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Best X Ray Equipment Supplier: a Comprehensive Guide

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Have you seen the massive list of X Ray equipment supplier and wonder how many are reliable in the market today?

When in the market for an X-ray solution, you might not encounter any issue with the variety of suppliers available to you. However, the reputation and reliability of these equipment suppliers are always worth considering.

This guide introduces you to X-ray equipment suppliers that consistently deliver value to clients within the quality assessment industry. While some are a few decades in business, some have been in existence for close to a century.

Nonetheless, the X-ray machine suppliers that you’ll find in this guide have unique selling points. Their outstanding advantages make them more suitable for certain types of X-ray applications than other suppliers.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Part 1: List of X-Ray Equipment Suppliers around the World

Best X-Ray Machine Manufacturers in China


China is an emerging economic power which is repeatedly attributed to its rapid industrialization efforts. With the booming economy and the rapid advancement in technology, there is never a shortage of technical expertise. 

As the number of X-ray equipment suppliers coming out of China continues to grow, it’s only a matter of time before Chinese X-ray machine companies take over the industry.

In this list, you’ll find China’s finest X-ray machine companies to consider when thinking of getting an X-ray solution for your quality assessment needs.

Rank X Ray Equipment Supplier Established Year Headquarters
1 Uni X-Ray 2002 Shenzhen
2 Techik 2008 Shanghai
3 Ronghua X-Ray 1964 Liaoning

★ UNI X-Ray

1-1 UNI X-Ray - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Uni X-ray dominates the Asian market and consistently delivers superior value to other markets, including western European and American markets. Its 30,000 square meters modern factory is located in China’s Wuxi New District, where manufacturing, research, and development are done.

  • Established Year:

Established in 2002, Uni X-ray has amassed almost two decades of experience delivering exceptional X-ray solutions for various industrial applications, locally and internationally.

  • Headquarters:

Headquartered in Guangdong province Shenzhen, China’s equivalent of Silicon Valley, Uni X-ray boasts a competitive advantage based on its strategic placement. Their location gives them access to a large pool of experts and top professionals in the tech industry.

  • Feature Products:

Some of their top innovative products include the AX8000 offline X-ray machine for electronics, LX3000, an inline X-ray machine, and AX9000, a semi-automatic X-ray machine for inspecting batteries.

  • Recommend Reason:

Uni X-ray’s location advantage enables Uni X-ray to release innovative designs that meet various client’s specific inspection needs at very competitive pricing.


★ Techik

1-2 Techik - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Technik is well known for its metal detection X-raying machines, especially for baggage scanning and security checks. They have a factory located in shanghai where manufacturing and research and development take place.

  • Established Year:

Techik Instrument Company is an X-ray machine manufacturer from China which was established in the year 2008.

  • Headquarters:

Minhang District in Shanghai, China, is Techik’s location from where both manufacture and sales occur.

  • Feature Products:

Some of their X-ray machines include the TE-XS100100 X-ray baggage scanner and TE-SD2 walk-through metal detector, which offer security checks at public places like airports and train stations.

  • Recommend Reason:

Technik is probably the go-to company if what you desire in an X-ray machine is a single-functional X-ray machine. This recommendation is based on their strong roots in the security equipment manufacture.


★ Ronghua X-Ray

1-3 Ronghua - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Ronghua X-Ray started as an X-ray tube manufacturer and quickly included other X-ray accessories like X-ray generators, high voltage coils, and controllers. However, they did not stop at this as they started manufacturing portable X-ray machines and pipeline crawlers.

  • Established Year:

This company was founded in 1964 initially to manufacture X-ray machine parts like X-ray tubes and generators but soon grew into a full-fledged X-ray machine manufacturer.

  • Headquarters:

Ronghua X-Ray is located within the Zhenxing District, Dandong, Liaoning, China, where they conduct their operations, including research and development.

  • Feature Products:

They feature the XXG series, a portable X-ray machine, and RDX 159 X-ray pipeline crawler. They are also manufacturers of X-ray tubes used in the manufacture of X-ray machines.

  • Recommend Reason:

If you desire portable X-ray solutions like portable X-ray machines, pipeline crawlers, and original parts for your X-ray devices, then Ronghua X-Ray is your best bet.


