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The 4 Best Industrial X-Ray Machine Manufacturers in Greece

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Your search for the best industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in Greece could be complicated, if not stressful. Unless you know what it takes for the company to be rated as the best, you’ll spend most of your precious time scouring through web pages, but all in vain. However, this list comes to your aid just in time. 

This article explains what these manufacturers have done to become rated as the best in Greece, what type of technology they use, customer support and after sales systems. Plus, we consider the company’s market share and its distribution channels across the country and globally. 

Now, what are the best industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in Greece

  • Technolinks Packaging SA
  • Elvatech Ltd
  • Screening Eagle
  • General Electric

Technolinks Packaging SA

With over 20 years of installing industrial x-ray inspection systems worldwide, Technolinks Packaging SA has amassed deep knowledge on market needs. Food production is a sensitive segment that requires keen and constant observation. And this is where Technolinks comes in. With its advanced industrial x-ray inspection systems, such as the x-5, you’ll detect any foreign contaminants that can lower the quality of your food products.

Whether your product is packaged or not, and regardless of the type and size of the container,  this industrial x-ray inspection system can detect glass, bone, metal, stone or wood that other inspection methods may not find.

With its advanced technology, the X-5 x-ray inspection system delivers fast and reliable detection. Apart from that, using these systems gives control over the products’ weight and ensures the products are uniform and complete.  Plus, it’s equipped with user-friendly software that you can operate with ease even with little training.

In terms of customer service, Technolink doesn’t disappoint. It has equipped its customer service department with experienced engineers who can handle any question from the customers. Because of this, customers consistently rate the company highly among its peers in Greece.

With affordable rates for their x-ray inspection machines, you can always get one that fits your needs. 


Web: https://www.technolinks.gr/en/

Address: ATHENS: 124 G. Papandreou str., Metamorfosi, Z.C. 144 52 Attica, Greece

Tel: +30 210 2844336

General Electric (GE)

General Electric (GE) has served Europe and other parts of the world for over 125 years. During this time, GE has invested immensely in technological development to build a world where efficiency, reliability and safety reign.

GE’s CT Scanner

To achieve its dream of ‘building a world that works’, GE has developed a unique industrial x-ray inspection lab that hosts CT and DR imaging systems.  

As innovation pushes industrial productivity and creativity to new and high levels, new challenges and needs emerge. Luckily, GE has all these covered. That is to say, the company has developed an advanced technology that addresses automation and computing in manufacturing to address these challenges and meet customer expectations at every turn. 

Suppose you’re looking for a company that keeps its promise to customers. In that case, GE is the right company because it aims to deliver with focus.  

Precisely, GE’s commitment to its customers is reflected in the values it has written down and commits to it in both letter and spirit. To make it even more achievable, the company has an extensive distribution network, not just in Greece but in Europe and other parts of the world. 

Moving on, GE’s pioneering leadership in the manufacturing industry can’t be understated. As a global leader, the company commands a huge chunk of the market, which lends credence to its business. With this credibility comes high customer ratings globally, a thing many other companies lack.


Web: https://www.ge.com/europe/  

Address: Athens Reception, GE Healthcare Sorou Str. No. 8-10 Athens, 151 25

Tel: +30 210 8930600

Mettler Toledo

On this list is Mettler Toledo, which has carved its place on the global scene as a leader in the manufacture of x-ray inspection and testing machines. If the quality of your products is your major concern, don’t look beyond Mettler Toledo.  

Commitment to the quality of products is part of the company’s DNA. Mettler’s x-ray inspection systems have been designed to deliver what they promise. You can always find its systems being used around the globe, with manufacturing companies employing them in food production and other products.

Whether you’re testing packaged or unpackaged foods, trust the company’s systems. Coupled with intelligent software, these systems reduce production costs, improve production uptime and enhance detection sensitivity. 

Apart from these general advantages, many customers prefer the industrial x-ray inspection systems from this company because they are efficient, mitigate recall costs, reduce wastage in production, and, more importantly, help protect your company’s brand.

Elsewhere, the company has a strong commitment to its customers. By paying attention to customers, the company has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the customer’s voice, needs and concerns form the basis of their operations, especially in the innovation phase.  

As a global company, Mettler Toledo understands the global trends in technology they convert into local solutions. This way, you can always get value for your money.



Address: Hellamco S.A.7 Marathonos & Macedonia Street Chalandri, Athens 15233

Tel:  +30 210 689 5260


Nikon is a global company that you can always look up to for X-ray and Computed Tomography systems. 

Having been on the optics stage for many years now, Nikon has established itself as a leading producer of inspection systems that guarantee you better visuals. With such systems in the manufacturing processes, you can visualise, measure and analyse external and internal components non-destructively.

By providing systems that offer micron resolutions, Nikon ensures that your focus on quality of products isn’t challenged. Here, you get superior images whether you want them in 2D or 3D. 

As a customer, you stand to benefit greatly from the company’s global network of customer support. And these service centres are manned by dedicated and experienced experts who ensure that your X-ray CT inspection systems work optimally.



Address: Zefyrou 44, Palaio Faliro17564 Athena

Tel: +30 210 9410888

Wrap Up

With recent advances in technology, it’s not easy to find a company that explains its products in a simple language you can relate to unless you’re a techie yourself. However, we have endeavoured to compile this list with you in mind. Regardless of your understanding of technical terms, we have simplified the language, making it easy for a quick reference whenever you need to.

At Uni X-ray Technology Ltd, a Chinese company based in Shenzhen, you get to enjoy the services of its user-friendly, affordable, and uniquely designed industrial x-ray machines.  

At the core of its operations lies an innate commitment to customers. Since its inception in 2002, Uni X-ray Technology Ltd has produced quality and budget-friendly products. Besides, the company has always been ahead of time by incorporating cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) in their products. 

Frankly, you stand to save time and energy by referring to this list whenever you search for the best industrial x-ray manufacturers in Greece.

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