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How does the X-ray baggage scanner guarantee our security?

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Why do we require security checking at the airport?


Huge numbers of people pass through airports every now and then in public places like airports. These places become the potential hotspots for all illegal activities. Hence, safety here is the top priority and ensuring that safety is again the herculean task. This is where the regular security check can do the needful. The prompt security screening in the airports ensures that all the flights reach their respective destinations safely by preventing dangerous items from entering the airport as well as aircraft. X-ray baggage scanner can detect illegal items like explosives, narcotic drugs, harmful chemicals, weapons, etc. Hence, all the passengers along with their baggage must go through the security check in the airport.



The security of airports has evolved over time. Long back, airport security was not that strict and problematic. Later, a series of incidents such as bombing (aircraft attack with the only intent to destroy it along with the people aboard it), smuggling, drug trafficking, and hijacking (aircraft seizure to obtain gain in exchange for its release) led to the implementation of the modern security system. Even the drug kings like Pablo Escobar earned billions by using the flights for drug transport. These incidents were the wake-up call for the airport authorities who make it a point to ensure safety to date.

The officials relied on manual processes for a safety inspection a few decades ago. This was completely time-consuming which at times caused invasion as well as negligence of public privacy. But after the launch of these modern digitalized screening machines, many issues were solved. It is possible to quickly detect contraband. That’s how x-ray bag scanner came to light in all public places like airports.


What is the process of security checking in the airport?



To ensure public safety, the process of airport security check involves the following steps such as:

  • Luggage check
  • Passengers documental check
  • Handbag check
  • Physical examination


Luggage check

Once the passengers enter the airport terminal, they will have to drop their luggage on the conveyor belt of the security testing machine. The officials check this luggage through the television screen. As they pass the security check, the officials will label them with stickers.


Passengers documental check

After completing the luggage boarding formalities, the passengers must submit their boarding pass and original documents to the inspectors for the verification process. Once this verification step gets completed, the inspector will return the documents and the boarding pass with a safety inspection chop in it.


Handbag check

Next comes the handbag check of the passengers where they should drop their hand baggage on the conveyor belt for security check. The airport officials closely monitor these bags via television. If there is anything wrong, the officials will ask the passenger to open the bag for inspection.


Physical examination

At last, the passengers will be going through the physical examination where they will walk through the special door detector. Next, the inspector will be touching the entire body with the hand-held scanner. Remember that the alarm will emit a sound if the passenger has any sharp objects or lighters in their packet.

Some people are inconvenient with the security doors and they opt for handheld metal detectors. The reason for this inclination is the increased sensitivity of metal detectors than security doors. As the handheld detector is small and light, the security personnel can have a complete check due to intimate security.


What security equipment is often used at airports?


To assure complete safety for travellers, airports use varied types of screening equipment. These security scanning equipments check carry-on items and checked luggage with their low levels of radiation.

The airport officials use varied screening equipment to detect even the hidden items:

  • Non-ionizing radiation scanning equipment
    • Metal detectors
    • Millimeter wave machines
  • Ionizing radiation scanning equipment
    • Backscatter X-ray security scanner machine
    • Cabinet X-ray security scanner machine
  1. Metal detectors use low energy non-ionizing rays to find metal objects but ignore small amounts of metal like earrings or buttons. This equipment will send energy across scanned surfaces. If any metal object is detected, it will then bounce back. This bounce back will be detected by the instrument, which produces a beep sound. These detectors use magnetic fields produced by the current flow through electric devices.
  2. Millimeter wave machines use very less non-ionizing radiofrequency waves to identify hidden threats like knives and guns. If there is no potential threat during the scan, the screen becomes green by showing an ‘OK’ sign. In case if there is any weapon, it will appear with an outline on the screen to display the location. Not everything can be considered a threat. The airport official will finally check and confirm.
  3. Backscatter X-ray security scanner machines use very low energy X-rays which will be reflected back to the equipment. Its risk level is too minimal. Airports use ionizing rays to scan both luggage and passengers to check explosives or weapons.
  4. Cabinet X-ray security scanner machines can scan luggage and carry bags. The thicker walls of the interior cabinet and the lead-based curtains at the entry and exit help in preventing the rays from leaking.

These varied screening equipments used at airports have a specific screening purpose. They have warning labels and lights. The strict guidelines for using the equipment are in place to ensure safety.


What is the principle and applications of dual view X-ray security scanner machine?


