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X-ray Inspection Complete Guide

In this blog post, you’ll read:X-Ray inspection is an imaging technology based on the same concepts as non-contact optical inspection. It makes use of X-rays to automatically inspect physical features, which usually are not viewable from the outside, using only light. In this process, the object is subjected to the radiation coming from an x-ray machine, and the images that result are interpreted by the machine.

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What is X-ray Inspection?

X-Ray inspection is an imaging technology based on the same concepts as non-contact optical inspection. It makes use of X-rays to automatically inspect physical features, which usually are not viewable from the outside, using only light. In this process, the object is subjected to the radiation coming from an x-ray machine, and the images that result are interpreted by the machine.

There is no doubt that PCB X-ray inspection technology is growing at a fast rate. According to the studies that were conducted, this is the only industry where productivity is growing at double digits year on year.

 All the other industries, both the high-growth markets and the low growth markets, are missing out on these opportunities because they do not have the technical capability to make use of the latest imaging technologies.

On the other hand, the best PCB X-ray inspection manufacturers have done all that it takes to come up with the latest systems for this type of imaging. The advancements have even made X-ray inspection systems accessible and affordable to more people.


How X-Ray Inspection Works: Principle


x-ray works principle


When you decide to carry out an X-ray inspection, what it will do is take a piece of the product or material to be inspected and then place it inside a container that will be heated. This heated container will have an electric current applied to it will create an image of the sample in every minute detail.

 This image will show any imperfections or any other imperfections on the product or material through radiating radiation that is emitted from the container. The high-frequency radio waves that will be used to do this will have a much lower concentration of any impurities than that of the conventional x-ray that is used for quality control purposes.

One of the most important things to know about how x-ray inspection machines work is that the actual X-ray tube must be made inside of a metal container that has a perfectly smooth surface. Otherwise, the beams from the x-rays will not be able to get through the interior of the container and the machine will not be able to perform its job.


X-Ray Inspection Works
X-Ray Inspection Works


Inside of the container, there will be a source of ionization gas which will need to be exposed to the radiation from the x-ray tubes. If this gas becomes too energetic, it could cause the atoms to split creating nuclear waste. In order to prevent this waste from escaping, the second source of ionization gas will need to be exposed to the radiation of the x-ray tubes in order to prevent the atoms from splitting.

X-ray inspection machines work in a very similar fashion to the way medical x-rays are used today. You have machines that are able to make precise measurements of minute details of what is going on within an area.

These machines have been extremely valuable tools for various industries around the world as they are able to provide workers with the information that they need to perform their jobs safely.

 How x-ray inspection technology works today is a result of the fact that there have been many advances in the technology of radiation exposure over the years. This has resulted in the creation of much more powerful machines that can provide workers with much more detailed information.

For example, one example of how x-ray inspection works involves the manufacturing of beverages. Contaminants such as lead can easily get mixed into any beverage that is being produced and workers would need to rely on a guide that would show them that containers had lead-tainted contents.

 Without this guide, many workers would simply remove the contaminated beverage and replace it with a new one without taking the chance of creating any health hazards for themselves or others. If the contamination is discovered during the production process itself, then a replacement product can be found that does not contain the contaminant.

Another aspect of how x-ray inspection systems work involves the use of fill-level methods. These methods allow a worker to check to see if there are contaminants present in a certain product while still keeping all other levels of quality control to a minimum.


x-ray inspection systems
x-ray inspection systems


The most common method used by companies that use fill level methods is the use of a special pencil. A worker uses the pencil to look inside of a container and to determine exactly how much of a certain filler level is present. If too much filler level is detected, then the product will be rejected and a new product will be sent back to be processed.


 Advantages of X-ray Inspection

What are the benefits of an X-Ray inspection? The benefits of X-Ray inspection include: increased productivity, lowered costs, better preventive maintenance, increased safety, and enhanced peace of mind for business owners. Learn what these are and how they benefit you and your industry.

Let me give you a deeper insight into these key benefits of the PCB X-ray inspection service.

  • Accurate images from the inspection
  • Fast imaging process
  • Safe for both the inspector and technician
  • Affordable
  • Has w wide range of applications


Application areas of X-Ray Inspection

Where is X-ray inspection used and for what purpose? is an x-ray inspection used? X-rays are used to inspect areas that would not normally show when a visual inspection cannot be conducted, such as walls or other hard surfaces.

 By using x-rays, experts can identify problems more easily and access places that would otherwise be unreachable. For example, if there is water damage in a basement, an x-ray can identify and eliminate problems such as corrosion and other water damage without destroying samples or flooring materials.


X-ray inspection for medicine and pharmaceuticals

X-ray inspection systems are an important tool in the field of Radiology and in many other medical fields. However it is also used in non-radiological fields as well, but the roles are not the same.

X-ray inspection for medicine
X-ray inspection for medicine


For example, in the field of dentistry X-ray machines are used to determine whether a tooth is damaged. In medicine, the role of X-rays in Radiology is to detect diseases, develop treatments for them, and also to make sure that a patient undergoing radiotherapy is getting the best benefit from it.