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Best X-Ray Equipment Suppliers in the USA


No doubt, the US has been at the forefront of industrialization and manufacturing for a long time. 

Due to its continuous improvement of quality standards, the US has led the manufacture of quality assessment solutions, including non-destructive testing like X-ray inspection.

Here is a list of the best X-ray equipment suppliers you’ll find in the US market today.

Rank X Ray Equipment Supplier Established Year Headquarters
1 North Star Imaging  1986 Minnesota
2 Creative Electron  2008 California
3 Nordson 1954 Ohio
4 Leidos 1969 California
5 Varex Imaging Corporation  2017 Utah

★ North Star Imaging

2-1 NSI - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

After their establishment and first production of a digital radiography system, NSI has continued to grow in leaps and bounds with factory expansions at different times. First, they doubled their facility size in 2004, again in 2012, and finally moved to a more extensive facility in Viejo, California, to manufacture a new high-energy X-ray system.

  • Established Year:

It was established in 1986 to carry out various non-destructive tests used to ascertain the quality of products. However, it soon specialized as an X-ray solutions provider.

  • Headquarters:

Though headquartered in Rogers, Minnesota, USA, it has other offices and facilities both across the US and in the UK and China.

  • Feature Products:

Their top-of-the-pile product includes MeVX6, a high-energy X-ray system with good imaging facilities.

  • Recommend Reason:

NSI is recommended for clients who require an advanced high-energy X-ray system supplier without minding their high-end prices.


★ Creative Electron

2-2 Creative Electron - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

With their manufacturing facility in San Marcos, California, not only have they grown from their tiny garage to a large state-of-the-art facility, but they also boast of advanced X-ray manufacturing equipment.

  • Established Year:

According to its founder Dr. Bill Cardoso, it was established in 2008 to be the best X-ray system manufacturer in the world. 

  • Headquarters:

Even though it started as a small in a Californian garage, Creative Electron has grown to have its headquarters in the heart of San Marcos, California, USA.

  • Feature Products:

Creative Electrons feature products include their TrueView ™ Prime Series, which are benchtop X-ray machines. The series consists of Prime A, R, and S, all with different capacities and power ranges.

  • Recommend Reason:

Creative Electron has a strong sense of innovation, making them perfect for clients with unique X-ray inspection needs requiring an innovative, tailor-made solution. 


★ Nordson

2-3 Nordson - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

This company did not start as an X-ray machine supplier. However, with a series of expansions in its scope of service delivery, it gradually and steadily grew into an international brand. Its services now include different types of quality assessment facilities, including X-ray equipment.

  • Established Year:

Nordson came into existence in 1954 by two brothers who initially wanted to meet the automotive industry’s needs with the supply of parts.

  • Headquarters:

Nordson is based in Westlake, Ohio, in the United States. These 28,000 square feet headquarters have served as the corporate office since November 2010.

  • Feature Products:

Explorer™ One, Jade Plus, Quadra Series, and Xseries X-ray material inspection machines are some of their popular X-ray products.

  • Recommend Reason:

Nordson is recommended for clients looking for a one-stop-shop for various testing devices but not specifically X-ray machines.


★ Leidos

2-4 Leidos - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Leidos is a multi-invested technology company with X-ray solutions as part of its interests. It has numerous factories worldwide, but its home facility is in California, USA, with a strong defense and security inspection scanners base.

  • Established Year:

Leidos was established by Dr. J. Robert Beyster in 1969 and has had over 50 years of consistent success in delivering X-ray solutions around the world.

  • Headquarters:

Leidos headquarters is in California, USA but has over 400 other locations across seven world continents.

  • Feature Products:

Leidos has a range of X-ray solutions, including X-ray body scanners, baggage scanners, vehicle inspection systems, and portable digital X-ray machines, among other innovative technological interests.

  • Recommend Reason:

Leidos have enough products to confuse the uninformed. Hence, Leidos is recommended for clients who know exactly what they want without further exploration of options.


