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The 4 Best Industrial X-Ray Machine Manufacturers in Colombia

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Looking for the best industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in Colombia? And do you know the qualities that such companies possess?

Well, sit back and read this well-curated list of the best industrial x-ray manufacturers in Colombia.

We haven’t just listed the companies. We’ve provided some background information regarding these companies. More importantly, this being a technical field, we’ve explained, in simple language, what products they have and what you stand to benefit from using systems from these companies.

Lastly, we clarify that advanced technology alone doesn’t place a company at the top. Before choosing a company, look at what it offers regarding customer service, after-sales support, and its global presence.

So, what are the best industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in Colombia?

  • Multivac
  • Mettler Toledo
  • Bruker
  • Zeiss


MULTIVAC has, over time, created a legacy of professional and customer-centric approaches in its operations. In an endeavor to develop unique products that are tailored to customer needs, MULTIVAC heavily invests in Research and Development. This way, it gives innovation a priority through standardized innovation management processes.

At MULTIVAC, you’ll always get inspection systems that are not only reliable but also safe. But that isn’t all. MULTIVAC industrial X-ray systems are easy to use owing to the ergonomic features they spot. So, if you’re looking for such systems, trust the products from this company.

One more thing about MULTIVAC…

So far, the company has run a good race in setting the pace for others in the packaging business.

In the modern business environment, innovation and technological advancements alone aren’t enough to sustain your business and keep you ahead of the competitors.

Being customer-sensitive does.

MULTIVAC has developed a firm ethics ground as well as elaborate open communication channels with clients. With this in place, customers have developed trust, consistently rating the company highly among its peers.

We understand that you might be looking for a company that incorporates your feedback in its product development processes.

That company is MULTIVAC.

Here, products are designed with you in mind. Subsequently, the company gives you comprehensive user training to ensure you start using the systems well as soon as you purchase them.

And don’t forget the company’s comprehensive after-sales service that ensures your systems remain operational throughout.


Web: https://co.multivac.com/

Address: Carrera 98 N. 25 G -10 Bodega 11 El Dorado Business Center

Tel: +57 (1) 7029298

Mettler Toledo

Various research and development, quality control, production, and retail application services rely on METTLER TOLEDO’s precision instruments and services.  

Whether your product is packaged, canned, or still on the production line, METTLER TOLEDO’s x-ray inspection systems will offer you the inspection convenience you require.

You can use the company’s x-ray inspection systems to inspect pumped products while ensuring that your food remains as safe as possible. In addition, METTLER TOLEDO’s system designs are hygienic and meet the industry hygiene standards of GMP, NFS, and EHEDG.

And if you’re looking for energy-efficient systems, check out the company’s website and be free to select products that fit your needs. Some x-ray equipment models from their stores don’t even require cooling systems because of their low power consumption.

What does this mean to you? Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). You can always consider such systems that have a future-looking approach.

In the food industry, METTLER TOLEDO has a name, a good one, for that matter. Its systems have advanced X-ray inspection abilities relevant for packaged food.

Don’t forget that METTLER TOLEDO’s customer service is reliable and responsive. All your concerns are addressed by professionals who understand the industry heartbeat, customer needs and possess the technical and interpersonal skills that will leave you with a positive experience after every interaction with them.


Web: https://www.mt.com/

Address: Maper SA Carrera 48C No. 100 South -72, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Tel: +57-3-226-70-9690


Having been in the diagnostic and analytical industry for over 60 years, Bruker understands customer needs better than anyone else. The company has invested heavily in 3D surface measurement and inspection, making it a market leader in this section.

When it comes to non-contact analyses, you can always trust Bruker. Whether your sample is microscopic or as large as an entire engine block, Bruker will test for quality without fail. Regardless of the sample size, the company’s industrial x-ray machines can offer fast and reliable results.

Innovation has always been considered a pillar for any company’s growth. Bruker has taken this seriously, consistently innovating solution after solution to match the customers’ ever-changing needs and expectations.  For instance, the company’s Wyko® Technology provides the much-needed stability and sensitivity for areas such as 3D surface measurements.

Bruker understands the value of the customer to its business. With you in mind, the company develops solutions that will always benefit you. Besides, you’ll always get the service you want from the ever-ready-to-serve customer service. 

If you wish to make an inquiry or need installation support, go ahead and contact the company. Here, you’ll get personalized attention at Bruker, ensuring that the equipment operates optimally for the desired productivity.

Web: https://www.bruker.com/

Address: Casa Cientifica Ltda. Carrera 27A No. 49A-41 Bogotá, A.A.52680, Colombia

Tel: +571 3126310

Zeiss Group

The need to inspect products without tampering with them but guarantee quality has driven companies to invest in research, science, and development. Zeiss hasn’t been left behind in this rush for new technologies.

Apart from the optical and tactile measuring systems, you’ll also get image processing technologies at Zeiss.  These systems ensure that you can achieve both tactile and optical measurements courtesy of the CAD-based measuring software.

You may have various measurement tasks that you may end up acquiring different equipment for each task. As a result of this, you can incur extra costs stocking these types of equipment. But with the Zeiss software library, all your measuring tasks are taken care of.

When it comes to measurement, the accuracy of results is of paramount importance. You don’t want to get products whose quality is compromised. To address this, Zeiss has invested in the Navigator technology, which guarantees accuracy and speed.

But see, you need a company that combines technology with excellent customer services. It would help if you had support and guidance when it comes to this highly technical field. Zeiss guarantees you extensive customer support, reliable after-sales support and offers online services that ensure optimum machine uptimes.


Web: https://www.zeiss.co/

Address: Av. Calle 24 # 95 -12337 Bogotá, Colombia

Tel: +557 4046860

Wrap Up

Currently, there are many industrial x-ray machines from different companies in Colombia. It’s, therefore, difficult for you to choose the best among the many companies available.

To save you time and energy, this list presents the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Colombia. You can confidently select from this list that company that best serves your interest. In this regard, we have listed companies that have invested fairly well in technology that offers solutions to the current and emerging industry problems, provides reliable customer support, and has robust after-sales services.

Uni X-ray Technology Ltd is based in Shenzhen, China. Begun in 2002, the company focuses on the design,  production, development, and R&D of industrial x-ray machines that are user-friendly and affordable.

By putting innovation on top of its list, Uni X-ray Technology Ltd utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing to produce quality and reliable apparatus.

The company stays ahead of its competitors by being customer-centric, price-conscious, and quality-obsessed.

This list will save you time and energy from perusing the internet to find the best industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in Colombia.

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