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X-Ray Machine Cost: How Much Does an X-Ray Machine Cost?

In this blog post, you’ll read:X-ray machine price is what most manufacturers or inspection professionals often search for online.  However, Uni X-ray will give you the information in this article about the most critical requirements that might substantially affect your X-ray machine cost. 

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It’s a question you secretly dread but realize you must answer. The question is, how much does an X-ray machine cost? 

Maybe because you are in the market for a new X-ray machine for your production inspection, perhaps you want to upgrade to a better, more automated X-ray inspection system. 

X-ray machine price is what most manufacturers or inspection professionals often search for online. 

However, Uni X-ray will give you the information in this article about the most critical requirements that might substantially affect your X-ray machine cost. 

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s get started. 


Factors Affecting How Much does an X-Ray Machine Cost

To answer your question about X-ray machine cost, you’ll need to consider so many factors. But if you miss the most important criteria, it just might feel as if you are banging your head against a wall which will lead you nowhere in your search for the best X-ray machine cost for your inspection needs.

To begin, consider your inspection sample requirements and what you will need to inspect it for errors and anomalies successfully.

Specifications like sample size, thickness, dimensions, weight, and sample material like metal, glass, plastic, etc., will give you an idea of the X-ray machine requirements for your needs.

Only after considering your sample requirements can you go ahead with the list of X-ray machine considerations below to give you an idea of X-ray machine costs. 


  • Open vs. Closed X-Ray Tube 

Closed X-ray tube

Closed X-Ray Tube

The consideration of an open or closed X-ray tube is critical when assessing the cost of an X-ray machine.

Though these two seem to have their different pros and cons, they are also well-suited for other use cases. The consensus seems to be that closed X-ray tubes have more benefits. 

However, this general agreement has little to no bearing on the cost implications of both X-ray tubes.

Closed X-ray tubes have excellent image resolution for densely arranged components like BGAs. Also, the repeatability (the ability to repeat the same inspection with consistent result accuracy) is very high for closed X-ray tubes.

System reliability ensures that the X-ray machine has minimal downtime and is likewise higher for closed tubes. 

But where the initial cost for closed X-ray tubes is less than the open tube, the cost of replacing a sealed tube is often higher than that of an open tube. 


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  • Inline vs. Offline System

Online X-ray machine

Inline X-ray System

Another essential cost consideration is the inline versus the offline X-ray systems, the choice of which is mainly dictated by the need for automation and overall inspection speed.

You’ll find interesting with an inline system its ability to detect errors in a production line based on pre-programmed criteria. 

This computer program also has instructions for the next steps after identifying the errors. The next step can be to quarantine the affected batch for further physical inspection by a line technician. 

These processes run automatically, leaving little or no operational downtime and increasing the daily production rate. These are the reasons the inline system is more expensive than the offline system.

Nonetheless, the offline system can be more advantageous for inspections with a high number of non-specific errors, which often require specialized human inspection. 


  • Detector Resolution

X-ray flat panel detector

X-ray flat panel detector

Essentially the detector’s ability to reveal the image of a sample object determines the level of result accuracy. This single factor makes the detector a critical part of an x-ray machine. 

Depending on the type of X-ray detector in an X-ray machine, the level of resolution of the image may be high or low. 

These detector types often include scintillation, gas-filled, and semiconductor detectors. These three types have different levels of resolutions and affect the X-ray machine price significantly. 

The semiconductor detector has a higher energy resolution and a clearer image tendency making it the most expensive of the three. 

Hence, an X-ray machine with a semiconductor detector is likely to cost more than another X-ray machine if the price solely depends on the type of detector in the X-ray machine.   


  • Generator Specifications

X-ray generator

X-ray Generator

The penetration power of an X-ray tube generally depends on the frequency levels of the generator. It follows that for inspections that require high penetration, such as thick samples, a high frequency is needed to achieve an accurate result.

However, high-frequency generators are more expensive than their single-phase counterparts due to their efficient voltage controls.

As a result of the constant supply of high-intensity radiation, the test samples often require shorter exposure, reducing the time required for inspection and getting results. This efficiency also results in a safer operation environment as less exposure time is needed and quality image. 

So, if you decide to purchase an X-ray machine with a high-frequency X-ray tube generator, know that the X-ray machine cost will be higher, though with more benefits and higher return on investment.


  • Voltage Power

The measure of an X-ray machine’s efficiency is also dependent on its designed power usage. The voltage power required by an X-ray machine to power an X-ray tube generator will determine the quality of the image and result accuracy.

The tube generator capacity often determines the voltage power produced by the X-ray machine and determines the exposure time for the samples.

However, the more power an X-ray machine requires, the more the radiation intensity and the lesser the exposure time.

Still, more voltage power will immensely contribute to the high cost of X-ray machines even though it’s an investment that will yield long-term benefits. 


  • Operating Console  

The operating console is the user interface where things like current and voltage required for an inspection are controlled. 

The specification of the operating control can substantially affect an X-ray machine price with an upward movement. 

Having an X-ray machine operating console with only controls for adjusting current, voltage, and X-ray intensity is standard.

However, when you have operating consoles with advanced functions like time settings, touch screen features, and automatic shutdown, these significantly increase the cost of the X-ray machine. 


Additional Costs Associated with an X-Ray Machine Purchase

The factors highlighted above are the most critical factors for your consideration. However, other cost associated considerations that can make a massive difference in the X-ray machine price include


  • Chinese Brands and Brands from Other Countries

Chinese brands are significantly more affordable than European or American equivalents. 

