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The 4 Best Industrial X-ray Machine Manufacturers In Romania

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Are you in search of the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Romania? This article aims to guide you to pick the best for your industrial processes and quality control needs. Industrial x-ray is used to identify cracks or flaws that cannot be detected by the naked eye in production materials. 

This non-destructive form of testing means that you won’t have to damage or move the products to figure out if there’s a defect. Industrial x-ray machines also come in handy when inspecting parts that are impossible to physically reach. Industrial x-ray machines are used to inspect vehicle parts, electronics, aircraft parts, oil and gas pipelines, metal welding, and much more.

4 Best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Romania 

  1. Accent Pro 2000 S.R.L
  2. Top Metrology S.R.
  3. Tudor
  4. Multivac

Accent Pro 2000 S.R.L

Accent pro 2000 S.R.L. designs and manufactures complex high-resolution x-ray automated machines for use in production lines for the automobile industry, organic or thin metallic small parts, blisters and other capsules. Their x-ray machines scan using low energy beams with (60 micros) high resolution (TDI) time-delay integration detection systems.

The TDI is a software application system hinged on machine learning technologies that have a fast detection of defects, perform dimension measurements and analyze the resulting data. Its x-ray systems are known to have exceptional image generation, classification and analysis of defects, report creation, and real-time flaw detection as it only takes a few seconds for a single sample scan.


Company website: https://www.accent.ro/

Address: Nerva Traian Nr. 1, K6, Ap 26 Sector 3, București, 031041, Romania

Telephone: (+4) 0745 182 660

Top Metrology S.R.L

Top Metrology was established in 2011 by a highly experienced team of professionals and has grown to have a wide range of industrial clients from all over the country. Other than manufacturing and assembling, they also offer consultation and staff training.

Their products are distributed in Bulgaria and Romania and its customers enjoy warranty and post-warranty services. Its x-ray products include industrial microscopes, 3D laser scanners, 3D coordinate measuring machines, petrography machines and spectroscopy sample preparation among others.


Company website: http://topmetrology.ro/en/ 

Address: Blvd. Iuliu Maniu Nr.7-11, Bucharest, Sector 6 Zipcode: 060816, Romania

Telephone: +40 746 608 707

Mircea Tudor  ScanTech 

Mircea Tudor Scan Tech is one of the best x-ray machine manufacturers that combines safety expertise with technological sophistication to provide products and services that meet the security and operational needs of the airline industry, governments, cross border security segments as millions of travelers around the world.

The company aims to become a leader in the security and safety products and services sectors in commercial aviation, civil aviation, and logistical processes among others. It has dedicated 20% of its workforce to research and development because it is an essential part of its operations. Among its products include aircraft scanners and border security scanners.


Company website: http://www.tudor-tech.ch/index.php 

Address: Calea Bucureștilor 3A, Otopeni 075100, Ilfov, Romania

Telephone: +40 (21) 350 40 57, +40 (21) 350 40 55

Multivac Romania S.R.L

Multivac’s space-saving and flexible inspection systems are designed to identify even the smallest foreign materials in products packaging. The x-ray inspection systems are fully automated and work reliably, and safely. The inspection systems provide consistent quality control by enabling the thickness, shape ad integrity of a product to be inspected. They also automatically remove any reject packs.

Multivac x-ray inspection solutions are created for maximum output with razor-sharp precision and efficiency. The space-saving x-ray machines fit perfectly in high efficient packaging lines due to their modular kit system. 

This kit system enables the inspection equipment to be combined with extra pieces of equipment and functionalities.


Company website: www.ro.multivac.com 

Address: B-Dul Theodor Pallady Nr. 47 Et. P+1, Sectorul 3 Bucuresti Romania

Telephone: +40 21 3453461

This is among the best industrial manufacturers in Romania. Uni x-ray was established in 2002 and its products are guaranteed to be innovative and research-oriented with superior designs and functionality. They are the first to incorporate cloud computing and the internet of things into the design of their x-ray machines making them leaders in the NDT industry. Their x-ray machine products are used in various industrial applications such as security, electronics, welding, and automotive.


Company Website: https://unixray.com/

Address: Building 9A, Shenzhen Bay Eco-technology park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Telephone: +86 755 61301521


NDT is a very important non-invasive method of testing product integrity before releasing them to the market. A wide range of industries needs it for their production lines at all stages. Areas of application needed for these industrial x-ray machines include the automotive industry, electrical and electronics, oil and gas, power generation, railway, and much more.

Non-destructive testing using an x-ray machine is one of the most important stages of any manufacturing process for ensuring quality. There are different methods of non-destructive testing which include ultrasonic testing, dye penetrant, magnetic particle inspection, remote visual inspection, eddy current testing, and many more. 

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