★ Varex Imaging Corporation

2-5 Varex Imaging - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Varex started as two independent companies merging to meet the growth prospects in the X-ray supply industry. Both companies, Eimac Products, and Varian were already established in manufacturing various tubes like microwave tubes and cathode ray tubes. However, they saw the unique advantages that their synergy presents. Their factory boasts many manufacturing facilities in the US and worldwide, including in the Philippines and China.

  • Established Year:

Varex Imaging Corporation was created in 2017 by two mother companies, Eimac Products and Varian, as they saw the growing need and opportunities for X-ray solutions.

  • Headquarters:

While it is headquartered in Salt Lake City in Utah, USA, Varex has other international offices worldwide, including Germany and China.

  • Feature Products:

Varex provides industrial X-ray testing devices, including tubes, flat-panel detectors, and image processing solutions.

  • Recommend Reason:

Varex Imaging Corporation is best suited to the needs of clients looking for X-ray machine accessories than an actual X-ray machine.


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Best Japanese X-Ray Manufacturers


Japan has been well-known for superior engineering over many decades and even centuries. It has one of the oldest and well-established engineering and manufacturing industries.

This status is also conferred on Japanese X-ray manufacturers since they have existed for so long and have honed their skills in the X-ray manufacturing industries.

Here are the top Japanese X-ray manufacturers that you can trust for a reliable X-ray solution.

Rank X Ray Equipment Supplier Established Year Headquarters
1 Omron 1933 Kyoto
2 Nikon Metrology 1917 Tokyo
3 Hitachi 1947 Tokyo

★ Omron

3-1 Omron - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

The company is devoted to research and development. It has developed various devices that help manufacturers automate their manufacturing and inspection processes with its main factory in Kyoto, Japan, where different automated X-ray machines are designed and manufactured.

  • Established Year:

Omron was created in 1933 as Tateisi Electric Manufacturing company but was officially changed to Omron Tateisi Electronics Company in 1968, and then later changed to Omron Corporation in 1990.

  • Headquarters:

Its head office is in Shiokoji Horikawa, Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto, Japan, and has a presence in 120 other countries worldwide.

  • Feature Products:

Omron is invested in various automation fields, including Automated X-ray Inspection. They feature some of the best X-ray innovations in Japan, including 3D image sensing technologies.

  • Recommend Reason:

Omron is geared explicitly towards customers with automation inspection needs with a reliable X-ray supplier.


★ Nikon Metrology

3-2 Nikon - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

With a factory located in Tokyo, Japan, this company started as an optical measurement solution provider but tapped into the opportunities and the advanced technology options in the X-ray industry.

  • Established Year:

One of the longest-standing X-ray suppliers in the world, Nikon Metrology has been in existence since 1917. It has overseen the production of several innovative technologies in over a hundred years.

  • Headquarters:

With its corporate headquarters in Tokyo, Nikon Metrology has other offices within the Asian continent and in European and US markets.

  • Feature Products:

Nikon Metrology is well-known in Japan for manufacturing one of the most accurate X-ray machines with microfocus options. Also, they provide a CT inspection system that is impeccable.

  • Recommend Reason:

Due to their long years of existence, Nikon Metrology has a broad spectrum of experience in the industry. They are suitable for clients who desire a supplier with a consistent track record of successful X-ray solution delivery.


★ Hitachi

3-3 Hitachi - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

This company has tried to keep up with the change in technological trends like other long-standing companies. It has amassed experience in the industry to make it one of the noteworthy Japanese X-ray manufacturers. One of the featured products to come out of its factories include the GI5400 X-ray machine for inspecting glass plates.

  • Established Year:

This company started operations in 1947 and has seen a series of changes in names. It was in 2001 that five companies merged to form the company now known as Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation.

  • Headquarters:

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation is also well established in 27 other countries or regions, including Europe and the US, with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Feature Products:

Hitachi High features some of the most innovative X-ray inspection machines in the industry, with applications ranging from electronic component inspection to battery defect detection.

  • Recommend Reason:

This company is recommended to prospects that consider long-term experience and reliability more important than other factors.


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Best X-Ray Equipment Manufacturers in Europe


Europe also has some of the most sought-after X-ray machine companies. Most of these suppliers have significantly advanced, state of the art manufacturing facilities that give them an edge over suppliers from other climes.

