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The 5 Best Industrial X-Ray Machine Manufacturers In Australia

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Quality control is a very important part of any manufacturing company that wishes to be successful. Due to this, many companies need to find the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Australia so that they may have the best equipment for product testing and inspection.

Industrial x-ray machines are one of the most reliable ways for most manufacturing firms to test whether their products meet specified standards. These machines are able to detect flaws and faults that are hidden even to the human eye. They use short x-ray and gamma rays to penetrate even solid objects without damaging them, thus offering an excellent way to test solid products. Some of the industries that use these machines for quality control and product testing include welding, food inspection, luggage control, security and anti-terrorism, aerospace, ballistics and many others.

Have a look at our list of some of the best industrial x-ray manufacturers in Australia.

5 Best Industrial X-Ray Manufacturers in Australia

  • Nexxis Australia
  • A&D
  • FujiFilm Australia
  • SafeRad
  • FPE


Nexxis Australia

Nexxis Australia is a company that over the years has been in the forefront of developing industrial x-ray machines for a wide range of companies in different industries. Some of the industries that the company has manufactured x-ray systems for include oil and gas, food inspection, cement manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, safety and security, to mention but a few.

Due to the high standards that Nexxis manufactures its x-ray machines, the company is one of the most trusted suppliers of industrial x-ray inspection and testing equipment throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Company website: https://www.nexxis.com.au   

Address: 35 Peel Road O’Conno6163, Western Australia

Telephone: +61 8 9418 4952



A&D has been in business since 1946. The company has since then developed a track record of providing the best industrial x-ray machines in the Australian market, and around the globe. The company specializes in the manufacture of various inspecting and testing equipment that is used in industries such as food inspection, weighing and other NDT sectors.

A&D offers both catalog and bespoke industrial x-ray machines and solutions. Catalog products include x-ray machines that are developed by the company to meet some of the base and most common inspection needs of some of the industries. On the other hand, bespoke or custom solutions are those that are specific to a particular company that is ordering an industrial x-ray machine.


Company website: https://www.andweighing.com.au/ 

Address: Adelaide (Head Office)32 Dew Street, Thebarton, South Australia 5031

Telephone: +61 (08) 8301 8100


FujiFilm Australia

Fujifilm has been around for long enough to be regarded as a household name and one the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Australia. The company has spent a lot of the time in the industry and has benefitted from a team of well-trained and experienced industry experts. 

The NDT department of the company specializes in providing different industrial x-ray machines and solutions that are geared towards providing the best custom equipment to meet all customer requirements. The company provides x-ray machines for customers in industries such as security, welding, and others in the NDT sector.


Company website: https://www.fujifilm.com/au/en  

Address: Level 2, 54 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113, Australia

Telephone: + 61 2 9466 2600



SafeRad has gone on to acquire several other companies in the industrial x-ray machine manufacturing industry. The company offers a number of industrial x-ray solutions and equipment to number of companies in Australia. 

It manufactures portable and stationary industrial x-ray machines. Stationary machines are those that once deployed cannot be easily moved and have to be used in their location of deployment, while portable x-ray machines are easy to carry and move to a desired location of use.


Company Website: https://www.saferad.com/au/ 

Address: Unit 8/32 Beach Street, Kwinana WA 6167

Telephone: +61 08 9439 6599



As a family-owned business, FPE has achieved a lot in the industry and has been around for over 4 decades. According to the company, the provision of quality industrial x-ray machines is more important to them than revenue. Revenue is just a consequence of them providing x-ray equipment that is high quality and meets the customer requirements.

The company is focused on providing industrial x-ray machines for companies in the food processing sector. It also provides equipment for others in different NDT sectors.


Company Website: https://www.fpe.net.au/ 

Address: 878 Main North Road Pooraka, South Australia 5095

Telephone: +61 8 8262 5300


Uni X-ray technologies were established back in 2002, and for the past 2 decades has been offering its customer superior and high-quality industrial x-ray machines. The company prides itself in not only designing, developing, and deploying excellent x-ray equipment for various industries but also in providing world-class customer services and care.

The company has hit major milestones towards becoming a market leader in industrial x-ray machine manufacturing; one of which was becoming one of the first companies in the sector to integrate the Internet of Things and cloud computing into its infrastructure. Uni x-ray machines are used in various industries such as security, counter-terrorism, food inspection, and aerospace.


Company Website: https://unixray.com/  

Address: Building 9A, Shenzhen Bay Eco-technology park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Telephone: +86 755 61301521



While there are a number of ways that manufacturing companies can use to check the quality of the products they produce, industrial x-ray machines still remain one of the most reliable and accurate methods. These machines offer an effective way to inspect finished products, and even raw material and components used for production, to ascertain whether or not they meet the set standards.

Finding the best industrial x-ray machine manufacturers in Australia is crucial since it ensures that companies are able to get their equipment from a reliable and reputable manufacturer. This means companies can be assured that the machines they receive will help them to efficiently and accurately handle any of their quality control, testing and inspection processes.

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