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X-ray Inspection of Batteries


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Lithium batteries are one of the most powerful energy storage devices used in portable electronic equipment, electric vehicles, aircraft, stationary power sources, etc. Hence, manufacturers and suppliers are constantly trying their level best to extend their lifecycle, increase load capacity, and comply with quality assurance and safety standards. 

If the companies want to provide a 1-3 years warranty on their products to stay ahead on the market, there needs a stringent inspection strategy during the manufacture period instead of the above-mentioned trial and error methods. In such cases, any company would like to introduce a testing method that could provide 100% thorough inspection to improve efficiency and assure the manufacturing integrity of all the products on the production line. 

This is where Uni X-ray’s comprehensive portfolio of X-ray inspection systems play a vital role by assessing the following aspects in a given product:

  • Research and Development 
  • 100% thorough inspection and analysis of defective lithium batteries to find out the means of failure
  • Safe and successful performance of the on-going production control
  • Reliable inspection of vital parts and the internal structure as well
  • Check the alignment of all parts
  • Inspects whether both cathode and anode are far from the battery wall

It’s our incredibly skilled and experienced team who keeps an eye on all the above-listed aspects and ensures the quality as well as safety of your products.

So, if your company would like to ensure whether your products meet the utmost quality standards as per your demands, we are there with you as your trustworthy partner.

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X-ray Inspection of Batteries

  • What is the X-ray inspection of batteries?

The advent of lithium batteries marks the trend of instant, easy accessibility, and mobile energy. There is a huge demand for these batteries due to their deployment in the field of electronics, automotive, power supplies, and aircraft. 


Due to its overuse, there may be a chance of internal failure which may release an extensive amount of energy within a short period. Many aspects may go wrong while manufacturing the batteries. Even a short-circuit in a lithium-ion battery can lead to disastrous consequences. Around 40 features within each battery should be checked in real time to ensure the complete safety of each product. The available traditional tests can detect only external faults, while dormant faults like misalignments go unchecked. And, this inefficient testing proves to be very dangerous for users.


Hence, it becomes crucial, strict, and mandatory that these batteries should meet safety and quality standards. This is where non-destructive testing (NDT) via X-ray examination can gain valuable insights into the complicated interior structure of the battery. 


This X-ray inspection step will show the following benefits: 

  • Engineering optimization
  • Manufacturing failure prevention
  • Achieve instant and secure production process


  • How does the X-ray Inspection system work?

Our innovative high-resolution X-ray inspection system checks the process control and verifies the conformation of a complete battery cell. 


High resolution via online mode can be achieved only by the combination of microfocus low energy X-ray imaging along with instant and advanced high contrast digital imaging devices.

As the X-rays produced from the X-ray source penetrate the internal part of a sample battery, the resultant image will be processed to determine its quality and the presence of defects, if any. 


The batteries are also made up of platinum fixed sheets, carbon sheets, graphite sheets, etc.


Platinum sheet: Here, an X-ray test checks the differences in the size of platinum particles, frequency, variation, and spots in the micron range. Moreover, the structure will be distinct for every sample that always conforms to specifications.


Graphite plates: Here, X-ray inspection can measure the porosity and density of graphite plates according to the diminution contours across the final X-ray image of these plates. The intensity of these contours shows the density, thickness, and compositional differences of graphite or another element across this plate.


The defects like porosity can be displayed as white areas in the final X-ray images, while the dark spots are seen because of the dense patches like compaction, impurities, clusters, or base material composites, etc.


  • The importance of X-ray inspection of batteries


Mostly, lithium sheets are rolled together to form a battery. Thousands of various applications rely upon batteries. Ranging from a flashlight to a mobile device, to a defibrillator, batteries are deployed everywhere. Hence, it is mandatory to maintain their quality and safety standards to avoid any disaster. Only this step can improve the design and verify the proper functioning of internal features. However, it is crucial to perform quality inspection and failure analysis of these batteries. 


Here comes the X-ray inspection to examine the structural alignment after assembly as well as the presence of defects, if any. 


Furthermore, an X-ray test helps in inspecting the following other aspects:

  • Understand the layout of the cathode and anode
  • Precisely measure internal linear distances 
  • Quality of short circuits, concentricity, interconnects, electrical contacts, misalignments, etc. 
  • Identify misplaced internals
  • Check for the signs of voids or holes in the stacked layers
  • Check for the wall thickness – Lithium battery will generate heat since it possesses high energy. Hence, it is encased in stainless steel to avoid any leakage. And, this X-ray inspection helps in detecting the thickness of this stainless-steel cover. However, this cover should not be too thin that it may break easily.


  • Why choose us? What are our strengths?

Our Uni X-ray Technology is dedicated to becoming the global market leader by enhancing client value. And this is possible only by the constant modernization in technology solely based on the client’s requirements and convenience. Moreover, we continuously strive to develop more qualitative front-line products, solutions, and services for all sectors. We believe that it is our expertise and flexibility which prove to be the key to our success.

Our X-ray Inspection product features include:

  • Time-saving
  • Detailed and accurate analysis of battery tab 
  • Real-time automatic pass/fail display
  • Can efficiently run throughout the entire week covering 24 hours per day 
  • A high-quality analysis of the entire production
  • 100 percent in-line inspection
  • Real-time images
  • Integration with factory systems
  • In-built flexibility
  • In-built remote support to change system parameters during product manufacture
  • Sub-millimeter inspection of parts in dual orientation 


The secrets behind our success include:

  • Assured manufacturing integrity of all products
  • Guaranteed safety and reliability 
  • Prevention of product recalls
  • Improvement in inspection efficiency
  • Improved client satisfaction


It is possible to inspect batteries at varied stages in the production line. Similarly, any size or shape of the battery can be tested using our X-ray inspection system while manufacturing the product.


Although it is challenging to maintain the manufacturing integrity of our production, we can still deliver the most reliable product with the utmost high-quality standards. And, do you know how? The credit goes to our highly qualitative X-ray inspection equipment that can be extensively customized according to the client’s requirements. 

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