Here is a list of the best in Europe when it comes to X-ray equipment suppliers.

Rank X Ray Equipment Supplier Established Year Headquarters
1 Zeiss 1864 Germany
2 Yxlon 1998 Germany
3 Teledyne ICM  1993 Belgium
4 Smiths Detection 2002 London
5 Scanna  1987 London
6 Euroteck 2000 UK
8 Scan X Security 2010 UK
9 Todd Research 1950 Cambridge

★ Zeiss

4-1 Zeiss - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Zeiss still manufactures optical instruments alongside other quality measuring devices like the X-ray machine. Their manufacturing facilities include Oberkochen, Wetzlar, Jena, and Göttingen in Germany, Minneapolis in the US, and Shanghai in China.

  • Established Year:

Zeiss was established by Carl Zeiss in 1846 as a business focused on the production of optical devices

  • Headquarters:

Its corporate headquarters is in Oberkochen, Germany. However, it is well represented across Germany with other offices in Jena, Berlin, Dresden, Goerlitz, and Leipzig. It also has offices in nearly 50 countries around the globe.

  • Feature Products:

Some of their top range products include Zeiss Metrotom1, which is acclaimed for its ease of use and can be used with minimal training.

  • Recommend Reason:

This X-ray equipment supplier is recommended based on their long-standing reputation of delivering quality inspection solutions and the variety of X-ray applications they offer.


★ Yxlon

4-2 Yxlon - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

From their factory in Hamburg, Germany, Yxlon has always been at the fore of manufacturing X-ray accessories and machines while tracing their roots back to when the first X-ray tube was manufactured in Hamburg, Germany, by CH Muller.

  • Established Year:

They were founded in 1998 as a merger between two X-ray machine companies, with one of the companies tracing their roots back to 1896.

  • Headquarters:

Yxlon has its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, and the US, Japan, and China, where sales and services occur.

  • Feature Products:

Their X-ray solutions are often dependent on the defect size anticipated, mode of operation, and sample size. These criteria have led to manufacturing products like the Yxlon CT Compact and MU2000-D, which majorly inspect tire defects.

  • Recommend Reason:

Yxlon has various X-ray solutions customized to individual specifications and needs with several applications of their answers in different industries. These advantages are what make Yxlon a preferred X-ray machine supplier for specific individuals.

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★ Teledyne ICM

4-3 Teledyne - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Teledyne ICM have a factory at their headquarters in Belgium from where they conduct research and development and manufacture their portable X-ray devices.

  • Established Year:

It was established in 1993 by two radiography experts who aimed to fill the void they identified in the portable X-ray niche.

  • Headquarters:

Teledyne ICM is headquartered in Andrimont (Dison), Belgium, and has at least one office on every continent from where they service and support their customers.

  • Feature Products:

Their landmark product, the SITEX C3003, is the portable X-ray generator that paved the way for other mobile X-ray solutions, including the SITEX and SITEX CP series. They also manufacture security X-ray detectors called FLATSCAN.

  • Recommend Reason:

This X-ray machine supplier is recommended for individuals looking for portable X-ray solutions and security X-ray machines as this is where the company has a competitive edge.


Smiths Detection

4-4 Smiths Detection - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

The company provides X-ray-based security solutions, including airport security, X-ray screening, and cargo inspection. Their facility is based in London, UK, where they manufacture X-ray detection devices and are currently the world’s largest manufacturer of detection devices for weapons, explosives, and contrabands.

  • Established Year:

It was established in the year 2002 as a division under the multi-investment technology company Smiths Group Plc.

  • Headquarters:

Smiths Detection has its global headquarters in London, UK, but also has a regional office for the Americas and the Asia Pacific. 

  • Feature Products:

Some of their products include HCVT (rail cargo inspection system), HI-SCAN 5030C (mobile X-ray inspection system), and HI-SCAN 10080 EDX-2is (explosive detection system).  

  • Recommend Reason:

Smith Detection will be well suited for clients who require X-ray solutions for their security inspection needs.



4-5 Scanna - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Scanna’s manufacturing facility, which doubles as the research and development facility, is in Watchfield Shrivenham, UK. They’ve been doing business for more than 30 years, and that has produced some of the most innovative X-ray security systems.

