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The 3 Best Industrial X-ray Machine Manufacturers In Turkey

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With Industrial X-Ray machines, it is possible to carry out non-destructive inspections to locate defects, cracks and porosity in different types of materials such as electronic boards, medical and pharmaceutical devices, BGA, assembled sets, sensors, plastics, printed products in additive manufacturing, among others. Of great benefit in the research and development of scientists and scholars, Industrial X-Ray machines facilitate obtaining data on the material to be analyzed, always in an assertive and non-destructive way.

Ideal to complement studies of structural particularities of materials used to build roads and bridges, Industrial X-Ray machines provide service that simplifies the analysis of concrete samples before and after fatigue or stress, providing an excellent assessment of their morphological changes. Also used in the analysis of lightweight integrity and dimensions of materials, Industrial X-Ray machines are an essential requirement for car, aircraft, and spacecraft manufacturers.

Following are the 3 of the top industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Turkey.


Madoors manufactures a wide range of   Security equipment and access control systems. Major items of the company are X-ray machines, security doors, parking platforms, Rising billboards, surveillance systems, Road blocker systems. 

The professional activities of the founders of the company started in early 1986 by working in various businesses. After 20 years of know-how, the company was incorporated. With its extensive knowledge and experience based on years of history; With its trained, young, dynamic, and fast team provides services following today’s technology in the IT, Technology, and Electronic Security sectors.

It fulfills superior quality, which is the only performance measure for customers, with the most convenient cost and professional staff, with service programs specially prepared for each separate unit. To the employer that it has adopted as a solution partner during the execution of the works.


Website: https://www.madoors.com.tr/

Add Saray Mah. Atom Cad. Küme Evleri No:155 Kahramankazan/ANKARA

Telephone: + 90 (312) 385 9336

x-ray center

The X-ray center based in Istanbul, Turkey, has been producing for more than 25 years innovative technology in the detection of all types of metals and other foreign bodies in industrial applications. The company is the exclusive representative of X-ray machines in the area, Providing global customers, metal detectors, separators, and metal X-ray inspection systems

The main vision of the company is innovation, productivity, and profitability which led to achieving better performance, so that company continues to be recognized nationally, as a reference, when it comes to detecting metals and foreign bodies. X-ray center has a wide range of products for food, pharmaceutical, hygiene, plastic, textile, wood, and mining, helping you protect your production machines and their customers from unwanted foreign bodies. 

The energy and know-how of the organization make it possible to provide high-quality and easy-to-use solutions, since the PLC (touch) allows you to extract all kinds of graphics and statistics, simply passing all the information to a pen, it is not necessary. connect with PC via cable.


Website: http://www.x-raycenter.com/

Add: X-Ray Center Güvenlik Sstemleri Satış ve Servis Hiz. Istanbul, Turkey

Telephone: +90 (212) 665 13 28

Denge Elektronik

Since its establishment in 1998, Denge Elektronik Security and Communication Technologies have been moving forward with firm steps in its sector with each passing day. It provides Security and Communication Technologies in the field of Sales, Rental and Technical Service to the leading companies of Turkey with its own brands and distributorships, is getting stronger with its ever-increasing staff, expanding its product range and acquiring new business partners.

It is a company that has been providing quality service in the field of security since 1998. As one of Turkey’s leading brands in security solutions, Denge Elektronik Security and Communication Technologies offers sales and rental services for companies. Denge Elektronik Security and Communication Technologies is a company that provides services on X-Ray devices, metal detectors, under-vehicle imaging systems, truck scanning systems, and security barriers. It registers the quality service it offers with the technical service it offers after-sales. Standing behind its service at all times, Denge Elektronik attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. 


Website: https://www.dengeelektronik.com.tr/

Add: Küçükbakkalköy Mah. Derebey Sok. No:6 Denge Plaza Ataşehir / İSTANBUL

Telephone: +90 216 573 40 40


X ray machines manufacturers like Uni X-ray company works with specialized professionals in the market, where they will be available to meet your needs and guide you to carry out the most complete analysis of materials in a non-destructive way. These x-ray machines enable internal and external inspections of the most diverse structures.

By keeping pace with the changing world order, the need for industrial X ray machines becomes high to fulfil new gaps. Provided companies do not forget to be consistent in this regard while producing fast for technological X ray machines that continue to develop. They are quite reliable as it pays attention to transparency. 

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