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The 3 Best Industrial X-ray Machine Manufacturers in Indonesia

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The industrial radiography method involves exposing a part to a penetrating radiation test. The radiation passes through the inspected object, which must have a receiving medium behind it to record the results, which we know as radiographic film. For thinner or less dense materials, such as aluminum, it is more common to use radiation generated through electricity, and for thicker or dense materials, gamma radiation is used.

Industrial X-ray machines are used to limit the amount of foreign material in a company’s products that’s why they are needed all around the world. Indonesia does not directly manufacture the industrial x ray machines. Manufacturers from all around the world supply their products to the country. Some of the top X-ray machine suppliers are following:

  3. Xray Indonesia


Linev Adani systems is the X-ray equipment manufacturer that operates in the market directly serving industries that seek innovations in their quality control, while seeking to reduce costs and increase productivity. They manufacture X-ray machines for different production lines, being the only effective way to guarantee that the products comply with the standard, which determines the acceptable limits of any foreign body present in the products. 

The company makes it possible to always have suitable equipment for each type of container, regardless of the product it contains, ensuring that it is free from contamination and with a longer life. The company excel in X-ray NDT inspection systems, X ray security systems, Analytical instruments and etc


Website: https://www.adanisystems.com/

Add: 13631 Poplar Circle, Conroe, TX 77304, USA

Phone: +1-936-588-2064


Metal detector Indonesia builds industrial x-ray machines and inspection systems. The company has earned the trust of metal detectors, explosion liquid inspections and security items manufacturers around the world to ensure the safety and integrity of their products. X-ray Machines systems are perfect for detecting physical uninvited items in any containers, such as walk-through metal detectors. Company also known as the distributor of products which inspects liquid to check metals, irons, drugs, condiments and sauces, illegal phones, fruits and vegetables, junks in machines, prepared food, meat and dairy products. The company aimed to follow all the quality standards related to X ray machines to ensure the product life span and efficiency.


Website: https://metaldetectorindonesia.com/

Add: Jl. Radin Inten II No. 62 Duren Sawit – Jakarta 13440

Phone: 021 8690 6777

Xray Indonesia

X ray Indonesia is a merchant site that provides information and sales about Xray products for medical, security or other purposes, xrayindonesia.com is a distributor in Indonesia in terms of selling x ray products. It is a company specializing in X-ray security inspection machines, security doors, metal detectors, drug explosives detectors, liquid inspection systems, Vehicle inspection, Xray NDT, Cargo inspection, food inspection systems, dangerous liquid detectors, explosion-proof balls, etc. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, manufacturing, sales, construction, and operation and maintenance of military and police equipment and information systems such as stab suits, night vision devices, law enforcement recorders, and shields. 


Website: http://www.xrayindonesia.com/

Add: Jl. Radin Inten II No. 62 Duren Sawit – Jakarta 13440

Phone: 021 8690 6777

Lastly, don’t forget to know about emerging X-ray machine manufacturer knows as Uni X-ray machine manufacturer which with professional technical advantages, pragmatic and innovative pioneering spirit, and an up-and-coming staff team, the company today is developing at a high speed toward the goal of a giant in security, and police equipment industries! In an era, full of opportunities and challenges, the company has accelerated the pace of development and made every effort to promote the “industrialization, scale, regularization, and internationalization” of the security inspection.


Industries looking for metal detectors find great solutions in X-ray equipment manufacturers, who develop high-tech machinery capable of detecting any foreign body that has density, which improves products and their packaging, as well as production processes. . In other words, with X-ray equipment manufactured by qualified manufacturers, the industries have extensive growth in their production.

X-ray equipment manufacturers also guarantee customers a qualified inspection for different contaminants, even if they are metals in metal containers or metallized films. In addition, industries can also detect other foreign bodies such as glass particles, even in glass, plastic, rubber, and other packaging.

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