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X-ray machine manufacturers: 5 tips help you source the best supplier

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Brief Introduction of X-ray


In the year 1895, the physicist named Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen observed a strange ray of light emitted from a chemically-coated screen hit with a high-voltage charge, and he named them as “X-rays” due to their invisible nature. This discovery proves to be one of the greatest scientific innovations to date, as it successfully improves the overall manufacturing experience in terms of quality control. For any industry, a quality check is essential to earn trust among consumers. Hence, X-ray inspection is an important step to assure the quality in order to make the production more efficient, as well as minimize both cost and waste.

Similar to medical specialists identifying fractures or cracks in bones, industrial radiographers use the X-ray testing method to check for invisible flaws or cracks within the target objects. This industrial X-ray imaging is used to assess the quality across many industries such as electronics, automotive, batteries, foods, etc.


Applications of Industrial X-ray Machine Inspection


IndustriesApplications – Inspect the defects
X-ray Machine for ElectronicsIC package (bursts, voids, layer peel, and integrity wire testing)Printed circuit board (PCB) (bridging, open circuits, and poor alignment)SMT solder joints (voids)Open circuits, short circuits, or improper connections in circuits of varied type integrity testing in solder array packages as well as cladding chip packagesFlaws in higher density plastic material measures chip size, wire arc, and tin component area ratio 
X-ray Machine for Lithium BatteryEnhance the battery performance by correlating it with the design analysis of the failed battery cellsChecking imperfection by measuring missing material and foreign material inclusion voids, holes, or the presence of any misalignment (twist and fitting) in the stacked partsMeasures the internal structure and linear distances preciselyBattery functionalityPredicts short circuit change detect faulty assemblies, fuses, insulation layer, welds, broken cables, etc. 
X-ray Machine for Auto PartsAnomalies like spacing, position, and damage in steel wires. Detect foreign objects, defects, or missing wires in the belt plies, shifts, and distortions in the reinforcement plies, as well as air inclusions. Detect car hub defects such as foreign bodies, microporosities to prevent the microsections formation, surface-breaking flaws, clusters, and blowholes. Casting defects such as thermal cracking, porosities like pores and blister formation, geometric measurement of interior structures, wall thickness analysis, and dimensional changes 
X-ray Machine for FoodMetal contaminants in foil trays or metalized packaging defect bone, stone, glass, and dense plastics in food products metal Fragments: wire, vent tubes, shavings, needles, buck shot glass Defects: stones, bird swings, shards, container defectsAnimal Parts: chicken, beef, pork, bones, mice, frogs Stones: rubble, stone fragments other Materials: plastics, silicone, rubber 


Things to be considered while choosing an Industrial X-ray inspection system manufacturer


There are numerous accidents taking place across the world without checking the quality of the manufactured products. Hence, an effective inspection tool plays a significant role here. Realizing the advantages of selecting a proper industrial X-ray machine depends on connecting with a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. It is mandatory that the X-ray manufacturer should be honest and knowledgeable, since you depend on them for selecting the most appropriate equipment for your practice, and getting constant support during and after the machine has been installed. Keeping that in mind, there are four factors to be considered while choosing an industrial X-ray inspection system manufacturer:



Though most of the X-ray imaging devices are technologically advanced, it is mandatory to opt for the latest technology features. The checklist should include software, user interface, ease of use, modules, image quality, and so on. Hence, it is mandatory to take a demonstration of the instrument before purchase which will help in understanding the device much better before taking the final decision. Moreover, the right manufacturer will help you select the appropriate technology as per the requirements.



Trust is the key to a strong relationship between the buyer and the seller. Hence, the quality with the right cost plays a significant role. There are varied types of X-ray devices, including both stationary and portable ones. The quality of the industrial X-ray machine depends on varied factors such as the spot size, type of X-ray tube, power, voltage, detector resolution, degree of automation, the proximity of the X-ray source to the object, use of the generators, and the requirement of a flat panel detector Hence, the buyer should be very clear with their requirements before opting for any specific model.



The x-ray machine price is the most critical concern for all industrial administrators before making a purchase. You should select the device manufacturer who is committed to making the most of the available funds. The final quote should justify the worth of the equipment, which can be influenced by varied factors like features, model type, manual/digital, installation, delivery, warranty, etc. At the same time, don’t miss the negotiation. In the case of buying more devices, it is mandatory to ask for a cost slash.


