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The 3 Best Industrial X-ray Machine Manufacturers in Iran

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Planning to purchase an industrial X-ray machine of top-notch quality in Iran? Are you looking out for the best industrial X-ray device manufacturers who can supply the best one that suits your budget? 

Usually, customers get confused on what to prioritize more? Is it just the quality of the industrial X-ray equipment or its manufacturer before rounding it off? If you ask me, you should prioritize both at a 50-50% level. However, try to prioritize the manufacturer, say 60%. Check their success rate, quality of yearly maintenance services, as well as customer reviews.

Be aware that the best manufacturer can only get you the customized industrial X-ray machine as per your demands. We have anyway highlighted the 3 best Industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in Iran. So, you do not have to waste much time in selecting the best ones. So, read this article fully to realize why we selected them as the best.


  1. Tarashe Kankavan Fars
  2. Matin Behin Negareh Imaging Technology Company
  3. Sesotec GmbH

Tarashe Kankavan Fars

Established in the year 2005, Tarashe Kankavan Fars remains as the knowledge-based company from Iran-based Shiraz. Although the company started its works in electrical and electronic instrumentation, they started focusing on developing X-ray equipment. At present, they are one of the leading manufacturers and providers of industrial X-ray instruments for inspection purposes. They are good at delivering after-sales services, regular repair, maintenance, and quality control services. They are experienced in manufacturing X-ray instruments tailored as per the users’ requirements. In association with Iran Electronic Industries, the company is good at designing as well as manufacturing inspection equipment. 

The company has also designed and manufactured the first digital X-ray generator in Iran. They can also design and manufacture X-ray blocks, high voltage sources, and X-ray tubes, as well. Their team designed and manufactured a prototype real-time X-ray machine for NDT purposes for a huge part of the Iranian industry.


Website: http://tarashekankavan.com/en/ 

Address: Industrial Town of Shiraz, Shiraz, Fars, Iran.

Telephone: 00987136362382

Matin Behin Negareh Imaging Technology Company

Since 2017, Matin Behin Negareh Imaging Technology Company has started its operation by manufacturing micro-CT devices in the Middle East and Iran. Due to the lack of these micro-CT inspection devices, Iran was left behind in the industrial sector. This is when BN Co. started manufacturing these inspection devices. AXIS (The advanced X-ray imaging systems laboratory) is a knowledge-based company that belongs to BN Co. which was started several months later. The company became renowned due to the expertise, knowledge, and experience of its dedicated employees. This high technology was used in varied industrial fields such as electronics, aerospace, metallurgy, etc.


Website: http://behinnegareh.com/en   

Address: Incubation Center for Medical Equipments and Devices, Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex, Tehran, Iran.

Telephone: +9891-021-00251; +98936-882-3311

Sesotec GmbH

Established in the year 1976, Sesotec is headquartered in Germany having international subsidiaries in the USA, China, Thailand, India, Singapore, as well as Canada. Furthermore, this reliable and tailor-made company has nearly 60 partners across the world’s important markets. Through their sincere efforts, they could support their customers throughout the world by manufacturing high quality products with more value as well as zero resource waste. In the year 2015, this enterprise acquired an Italian company named ASM (Advanced Sorting Machines). As industries were experiencing the challenge of profitability and sustainability, Sesotec is there to help by offering intelligent solutions for detecting foreign objects, material sorting, as well as detailed analysis. That’s how this company has gone through consistent growth and started expanding more in an international level by delivering quality, sustainability, profit for industries, people, and the environment as well. Furthermore, their sales offices will be introduced in many other countries. 


Website: https://www.sesotec.com/emea/en

Address: Regener Straße 130, 94513 Schonberg, Germany.

Telephone: +49-8554-308-0.


Have you made up your mind to purchase an industrial X-ray machine to inspect the quality of your goods? As stated already, choose the prominent industrial X-ray manufacturers. Try to purchase a high-quality X-ray machine from a reliable manufacturer who is well-known for its prompt customer service. See if the manufacturer can offer personalized X-ray equipment at an affordable price.

Would you like to know about one more user-friendly manufacturer which is not listed above? Go through the profile of Uni X-ray Technology Ltd. Headquartered in Shenzhen China, this company was founded in the year 2002. Are you thinking about why we selected this China-based manufacturer? Here is the reason. Uni X-ray Technology Ltd. is a well-known company that offers the customized industrial X-ray machines as per the demands of the customers. This customization is very much possible as the company is involved in designing, research, and development, as well as manufacturing X-ray inspection instruments. Moreover, Uni X-ray Technology Ltd. can efficiently reform by incorporating cloud computing technology and IoT (internet of things) in their processes. 

Hence, Uni X-ray Technology Ltd. is nationally and internationally well-known for its high qualitative maintenance services, top-notch X-ray equipment, affordability, as well as customer-friendly approach, especially when compared with other industrial X-ray inspection device manufacturers across the world. 

It is time to go through the list of Iran-based industrial X-ray manufacturers in this article and verify their credibility in national and international marketing without wasting your time. Still, do you have any queries or doubts? Contact us. Only the client satisfaction rate is the steppingstone to the manufacturer’s market success!

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