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The 4 Best Industrial X-ray Machine Manufacturers in Italy

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Finding the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Italy is crucial because the standards that factories, and companies, are required to follow when making products is high. Are you a company or individual looking for the best ways of ensuring you develop products that are up to the recommended standards? If so, one of the best ways to carry out inspection and find flaws in your products is by using industrial X-ray machines

Industrial X-ray machines are specifically designed for the purposes of carrying out quality control inspection of products and finding faults, flaws and errors that the human eye can see or notice. This is the main reason why they are heavily used in numerous industries including aerospace, building and construction, ballistics, non-destructive testing (NDT) and others.

If you are in the market for Industrial X-ray machines, here is a list of the best industrial X-ray machines manufacturers in Italy to help you with your search.

4 Best Industrial X-Ray Manufacturers in Italy

  • Eido Solutions
  • Gilardoni
  • North Star Imaging
  • Avonix Imaging

Eido Solutions

With decades in the industry, and a team of well-trained and qualified professionals, Eido Solutions has made giant leaps in manufacturing industrial x-ray equipment. Its team has not only placed focus on designing, developing and manufacturing excellent x-ray systems, they have also placed huge emphasis in the provision of unrivalled customer care and services to clients. The team can develop catalog products that the customers can make an order from. They also offer custom development services for clients that have specific inspection and testing requirements for their products to handle.

The industrial x-ray inspection and testing machines developed by Eido Solutions are used in many industries like food inspection, luggage control, and aerospace.


Company Website: https://www.eidosolutions.it/xray/en/ 

Address: Via G. Verdi, 29 – 21010 Besnate (VA) – Italy

Telephone: +39 0331 275499


One of the oldest x-ray companies, Gilardoni was started back in the year 1947 by Dr. Arturo Gilardoni. The company has been consistently providing industrial x-ray machines since its inception. Throughout the past decades, it made sure that it gave its customers the best industrial x-ray inspection, security, and inspection equipment that the available technology could provide. As such, the company has grown to one of the recognized brands of industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Italy, and the world over.

Its x-ray equipment is used in many industries such aerospace, anti-terrorism and security, food inspection, luggage control, and many others.


Company Website: https://www.gilardoni.it/en/ 

Address: Via Arturo Gilardoni 123826 Mandello del Lario (LC) Italia

Telephone: +39 0341705111

North Star Imaging

North Star Imaging is a subsidiary company of ITW. Although most of the company’s operations are based in several major US cities, UK and China, its products are widely used in Canada, the whole of Americas and worldwide. 

The company provides some of the most advanced and innovative industrial x-ray inspection and testing products in the industry. It is a leader in the provision of real-time 3D industrial and x-ray inspection.


Company Website: https://4nsi.com/ 

Address: 19875 S. Diamond Lake Road Rogers, Minnesota 55374,USA

Telephone: +1 (763) 312-8836

Avonix Imaging

Avonix Imaging has been providing 2D and 3D industrial imaging products for Canadian companies for some years now. The company has a strong management team that is dedicated to providing its clientele with industrial-ray machines that are unparalleled. The manufacturing team has been manufacturing custom industrial inspection and testing machines for customers in record turnaround time. 


Company Website: https://www.avoniximaging.com/ 

Address: Avonix Imaging – Headquarters 6705 Wedgwood Ct. NMaple Grove, MN 55311

Telephone: +1 763 447 4187

Having just started 2 decades back, in 2002, Uni X-ray has achieved so much more than many other companies in the industrial x-ray machine manufacturing industry. Under the leadership of its management team, the company has risen to become one of the most recognizable brand in the industry around the globe.

Uni X-ray has set itself apart from the competition by making sure that each and every industrial x-ray machine they produce is not only of superior quality and functionality to those in the industry, but also that the products far surpass the standards set for the sector. This is why their x-ray machines are sought after by companies in various industries like electronics, security, welding, automobiles, and aerospace.

The company provides a wide range of industrial x-ray machines like portable and stationary industrial machines, catalog and bespoke x-ray systems.


Company Website: https://unixray.com/   

Address: Building 9A, Shenzhen Bay Eco-technology park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Telephone: +86 755 61301521


Industrial X-ray machines provide a ‘tried and trusted’ way for companies to reliably test and inspect whether or not their products meet the required standards before they can be released to the market. By using these machines, companies are able to find faults in finished products, and even components before they can be used in the production process. This is very important because companies can save huge losses if they have to issue a ‘mass recall’ of ‘faulty or below standard’ products that they had released to the market.

The list we have created above should help anyone looking to find the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Italy and make the process a lot quicker.

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