Maintenance cost

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) should be informed before using the industrial X-ray machine. It is ideal to ensure that the supplier covers the accidental damage also. Regular yearly or monthly quality checks should be performed by the device supplier. The components should be checked and replaced if required. Other factors such as certification for importing or installation, application support, continuous service maintenance, and training (online/offline) support should be considered before selecting the equipment finally. The right service and support team ideally ensure that repair and regular servicing take place quickly in order to reduce the downtime. New obligations or procedures should be updated regularly.

Considering all these four points, the buyer will be able to buy the best and latest device that can save money and reduce any add-on expenses.


Top 6 Recommended X-ray Machine Manufacturers


YXLON (Germany)· Use of varied sample tables ensures that it can generate highly exceptional 2D/3D image in the shortest time 
· User-friendly operation with just one-click solutions for advanced manipulations
· Availability of the optimal yield enhancement solution
· Real-time communication and reporting due to real-time data integration for checking the failures and trends
· Has High Power X-ray tube technology with a finely calibrated, long-life flat-panel detector.
· Integration of verification process optimizer and a manipulator with cushioned bearings
· Can be upgraded for CT with the optional microCT module
· In-depth 3D examination via virtual cross-sections within a minute
Baker hughes DS (US) · High magnification at 300kV forming high-quality 3D images via scatter|correct technology and high-speed scans
· Integration of an industry-leading detector with an automated CT process
· Precision metrology with maximum flexibility
· Improved efficiency, enhanced reliability with higher throughputs real-time results
Uni X-ray (China)· Highly qualitative and innovative equipment designed with high capacity, high resolution, high magnification features, and minimal maintenance
· Packed with special inspection capabilities, including electronic connector module, printed circuit board solder joint, and flip-chip.
· Super optimized with highly precise conclusions due to its automatic NC programming.
· Equipped with High Definition image capturing, custom micro-focus technology, intuitive software interface with strict adherence to FDA certification standards
· Advanced ergonomics for ease of use
· Exclusive million-pixel digital camera and 4″ image multiplier (Optional 6”). Its larger navigation windows help in identifying the defects easily.
· Make greater use of lead glass, thicker lead plates as well as lead-containing rubber.
· 90KV / 100KV-5-micron X-ray source
· Megapixel digital camera (optional 6-inch) and 4-inch image intensifier
· High-performance stage control and simple mouse click operation to write detection program
· High detection repeat accuracy
· Positive and negative 60-degree rotation and tilt for easy detection
Nikon Metrology (US)· Applicable in production lines as well as failure analysis labs.
· System users can control the 5-axis sample manipulator with the help of a precision intuitive joystick
· Instant automated object inspection due to the customizable macros
· 4K Ultra HD display for joint measurement as well as real-time analysis
· Proprietary NanoTech 160 kiloVolt source with submicron spot size and true concentric imaging
· Superior image resolution up to 36000x system magnification, which helps in CT applications
· Advanced user-friendly software interface
· Low-cost ownership and maintenance due to open-tube technology
Bosello High Technology (Italy)· Fully self-contained double sliding doored cabinet manufactured in steel with complete lead shielding
· Casting and loading can be viewed via a lead/glass inspection window equipped with safety light curtains.
· Increased speed door movements controlled by inverter
· Integrated with either X-Ray sources from 160kV to 450 kV or Microfocus sources up to 150kV
· Integrated with Digital Flat Panel Detector of varied sizes and resolution
· One-Click CT (Computed Tomography) function which is simple and easy to use
· Safety circuits controlled by the multifunction controller of level 4 safety class. There is no mechanical contact switch.
· Flashing X-ray on warning lights connected with the light failure
Nordson (US)· Generates high-resolution images at all power levels with the help of in-house designed high-performance X-ray tube and detector
· The enhanced magnification up to 68,000 times helps in detecting the minute details and defects quickly.
· The feature recognition remains down to 100nm
· X-ray source is 10 times brighter and more stable than conventional X-ray tubes.
· Use of a LaB6 emitter instead of a traditional tungsten filament, along with an ion pump for higher quality vacuum generation.
· Use of Aspire Flat Panel detector combines 16-bit contrast with 6.7 MP resolution to generate unrivaled quality images
· Presence of over 30 advanced filters to enhance the sharpness and show the finest details.
· Intuitive “point and click” user interface.
· Ergonomic friendly; comfortable to use for prolonged periods without fatigue




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