  • Established Year:

Scanna was founded in 1987 as a manufacturer and supplier of X-ray detection equipment.

  • Headquarters:

They have a corporate head office in London where sales and marketing occur and have offices in the US to cater to the North American market.  

  • Feature Products:

They are primarily involved in the manufacture of mail scanners like the Scanmax series, baggage scanners like the Rapiscan 620, and portable digital X-ray systems like the Scantrak 10.

  • Recommend Reason:

Scanna’s can adequately meet the demands of businesses simply looking for portable, onsite, X-ray solutions for their security inspections.



4-6 Euroteck - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Euroteck started as NDT specialists with calibration and maintenance services but quickly grew into a full-fledged X-ray equipment supplier with a factory in Tamworth, UK.

  • Established Year:

Euroteck started its X-ray supply company in 2000, with the founders coming from a background filled with years of engineering experience in the industry.

  • Headquarters:

With their headquarters in the UK, they comfortably serve the teeming customers in and around the UK.

  • Feature Products:

Their X-ray solutions include real-time X-ray systems like SRE Max, SRE Hex, and Omnia, a fast continuous cycle inspection.

  • Recommend Reason:

Euroteck has very competent technical personnel, and their innovative X-ray solutions are backed by professional after-sales support at competitive costs.



4-7 METRIX NDT - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Metrix NDT has been designing and developing customized X-ray solutions and implementing X-ray systems for industrial applications. With a factory in the UK, Metrix NDT aims to help UK industries achieve quality manufacturing.

  • Established Year:

Though founded in 2013, Metrix NDT Limited’s founder has had over two decades of experience in the field of X-ray imaging.

  • Headquarters:

With headquarters in the UK, Metrix NDT helps clients all over the UK to achieve their quality assessment and X-ray imaging requirements.

  • Feature Products:

Among Metrix, NDT’s X-ray products include X-ray detectors, X-ray generators, and flat-panel detectors. They also offer upgrades and retrofit services for your old equipment.

  • Recommend Reason:

Metrix NDT offers tailor-made X-ray solutions for your inspection needs and replaces faulty machine parts, all at competitive prices.


Scan X Security

4-8 Scan X Security - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Scan X Security offers X-ray security solutions with the supply of X-ray scanning equipment to security outfits and governmental agencies responsible for human safety.

  • Established Year:

Scan X was established in 2010 as a security solution provider and X-ray equipment supplier.

  • Headquarters:

Although Scan X has their headquarters in the UK, its services reach other countries within Europe and Africa.

  • Feature Products:

Their product includes security scanning equipment like baggage scanners like the CX5030T, metal detectors like the Ceia classic, and cargo scanners like the Cargo 150-150D Dual View x-ray machine.

  • Recommend Reason:

Scan X provides various options for X-ray security equipment for a wide range of security applications and scanning.


Todd Research

4-9 Todd Research - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

The company’s headquarters also serves as their research and development facility, where technical staff undergoes training to carry out specific maintenance procedures. They also offer other services, including relocation and installation of existing X-ray equipment in a new location.

  • Established Year:

Todd Research was established in 1950 as a design company and X-ray equipment, especially for security-related applications.

  • Headquarters:

They are headquartered in Cambridge in the UK, where they conduct sales and marketing for their products and maintenance services for their customers.

  • Feature Products:

Their products include portable X-ray machines like the FLATSCAN series, cabinet scanners with the TR series scanners, and metal detectors which feature the PD6500i.

  • Recommend Reason:

Their research and development are top-notch, which gives Todd Research the advantage of offering several innovative X-ray scanning solutions to customers.


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Best X-Ray Companies in South Africa


Rank X Ray Equipment Supplier Established Year Headquarters
1 Teraoka 1984 Johannesburg
2 X Sight  2004 Somerset West
3 Image X  1994 Gauteng


5-1 Teraoka - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

The company is involved in supplying different automated packaging equipment, especially X-ray inspection equipment for packaged goods. Their head office also houses a research and development department which equips technical staff with the knowledge to carry out excellent maintenance services.

  • Established Year:

Teraoka was founded in 1984 to supply the teeming populace of South Africans with inspection equipment, among other industrial equipment.

