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The 4 Best Industrial X-Ray Machine Manufacturers in New Zealand

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Looking for the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in New Zealand? This search can be complicated, especially if you don’t know what to look for in such a company.

This list settles that problem by listing these companies and what they do regarding customer service, after-sales support, and market share they enjoy.

Now, what are the best industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in New Zealand

  • Inspection Systems
  • Enpac
  • Dynamic Inspection Limited
  • Reynolds Group

Inspection Systems

Since its establishment in 1997, Inspection Systems has walked with customers, providing them with reputable industrial x-ray inspection systems that accurately and reliably detect and remove contaminants non-destructively. With such high-performance systems, customers have been able to mitigate risks and comply with government regulations.

Through innovation, Inspection Systems brings top-of-the-range product inspection systems to the market. Also, its commitment to innovation has led to the development of inspection systems that can fit either at the beginning of the manufacturing process or at its end.  

The customer has always been heard at industrial Inspection Systems. Right from the system design phase, the company responds to the market needs and ensures the user’s safety.   

With its product inspection systems using advanced technologies, you’d expect a high price tag attached to them. But this isn’t the case. Inspection Systems has affordable and reliable systems that you can always consider.

We can’t forget to mention its distribution network that makes access to its products easy. The company has established a web of partners across New Zealand and globally, making it easy to offer reliable after-sales services to its customers.


Web: https://inspectionsystems.co.nz/ 

Address: Unit 2/549 Halswell Junction Rd Hornby Christchurch NZ

Tel: +64800777704/0800 777 704


Enpac has a reputation as a global supplier of inspection systems that customers find useful in the processing and packaging industries. You can always trust the company’s industrial x-ray inspection machines due to their easy-to-use designs and software.

And to meet the ever-increasing demand for quality machines, the company has partnered with globally recognized brands. This move has increased credibility in its systems leading to high customer ratings. 

While the company has global tentacles, it has consistently endeavoured to design products with a local touch. Unique problems require a unique approach to designing solutions. This is the approach Enpac has taken and perfected to the core. You can’t mention industrial x-ray inspection machines in New Zealand without mentioning Enpac.

To keep your machines running optimally, the company has functional service centres whose staff understand the technical aspect of these x-ray inspection machines. With such knowledge, you can expect to get quality services that will leave you satisfied.



Address: 41 Andrew Baxter, Drive Airport Oaks Mangere Auckland 2022, New Zealand

Tel: +64 9 600 6290

Dynamic Inspection Limited

For the past 22 years, Dynamic Inspection has served manufacturing companies in New Zealand with product inspection systems that are reliable and easy to operate.  With years of experience in design and application, the company develops and applies advanced technological solutions to eliminate product contamination problems. This assures high product quality whenever customers use these systems.

Saving images for future reference has always been a tough task. Luckily, Dynamic Inspection has designed industrial x-ray inspection machines to save all good and defective images for post-inspection management. You can quickly save this data locally on the industrial x-ray machine, USB or via the network.

Being a homegrown company, it understands the needs of the local manufacturers and their desire to keep a clean sheet of products. Any company that values its image will do all that’s possible to produce quality products that meet government regulations and are safe for consumers.

Using the x-ray inspection machines from Dynamic Inspection Ltd is a step in the right direction.


Web: https://www.dynamicinspection.co.nz/ 

Address: 17A Cook St, PO Box 818, Cambridge 3450, New Zealand

Tel:  +64 7 823 4111

Reynolds Group

If you’re looking for a company that understands the New Zealand market, don’t look beyond Reynolds Group. Since it was established in 1991, the company has consistently produced innovative and reliable industrial x-ray machines. 

Again, its operations are deeply rooted in its long-standing philosophy of quality, innovation, and reliability. But such a philosophy requires a strong team of people to drive it. Luckily, Reynolds Group has a team of talented people whose belief and commitment to its values are beyond doubt.

Apart from providing notch technology to the clients, it focuses on relationships with its customers. To remain on top of the game, the company has a team of experienced, passionate, and talented service staff who are always ready to serve you whenever needed. 


Web: https://rgl.co.nz/  

Address: 9 Prescott St, Penrose, Auckland 1061, New Zealand

Tel: +64 9 622 3500

Wrap Up

If your production is at stake, look for a company that can back you up and restore confidence in the production process. Technology and people are important, but the customer still reigns supreme. All these are critical factors in your choice of the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturer in New Zealand.

At Uni X-ray Technology Ltd, a Chinese company based in Shenzhen, you get to enjoy the services of its user-friendly, affordable, and uniquely designed industrial x-ray machines.  

At the core of its operations lies an innate commitment to customers. Since its inception in 2002, Uni X-ray Technology Ltd has produced quality and budget-friendly products. Besides, the company has always been ahead of time by incorporating cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) in their products. 

Frankly, you stand to save time and energy by referring to this list whenever you search for the best industrial x-ray manufacturers in New Zealand.

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