The reason for this is the rapid development of the Chinese economy, especially in the technology industry, giving them a large pool of experts and professionals. 


  • Maintenance and Care Cost

Maintenance costs can greatly influence the long-term cost of your X-ray machine. 

Purchasing a cheap brand while racking up fees in maintenance costs over a short period is not economical in the long run. 

What will be more economical will be getting a reasonably expensive brand designed to last long without excessive maintenance fees.

Click here to the access of the x-ray machine maintenance guide, if you are interested in. 


  • Staff Training Cost

Some X-ray machines include some advanced features that require the technician to undergo training to be competent to operate the machine. 

Some of these training costs so much and have a lengthy learning curve which slows down the time it takes to start reaping the full benefits of the X-ray machine. 

Some even have users’ manuals in foreign languages that are not translated to your language for easy reading and comprehension.


  • Shipping Cost

When importing your X-ray machine from a foreign supplier, you should consider the shipping cost as this might quickly add up to increase the X-ray machine price. 

The cost of freight will depend on the distance of the supplier to your home or receiving port. 


How to Determine Which X-Ray Machine Model Suitable for you?

To determine the suitable X-ray machine model for you, you will need first to identify what you want to achieve in terms of quality inspection criteria.

Secondly, you need to consider your sample requirements, including the overall features of your test samples, including the dimensions, weight, material properties, and thickness. The thickness is critical because it determines the voltage power capacity of the machine that you’ll need.

You might also want to consider the level of automation you will require. Choosing either to go for inline or offline options will depend on the level of error you anticipate. 


8 Tips Help you Save $10,000 on Your X-Ray Machine Cost

Look at it this way, every penny you save in a purchase is a penny for more production capital that can help you increase your company’s bottom line. But the good news is that you can save not just a penny but up to $10,000 if you follow these eight tips.


  1. Search for the Latest Discounts and Offers of X-Ray Machine 

Discounts are given for several reasons by manufacturers. Sometimes it is for clearance sales to make room for new and advanced products that need more space. 

At other times like holiday seasons, manufacturers join the traditional train of season’s bonus sales with events like Black Fridays and Christmas sales. 

If you target these promotions, you can take advantage of these periods to save more on your X-ray machine purchase.

However, you’ll need to search out these promotional offers online, taking note of manufacturers that consistently have these deals and when they do so.


  1. Target Holiday Seasons and Exhibitions

Adding to holiday seasons are exhibitions where industry manufacturers create awareness for their brands and meet prospects.

These are opportunities for both the manufactures as well as buyers like yourself to reach mutually beneficial arrangements. 

However, it will be saving on your purchase for you, and it is a perfect opportunity to do that. Sometimes, manufacturers target exhibition events that are held during holiday seasons to exhibit their brands. This opportunity gives them access to many discount-seeking buyers and allows you to negotiate higher discounts. 


  1. Visit Online Marketplaces

Online e-commerce sites are marketplaces for different kinds of equipment from other brands around the world. The opportunity to get pretty good discounts here is very high as the number of suppliers looking for customers on this platform is also here. These numbers encourage keen competition encouraging suppliers to give mouthwatering discounts to buyers. 


  1. Prioritize the Safety Operation

The safety of a machine is paramount if you want to save money. The reason is that the harm to an operator or any human being will be more than the cost of purchasing the machine if it becomes a fatality. Always prioritize the safety features of an X-ray machine when purchasing one, as this will ensure you don’t incur fees in litigation and damages. 


  1. Make Price-Quality Comparison on Different Suppliers  

The cost to benefit ratio analysis is an essential activity if you must save on equipment purchase. Go online and sample the offerings presented by different X-ray machine manufacturers. Sift through these offerings to identify the most important requirements for your inspection needs. Compare the manufacturers’ prices offering these requirements and see which gives you more benefits for less the price. 


  1. Get Advice from the Professionals 

Professionals are individuals who have both qualifications and many years of industry experience in a field. They often have expert knowledge on subject matters and advise on the best tools, equipment, and methods suitable for certain operations.

Taking advice from a subject matter expert in the radiography industry can save you huge amounts of money on your purchase. Some of these professionals have designed, manufactured, operated, and repaired X-ray machines in their many years on the job and know what to do to save money when purchasing an X-ray machine.


  1. Go against the Trend 

Sometimes you might have to go against popular trends that many people favor. For instance, if the trend is to use an inline machine system while an offline one will do the job for you cheaper, you might have to go against the trend in this case if you must save money.

Some trends are not based on saving money. Some are based on following contemporary standards or using modern equipment without necessarily having better results than traditional equipment. 


  1. Go for Chinese X-Ray Machine Manufacturers  

A Chinese X-ray machine manufacturer can save you a lot of money when compared with the cost of purchasing American and European brands. The reason is that Chinese brands make innovative X-ray solutions that are tailored to individual customer’s needs rather than design features that customers don’t need. Also, they take advantage of the availability of vast professionals and experts in the radiography industry to design and manufacture the most innovative X-ray solutions making them very affordable and effective. 



To wrap up, the cost of an X-ray machine is dependent on a lot of factors. It is not enough to query Google search and to ask how much an X-ray machine costs. 

Following the points in this article will go a long way to help you achieve a saving of as much as $10,000 on your next purchase of an X-ray machine.

Don’t forget that Chinese suppliers like Uni X-ray have cost advantages over their counterparts in Europe and the US. 

The reason is because of the vast pool of professionals available to the Chinese industry coupled with the low cost of production and the customer-tailored innovative X-ray solutions. 

All these factors, joined with the many years of experience and customer support, stand them out. 



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