  • Headquarters:

It is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, where it provides sales and marketing of automated industrial equipment and after-sales maintenance services.

  • Feature Products:

They feature X-ray inspection systems that check for size, weight, and various contaminants like plastics, bones, fine wires, etc., before packaging.

  • Recommend Reason:

Teraoka’s services are well suited for businesses with packaging inspection needs, especially in the food industry. Their length and breadth of expertise and experience in packaging inspection are outstanding.


X Sight

5-2 X Sight - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

X Sight is into security X-ray equipment supply to security outfits and government agencies that require tools to protect lives from harm.

  • Established Year:

It was established in 2004 by an X-ray design expert to offer industrial X-ray inspection services and computer tomography services.

  • Headquarters:

Somerset West, South Africa, is X Sight’s headquarter, where they engage in sales, marketing, and after-sales maintenance services.  

  • Feature Products:

THE XT V160 electronic X-ray machine, which is used to inspect electronic components, is their top featured product. They also feature industrial CT scanners like the XT H225 and the XT H225ST. However, they have the XT H320 inspection of larger samples with its combined x-ray and CT capabilities.

  • Recommend Reason:

They leverage on their founder being an X-ray designer, giving X Sight a competitive advantage to offer competent technical services based on the founder’s wealth of experience and expertise.


Image X

5-3 Image X - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Image X is a significant X-ray imaging solution provider as well as an X-ray equipment supplier. They also carry out servicing from their headquarters, doubling as their sales and marketing outlet for their South African customers.

  • Established Year:

Image X was founded in 1994 to supply X-ray equipment with various applications across various industries.  

  • Headquarters:

Headquartered in Gauteng, South Africa, Image X distributes sales, marketing, and maintenance services.

  • Feature Products:

They feature both stationary and mobile X-ray equipment. However, their top-of-the-range X-ray product includes MAC 32 mobile X-ray unit and Ultra30 HF X-ray unit, mobile X-ray equipment for onsite quality inspection.

  • Recommend Reason:

This company is recommended for clients whose needs are more onsite inspection without stationing their equipment in a factory. They also have excellent after-sales service and maintenance.


Best X-Ray Machine Companies in Australia


Australia also has one of the most dynamic industrial manufacturing industries with a growing need for X-ray inspection equipment.

They equally have a handful of reliable X-ray solution providers, including suppliers and manufacturers of X-ray machines.

Here is the list of X-ray solution providers in Australia that make the top of the pile.

Rank X Ray Equipment Supplier Established Year Headquarters
1 Micro X 2011 Tonsley
2 AXT  1991 New South Wales
3 Matthews Australasia 1981 Victoria

Micro X

6-1 Micro X - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Micro X has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility within the Central Business District of Adelaide, from where they manufacture and deliver maintenance services to its clients. This 2,00 square meter edifice also houses the design department.

  • Established Year:

Established in 2011 by Peter Rowland, Micro X has had a decade of providing X-ray solutions to industrial manufacturing companies and security agencies in and around South Australia.

  • Headquarters:

Micro X is headquartered in Tonsley, South Australia, and has facilities in Seatac, West Australia, and the United States of America.

  • Feature Products:

They feature multiple X-ray equipment with numerous industrial applications, including mobile X-ray machines, baggage scanners, and IED X-ray cameras.

  • Recommend Reason:

Micro X has the advantage of a fast production system that simultaneously builds multiple X-ray equipment and enables them to deliver to their customers in a timely fashion.



6-2 AXT - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

AXT manufactures X-ray accessories from their facility located in NSW in Australia. However, they can partner with other international manufacturers of X-ray machines to ship their supplies to their customers.

  • Established Year:

AXT was established in 1991 after expanding its business from manufacturing only X-ray accessories like X-ray tubes.  

  • Headquarters:

Headquartered in New South Wales in Australia, AXT still has partners worldwide from where they source X-ray machines.  

  • Feature Products:

AXT still manufactures X-ray accessories used by other manufacturers in the manufacture of their X-ray machines. These products include X-ray tubes like the NDI series and the HPX series.  

