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How Does X-ray Help in the Development of the Automobile Parts Sector?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Currently, the market scale of the Chinese auto parts sector remains stable. In 2018, auto parts manufacturers from China earned 4.0 trillion yuan in sales. It was 7 percent more than the past year, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

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Present scenario of the auto parts sector

Currently, the market scale of the Chinese auto parts sector remains stable. In 2018, auto parts manufacturers from China earned 4.0 trillion yuan in sales. It was 7 percent more than the past year, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. 

The inclusive performance of the aftermarket has enhanced, which was driven by the continuous growth of the auto sector. The year 2021 is anticipated to produce 4.61 trillion yuan in sales from the auto parts sector.

China’s auto sector has been the largest sector in the world for the past nine years consistently. The global share of future production and sales will further improve from the present level of 30%, although the auto consumption market has become cold. However, the elements of innovation in the auto parts sector in China have gathered to a certain extent. 


x-ray parts


The situation for innovation has gradually improved. Next, the associated industrial and financial policies have been steadily optimized. Furthermore, there is a steady increase in the number of invention patents. Even the industrial chain has been incessantly enhanced. Hence, this industry’s long-term good momentum remains unchanged. 

At the same time, the auto parts sector, an important part of China’s overall competitiveness in building cars, still has greater expansion opportunities. So x-ray automotive plays an important role in this part.


Quality inspection of automobile parts

As all of us know, the automobile cannot be created as a one-piece model. It is made up of thousands of smaller and larger parts. Long ago, people might have thought that parts were less important compared to the assembly and design processes. 

Over time and with constant technological developments, one can observe a rise in public concern about the quality of automotive components. Even the quality of the components has a great influence on the successive growth of the automobile sector. 

In the European and American countries, due to the early progress of the automobile industry, component testing has been very mature. However, China is still in the preliminary state.

Quality inspection of automobile parts


There is a common misconception about the inspection of automobile parts that it is an independent step, but it is in fact wrong. The detection of automobile parts is an important part of the development of the automobile industry. Its detection step involves the entire procedure from production to sales. And, this step assures the quality and performance of the automobiles.

Nowadays, consumers have higher requirements for the automobile sector. Starting from the basic ability to driving well, only the testing of automobile parts is more perfect that can adapt to development.


Quality inspection of automobile parts

It is very disappointing to note that although China has the world’s largest automobile consumption market with the highest number of automobile production in the world, we still lack a complete and scientific standard inspection of spare parts. 

There is no proper rule to follow in such auto parts testing industry. Generally speaking, the current testing for auto parts is divided into four parts. Let us see what they are.

  • Engine testing
  • Electrical equipment testing 
  • Comprehensive testing of the body system 
  • Testing of the vehicle chassis 


The first x ray engine testing includes the engine, which is the core of a car. Without the engine, the car will anyway lose its practical value. In this part of the test, the engine undergoes the performance test. 

Secondly, it tests the electric equipment of the car. As part of the integration, the car is equipped with a complex electric device. It is responsible for gathering the running data of the whole car and feeding it back to the driver. 

Thirdly, comprehensive testing of the body system is an essential part of the vehicle. In this stage, the focus is mainly on the operation of electronic equipment testing. This is to ensure that the connection works well without any problem. 

Additionally, it involves the detection of the car body. This car body is the location of the driver. This part is always customized according to the user’s personalized needs. Its quality issues are the most critical detection point. Since it’s a part of direct contact with users, there shouldn’t be any quality issues. 

Finally, it’s the vehicle chassis detection where many people who are unaware of the situation may mistake that the structure of a vehicle chassis is comparatively simple. However, it is not so. The vehicle chassis carries the load of the whole vehicle, which includes the transmission system and the suspension device. The properly working chassis can let the user really enjoy the ride by experiencing the vehicle’s overall sense.


Quality inspection of automobile parts


Function of X-ray in automobile parts inspection

In order to ensure the high safety of your car, auto parts manufacturers should assess every part of the car. These parts include car engine, car piston, piston ring, brake system, steering wheel, connecting rod, shock absorber connecting rod, car wheels, and other parts as well. 

If there occurs any flaw like bubbles, the products become unqualified. Moreover, it directly impacts the safety of the car. Hence, a proper test clearance is required. Auto parts are the major pillars to support the rapid, steady, and healthy development of our auto industry. That’s how there is a great significance in the development of our auto parts industry.

X-ray non-destructive testing (NDT) has become the preferred method for inspecting defects in automobile parts due to the high efficiency and reliable results. Currently, X-ray inspection is the most widely used detection method across the world compared to other methods.

automobile parts


The automatic optical detection and screening equipment is developed based on the image detection technology system. It converts X-ray perspective into the visible light image. Next, it takes the information of the workpiece image instantly with the high-speed industrial camera. Further, this data is fed into the PC through high-definition imaging. An automatic positioning is possible through image processing functions. And this factor helps in measuring cracks, pores, and so on. It helps in differentiating between qualified and defective goods followed by data storage.

Automotive X-ray non-destructive testing instrument can instantly and automatically determine the size and display the defects if any. Moreover, the metal and plastic casting detection is followed in the traditional X-ray detector that has three-dimensional measurement. 

This high-resolution industrial x ray equipment is not only used in these industries. But it has also opened up new applications in sensing technology, materials science, electronics, and other natural sciences.

Hence, X-ray inspection on automotive has become the most preferred method for defect detection.


How Uni X-ray helps

Uni X-ray was founded in 2002. It owns research, development, and production of real-time X-ray imaging detection equipments. These instruments cover the detection of a wide range of automotive parts. The equipments include high-definition image quality, high-resolution, automated defect recognition, and automated judgment function. Hence, the whole system can successfully meet the manufacturing pace of most enterprises. With the expansion of science and technology, our X-ray automotive testing also undergoes timely improvement. And, that’s the trade secret behind our efficient and safe nondestructive testing equipment for various industries.

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