Principle of Dual-view X-ray security scanner machine

In a single-view security machine, X-rays penetrate the target objects. These rays then reach the circuit board under the conveyor belt to develop a radiation signal. This signal gets transformed into a computer image. As per the varied objects, the degree of X-ray penetration as well as the image color development will differ.

Double-view X-ray security scanner machine, as the name implies, uses two sets of X-ray sources and detectors based on the traditional single-view angle.

This upgraded double-view security machine scans the target object from two varied angles through the scanning imaging technique. It uses two independent source probe structures to generate vertical and horizontal two-view images separately. It can successfully prevent the object overlap due to reading difficulties. That’s how this double-view security device can better identify dangerous goods and illegal imports accurately and effectively.


Applications of Dual-view X-ray security scanner machine


Security X-ray Machine 6050E
Security X-ray Machine 6050E


  • When the illegal goods are placed at a specific angle through a single-view image, only a dot or line will be shown. Hence it is difficult for the airport officials to accurately identify the location of missed inspections due to the angle placement. This is where the dual-view airport baggage x-ray machine helps in identifying the dangerous hidden goods accurately with the aid of another perspective image at the same time.
  • Complete assessment from both angles can effectively remove the interference of shields while detecting the drugs and explosives and improve the accuracy.
  • To inspect the clear targeted objects like mobile phones, cameras, explosives, etc., a dual view can exactly figure out their appearance.
  • Precise judgment
  • No need for re-inspection
  • Increased throughput due to the two-way complete HD dynamic digital display
  • It provides more detailed information about the target object in terms of appearance
  • Professional-grade experience with a higher transmission rate
  • Since this instrument works in two ways, even if there is a failure in one way, the other one will take care of the outcome.

Due to these exclusive applications, the dual-viewpoint instrument has received maximum attention from all the buyers. Many have even invested funds to upgrade their current security equipment. Currently, the government agencies and major public hotspots are gradually replacing their security systems with dual-viewpoint security equipment across the United States, Europe, and other countries. In the United States, officials started using the dual-viewpoint equipment even in the express parcel services (logistics), key regional courts, drug prohibition, airport cargo screening, and so on.


How safe is the airport luggage x-ray machine?


  • Airport X-ray scanner systems are totally meant for safety. They produce X-rays only when the machine is switched on. During this time, the risk of exposure to X-rays is fully under control with the help of shielding.
  • People think that this radiation exposure may damage their health. Actually, it is not so. There are four thicker lead curtains (two on each side) on both sides of the machine. They are not meant to prevent the dust. But they shield the X-rays in an effective manner. The instrument will follow the prescribed radiation dose.
  • People must remember that the radiation dose of both the security machine and the mobile phone is almost the same, which is negligible. Nothing happens by just standing next to the airport security scanner or passing through that check.
  • But mostly, the passengers during the security check rush to take out their bags by putting the hands into the lead curtain. They don’t wait for the bags to come out by themselves after the security check. In that case, the passenger will have to go to the hospital for an X-ray inspection. These rays may accidentally irradiate the human body, but they may not cause any harm. But if the number of exposures to the dose increases, they might turn out harmful.
  • At times, people get worried if the food inside their luggage may get contaminated due to X-ray exposure. But it is not so. The power of radiation is very small, which is detected only once. Even the received radiation dose will be lesser than 1μSv. This dose will be far lesser than those utilized for food sterilization. Most of the foods people eat are anyway irradiated.
  • The well-designed airport X-ray security scanner equipment strictly comply with the standard rules and regulations in terms of ionizing radiation use. In the US, they are governed by the American Standard 1020.40 CFR while in the UK, the guidelines are taken care of by the Ionizing Radiation Regulations 1999. These guidelines ensure not only the safety of the instrument but also the protection of the operator’s health.




Things are totally different now. It is too difficult to pass airport security check even with a water bottle. Even if we come across many reports of people finding new ways for smuggling, our modern-day airport security measures have also helped to catch the culprits red-handed. In a nutshell, everyone should keep in mind that the airport security scanner is crucial for both the passengers as well as the airport officials. This hi-tech airport X-ray security scanner machine saves manpower and material resources. It identifies the potential threats rapidly and effectively, to ensure proper security. At the same time, this overall security check gives us full safety and complete peace of mind.

This is where Uni X-ray Technology is committed to become the global market leader to enhance customer value with continuous innovation and technology and strive to create more advanced security products, solutions, and services in the security field.