X-ray inspection in food and beverage production

What are the benefits of x-ray inspection for beverage production facilities? An x-ray can detect the presence of lead, zinc, copper, mercury, and any number of other contaminants not seen with traditional sampling techniques.

This minimizes costly rework, reduces X-ray technician exposure to unnecessarily high levels of these harmful elements, and improves overall production quality by removing unwanted metallic particles and components.


X-ray inspection for food production

How is x-ray inspection of food products successful? The detection of contaminants using an x-ray inspection system is based upon the radiation signature of naturally occurring matter.


X-ray inspection for food
X-ray inspection for food


As an example, an x-ray inspection of food that has been sitting on a store shelf for six months will reveal no signs of contamination as the radiation coming from the food is all emitted naturally with no added radiation from the container or bag.

 The same holds true for radiated residues such as salt left after the removal of a meal. These residues have been shown to contain trace amounts of radiation but are below the acceptable health risk limit.


In the manufacturing of consumer products

Can x-ray technology detect leaks in containers? X-rays have been utilized in the detection of leaks in a variety of applications, including container images for soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, paints, lubricants, plastics, paper, and so on.

 Container inspection has become a popular industry and can save companies a tremendous amount of money by pinpointing exactly where a problem is located and offering appropriate repair options.


X-ray inspection for quality inspection and the standards

The x-ray machines that are used for quality control inspections come with detectors that use x-ray photons to determine whether or not there are any impurities on the surface of whatever is being inspected.

There are other benefits of x-ray based container inspection software that can be utilized to determine the presence of foreign material as well. Many companies rely on FDA reports to ensure they comply with the various regulations set forth by the US FDA.

 Beyond the external applications, you can use the X-ray inspection services for doing internal audits to verify the quality of your products.


X-ray inspection for metalwork

This type of technology has been around for many years but it has only recently become widely used by commercial and industrial welders.

 It is very important for welders to know how to operate their X-ray welding machines because the quality of their welds will depend on how well they are able to make the scans of their products using x-ray photons.

X-ray inspection
X-ray inspection

 While the machines used by welders have come a long way over the past few decades, the knowledge about how an x-ray scan is done is still relatively new.


X-ray inspection in security systems

Do you work in the security field? If yes, you must be familiar with the use of X-ray inspection systems for security purposes. Some companies also offer metal detector installation services. If you decide to purchase your own metal detector, make sure that it is portable enough to be taken apart and installed on your own, without assistance.

For those who may have experience in this area, this type of service can make the inspection process much faster and easier. In addition, it may be less expensive to have this done, because most companies charge a flat rate for both services.


Can I prevent false rejects in my x-ray inspection process?

 Yes, you can prevent false rejects. Most software is equipped with checkboxes that indicate if the image was false rejected or not. If the software has this capability then you will not have to repeatedly perform the same visual inspection process. You will simply mark it as “not qualified” or “qualified,” which will prevent the machine from producing incorrect conclusions.


Safety of the X-ray Machines

In addition to finding out if there are contaminants present in a product through how x-ray technology is used, a company also must have quality control procedures in place. Some of these procedures are required by law, while others are simply for safety purposes. If these procedures are not followed, then the company could have a lawsuit waiting for them down the road.

 This is why quality control procedures are so important because they can keep other areas of operations such as the safety department free from contamination issues. Without these procedures, the entire company could be held liable for health hazards.


x-ray inspection safety
x-ray inspection safety


Also, X-ray inspection system manufacturers must up their game when it comes to guaranteeing the safety of the equipment. They must ensure that the equipment meets the minimum safety standards for whichever areas of applications.


What is the cost of X-ray inspection?

X-ray machine price has a direct correlation to the features of the machine and the price of the X-ray inspection. If the machine is powerful and has all the necessary features to do the inspection fast, reliable, and accurate, then the X-ray machine cost will not come down.

But if you have a low-cost machine and you add up all the features and the servicing and other costs, then it becomes a costly affair. You need to consider many factors in determining the price of an X-ray machine, like the number of years it needs to be used and the kind of scan to be made.

What about the price of x-ray inspection service is basically being done to acquire the details of internal organs of the body for medical reasons. In this process, the machine will pass through the patient’s body tissues and take a picture.

 So the cost of the X-ray inspection machine will depend directly on the number of hours you are going to use it for your examination. Some machines are more powerful than others and therefore they are used for a longer duration of time. The x-ray cost will also be determined by the kind of equipment used.

An x-ray inspection machine is not a very expensive machine. If you buy it from a reputed x-ray machine manufacturer, you can get it for almost half the price that you might have expected from the market. But if you decide to buy it directly from the supplier or manufacturer, then you might have to pay a little more price for it.



At Unixray, we pride ourselves on being the best X-ray inspection system manufacturer in China. We make X-ray systems that meet the requirements of the job and a machine that produces the highest level of efficiency and reliability.

The design of X-ray machinery ranges from simpler units that are compact and easy to operate to systems that can be handled by experts. Also, our X-ray inspection systems provide high standards of quality that will allow you to get the best results.

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