  • Recommend Reason:

AXT is recommended for clients looking for a reliable source of X-ray machine accessories for their existing machines as AXT does not manufacture their X-ray equipment.


Matthews Australasia

6-3 Matthews Australasia - X Ray Equipment Supplier


  • Company Background:

Matthews Australasia develops a range of X-ray solutions from their facilities across Australia and even reach customers in neighboring New Zealand.

  • Established Year:

The company was established in 1981 and has had over four decades of specialty experience in the X-ray inspection industry.

  • Headquarters:

Matthews Australasia has its head office in Victoria, Australia, and outlets in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Feature Products:

Their feature products have varied applications across several industries, including the food and beverage industry, healthcare, logistics, packaging, and industrial manufacturing. They include XRE-D 250/400 for versatile inspection needs, including wet areas.

  • Recommend Reason:

This company is recommended for clients who are looking for a one-size-fits-all solution for their X-ray needs.


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Part 2: FAQ for Finding the Best X-Ray Equipment Supplier

In this section, you’ll find questions that show up most frequently based on industrial companies’ needs in assessing the most suitable X-ray suppliers.

How do the World-famous Industrial Companies Choose the Best X-Ray Equipment Supplier?


It is not uncommon that industrial companies and businesses find it hard to identify and choose the best X-ray equipment suppliers to meet their quality inspection needs.

However, world-famous industrial companies have a set of criteria for selecting suitable equipment suppliers, and believe it or not, they work.

Here are the criteria which you will find helpful.


High Capacity and Industry Authority:

Companies with experts (SMEs) and higher management team members often deliver the best results to their customers. Their thorough understanding of the workings of the equipment and hands-on field experience often go a long way in providing a suitable X-ray solution to distinctive clients’ challenges.

Also, having a high capacity to deliver based on consistent previous supplies and available portfolios will add credibility to a supplier’s ability to pay.


Complete Production Line: 

A supplier with a complete production line instead of a partial production is also a critical consideration. This reason hinges on the ability of the supplier to deliver on time as time is a vital factor for any business.

A supplier with a partial production line cannot guarantee timely delivery since it will rely on other manufacturers to produce certain parts of the machine.


Cutting-edge & Quality X-Ray Machine Provided:

The solution to a challenging inspection issue often depends on the availability of an X-ray machine with advanced features.

The quality of an X-ray machine often relies on the number of helpful features that it has. These features help the operator to efficiently perform tasks that will have been seemingly impossible.

If the X-ray offerings cannot match the full range of advanced features present in the market for X-ray machines, then such suppliers cannot be counted upon to deliver quality X-ray machines for your inspection needs.


X-ray Machine for Lithium battery
pcb x ray machine AX8400P
Auto parts X-ray machine UNC180S


International Quality Standard Certificated:

International quality standards are essential in quality assessment. The reason is that products are often sold in other countries with a different manufacturing standard from the country where the product was manufactured.

Therefore, in choosing a supplier, you need to ensure that the X-ray machine supplier is compliant with international quality standards. Also, make sure that the international quality certificates are up to date.


Strong Customer Support:

Some X-ray machine suppliers sell very good and highly technical X-ray machines to industrial companies.

The operators in these companies might find it hard to operate the system due to some highly advanced or new features. Therefore, excellent customer support in terms of training and technical assistance will often be needed.

Companies may experience downtime in production if a supplier does not have good customer support, which can cut the company’s bottom line.

What Qualification Should a Good X-Ray Equipment Supplier Have?


To ensure that X-ray equipment is suitable for use, it must meet internationally acceptable minimum requirements of quality, environment, health, and safety, as well as information security.

The certifications show a supplier’s compliance to the minimum specifications as itemized in the various International Standard Organization (ISO) documents.



ISO 14001 is a certification that confirms that a supplier fulfills acceptable Environmental Systems Management requirements as itemized in the standard Body of Knowledge documents.

This standard is an international agreement on the environmental management system requirements that an organization should implement to increase environmental performance, practical resource usage, and waste reduction.  

ISO 9001 is a certification that confirms that a supplier fulfills the requirements of acceptable Quality Management Systems as itemized in the standard Body of Knowledge documents.

