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The 4 Best Industrial X-ray Machine Manufacturers in Israel

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Are you looking for the best industrial X-ray manufacturer in Israel? Don’t look far. This list provides you with manufacturers that have been in service for a long time and have gained the necessary experience. You can rest assured that you can’t go wrong by selecting a company from this list.

While a company must invest in innovation, it’s more important to understand what customers in the market are looking for. For this reason, we have curated a list of Industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in Israel who have innovated, designed, and produced reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective systems. Plus,  these manufacturers have jealously guarded their market share, offered quality customer service, and received positive user reviews.

So, what are the best industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in Israel? You can confidently select from this list.

  • Generic Imaging
  • Vidisco Ltd
  • Novo DR Ltd
  • Sesotec

Generic Imaging

Industrial vision is a common application of inspecting manufactured goods in different industries such as pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automobiles, and semiconductor chips.

In this regard, Generic Imaging has carved its niche as a vision technologies leading supplier. This company has focused on R&D, gaining experience in the development and supply of high-tech software, optics, and algorithm.

When it comes to automated production processes, you can trust the systems from this company. So, whether you want to inspect, identify, track, guide, or count, don’t worry, just choose x-ray systems from Generic Imaging, and your work will be done.

The company prides itself in using top-notch technologies, which uses the modern digital camera. This way, you get cost-effective results that are beyond reproach. Plus, the technology is easy to set up yet still gives reliable rapid integration vision solutions and organization-wide standardization.

 With a solid technological background and the ability to handle simultaneous projects, General Imaging doesn’t disappoint.

The company has an impressive track record of acting on customer feedback, which helps develop customer-centric products.


Web: http://www.generic-imaging.com/

Address: Haruv 18 st., Nesher, Israel

Tel.: +972-(0)54-991-65-66

Vidisco Ltd

Don’t hesitate to check out Vidisco Ltd if you need powerful and state-of-the-art portable inspection systems (Digital Radiography).  Started in 1988, this company has established a reputation in the Digital Radiography (DR) field, becoming the leading manufacturer and designer of DR inspection systems.

Vidisco Ltd capitalizes on more than 30 years of field experience to develop cutting-edge digital X-ray systems. To crown it all, these systems are compatible with the existing industrial X-ray systems.

Interestingly, you can use the Vidisco X-ray systems in NDT X-ray applications like welding NDT, shipyards, pipe inspections, aerospace industrial testing, and petrochemical refineries.

In its quest to serve different clients, Vidisco has committed itself to promote a customer-centric approach to addressing customer needs. The company listens to customers and develops systems that address the current market demands while innovating in anticipation of future industry needs.


Web: https://vidisco.com/

Address: 32 Haharoshet St. Or Yehuda 60375, Israel

Tel: 972(3)533-3001

 Novo DR Ltd

If you’re looking for high-quality, digital, and portable industrial x-ray machines, consider NOVO DR Ltd. The radiography industry has witnessed ground-breaking technologies that guarantee quality results, and Novo hasn’t been left behind.  

Novo systems are reliable and can produce easily identifiable X-Ray images on the market.   The reliability of their systems is amazing. The portable x-ray machine comes with internal batteries that offer up to 16 hours of continuous usage.  With the Novo systems, you expect to get sharp and clear images to point out defects and flaws in the products.  

For a company to remain at the top, then it must be doing something right. For Novo, it’s the ability to produce systems that are easy to set up and use. The customer is always part of the company’s product design, production, and deployment. At no point is your voice not heard.

Above all, you get professional support from expert product engineers. Novo has set up a team of in-house developers who are quick to address customer concerns directly. This is the reason why your requests are quickly and professionally resolved whenever they arise.


Web: https://www.novo-dr.com/

Address: Ha-Yetsira St 18, Petah Tikva, 4951243, Israel

Tel: +972-3-670-0988


Started in 1976, Sesotec has continuously improved its technology in detecting foreign objects and sorting material in various applications.  More importantly, Sesotec has seamlessly collaborated with customers across the globe in developing high-end industrial x-ray machines suitable for the food industry. Consequently, food manufacturers have developed trust in Sesotec’s systems that have aided them in maintaining their reputation. Obviously, food item manufacturers are liable for any contamination, quality issues, or even impurities their products could have.  

With Sesotec systems, you’re able to detect a whole range of product defects and contaminants that can compromise your product quality. In case of suspected contamination of products, you face high costs of product recalls or even litigations.

Sesotec’s X-ray inspection systems have been designed to inspect your food products by moving them evenly through the x-ray beams using the conveyor belt.

Apart from using cutting-edge technology in producing their x-ray systems, the company has invested enormously in after-sales processes, reliable customer support and care, and budget-friendly products.


Web: https://www.sesotec.com/


We understand that choosing the best industrial X-Ray machine manufacturer in Israel can be difficult. However, with this list, you can confidently pick a company that speaks to your heart. Here, we have researched for you, summarized what these companies offer, and most importantly, their commitment to customer support.

Uni X-ray Technology Ltd is based in Shenzhen, China. Begun in 2002, the company focuses on the design,  production, development, and R&D of industrial x-ray machines that are user-friendly and affordable.

By putting innovation on top of its list, Uni X-ray Technology Ltd utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing to produce quality and reliable apparatus.

The company stays ahead of its competitors by being customer-centric, price-conscious, and quality-obsessed.

This list will save you time and energy from perusing the internet to find the best industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in Israel.

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