ray machine. It can go a long way in covering up for other costs. So, what can I do to save this much?

Here are some proven tips that you can use to save on the cost of buying X-ray machines.


Buy brand new X-ray machines

We cannot ignore that used X-ray machines are cheaper than the new ones. However, unlike other machines, things are quite different when it comes to X-ray machines.  It is financially prudent to buy a new machine as opposed to a used one.

New X-ray machines will save you from incurring huge maintenance costs.  They are in perfect condition and ready to operate for a long time. Also, new X-ray machines have all the original parts and components. They are not compromised in any way.  So, save the cost by buying new X-ray machines.


Buy from reputable X-ray machines companies

We cannot overemphasize the importance of buying from reputable and reliable X-ray machine manufacturers and suppliers. This is one of the easiest methods that you can use to cut down the cost of buying this equipment.

The good thing about reputable brands is they manufacture quality machines and still sell them at affordable prices. They don’t compromise the quality for the low prices. You may also be lucky enough to grab pricing offers on X-ray machines from reputable brands.


Tag along with the X-ray machines specialist

Wen going to buy an X-ray machine, it will be prudent to go with someone who has adequate knowledge and experience on these machines. Their presence may help you to buy these machines at low prices.

X-ray Machine Price

The operator may be allowed to do further scrutiny on the machine. They may uncover critical features of the machine that you don’t know. They will then use these features to argue out the pricing of the machine.  At the end of it all, you may get the best price and the best value for the machine.

However, while using this tip, choose an X-ray machine specialist that you trust.


Consider the location from where you are buying

X-ray machines are manufactured in different countries.  Some are manufactured in China, others in Germany, the USA, Italy, among others. The country from which you are sourcing the machine will determine whether you will save or not.

You will save more when you buy X-ray machines than in any other country. This is because China has the resources and technology that guarantee quality X-ray machines at the lowest prices. It is also cheaper to cover other transactional issues in China than in other countries.


Look out for the price offers’

Be keen on the sales offers and coupons from different X-ray machines sellers. You will be surprised by the amount of money that you can save from such offers.  Do some research to find out the companies that are giving such offers?

 If you are not in a hurry to buy the equipment, then you should stay alert and wait for the seasons when such offers will be available.  You can also ask the company if they are offering discounts on their X-ray machines.

If you are a loyal buyer, consider asking for better offers and warranties from the manufacturer.

However, do not lower your guards to verify the quality of the X-ray machines. Some manufacturers may be lowering the prices of their inferior products.


Invest in digital X-ray

Presented with an option of analog vs. d digital, it will be wise to buy a digital X-ray machine. You will save more when you go for digital machines than analog machines. Numerous reports have proven that companies have saved more by adapting to digital technologies. This includes using digital imaging solutions.

One advantage of the digital X-ray is the accuracy of the imaging process. It can produce more accurate and quality images. Digital X-rays also reduce maintenance and running costs.


Compare the prices from different suppliers

How do you find the cheapest X-ray machines? Simply compare the price tags from different manufacturers and suppliers. This way, you will easily select the one that meets your budget.  Do not forget to compare the specifications of the machine vs. its price.

Also, do not let the low price overshadow you at the expense of the manufacturer’s reputation. Stick to buying from reputable manufacturers regardless of their prices.


Affordable X-Ray Machine Brand-Unixray

One of the tips that we have l mentioned is choosing the best X-ray machine brand.  This is why we at Uni x-ray strive to be that brand that you can fully rely on when it comes to affordable X-ray machines in China. We are a trusted manufacturer of X-ray machines in China.

We are a one-stop brand for all your X-ray machine needs. We are proud to be associated with the best brands that source for our X-ray systems. Our prices are friendly and also flexible. Contact us and we will help you save some money on your next X-ray machine.


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