The Quality Management System requirement for organizations helps suppliers meet the quality demands of their customers and helps to improve the manufacturing process for effective quality production.



ISO 27001 is a certification that confirms that a supplier fulfills the requirements of acceptable Information Security Management Systems as itemized in the standard Body of Knowledge documents.

This standard is an internationally agreed set of rules on the system of security and management of information that an organization should put in place to identify and mitigate information security risks.

OHSAS18001 is a certification that confirms that a supplier fulfills the acceptable Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System requirements as itemized in the standard Body of Knowledge documents.

This standard is an international guideline on the health and safety management system requirements that an organization should put in place to reduce occupational health and safety risks.


How to Choose the Best X-Ray Machine Companies Online?


You won’t ever have to be confused when identifying an X-ray machine manufacturer or supplier online. Just follow the steps highlighted below to select a suitable supplier to meet your peculiar X-ray-related challenges.


➀ Determine Product Requirements

Your products will have specific requirements that are mainly unique to the product. Hence knowing these particular requirements is a first step that needs to be taken before identifying a suitable X-ray inspection solution.

One of these requirements includes the size of the product as there are different X-ray machines suitable for different sizes of the sample. Also, the thickness of the material used for the product is equally important as the X-ray source in the machine might not be sufficient for very thick material.

Another requirement is the type of material, for instance, plastic, metal, or ceramic. Finally, the type of product to be tested is another requirement to consider.


➁ Research the Market Online

Market research is another vital step to identifying and choosing a suitable X-ray manufacturer online.

This reason is due to the massive number of manufacturers that are present in the market today.

Doing your due diligence by conducting online market research ensures that you know the ranges of features available in an average X-ray machine. It also gives an idea of the price range for different machines.

You don’t want to pay a fortune for a machine and find out later that you could have spent a fraction of the amount if only you had carried out your market research.


Research the Market Online


➂ Consider Your Choices

There are many X-ray solutions available to you with so many features and price ranges.

However, your choice will be dependent on the nature of your tests, for instance, if you want inline X-ray equipment or offline equipment.

Also, you might want to consider your options of manual, semi-automatic, and automatic machines as the level of automation can substantially increase the price of the machine you eventually purchase.


➃ Shortlist Your X-Ray Machine Companies

After determining your product requirements, conducting online market research, and logically weighing your options, you should have a handful of potential suppliers.

At this stage, you might want to screen separate these suppliers based on the following criteria:

  • Industry Experience – When the company was established, they have consistently been supplying X-ray equipment.
  • Factory vs. Trading Company – some companies manufacture their X-ray equipment while some only act as distributors. This is very important for reliable after-sales technical support as companies with their factories are more reliable.
  • Machine Quality Assurance – The quality assurance of the machine is equally critical as you don’t want to be stuck with a machine that constantly breaks down
  • Warranty Guaranteed – warranty is part of the quality assurance given by the supplier to you. It also reduces the risks that you will have to accept in a breakdown within a period.


➄ Contact Your Selected Suppliers

Once you have taken the steps highlighted above and have chosen a supplier, the next thing is to contact your selected supplier. The first contact channel is often through email, where you can request the supplier’s brochure, technical sheets, and necessary certifications.

You can then schedule a phone call meeting with the supplier’s contact person after reading all documents provided to ask questions if you’re unclear on any part of the information provided.   

Why Choose X-Ray Equipment Suppliers in China?


China is becoming the industrial capital of the world with no shortage of technical expertise. China’s advantage has helped produce some of the most advanced cutting-edge solutions, especially in the X-ray equipment manufacturing industry.

Also, the availability of so many technical experts has beaten down the cost of production, making quality products at very competitive prices possible. The fees can sometimes be up to half the price given by their European and American counterparts.

Lastly, Chinese X-ray equipment suppliers have one of the most responsive after-sales support. Due to their advanced production, Chinese manufacturers don’t have to be in your country to deliver quality after-sales support as it can be effectively done online.



To wrap up! This guide’s objective is to inform you of various and quality manufacturers and suppliers of X-ray equipment worldwide.

It is also to help you identify your needs and requirements to select a suitable supplier that meets your needs accurately.

However, the decision is still left for you to handle.

Can you handle it?


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