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If your work environment is such that it needs a high level of security, always including baggage scanning, then you need us. 

UNI X-ray has a specialty in high X-ray detection systems with various sizes and suitability, including cargo and baggage scanning. UNI X-ray is primarily focused on detecting baggage threats using x ray security scanner with a specialty in advanced technology equipment.

The detection of threats in baggage using our baggage scanners hangs on the two major components of conveyor belts and a screen. These two-part helps detect prohibited items at places like airports and subways.

Our incredible achievements have been acknowledged in industries that include logistics, sports, civil aviation, public transportation, and many others.

Our scanners display some helpful functions like the latest X-ray protection and clear images. It also has systems like multifunctional image processing and single energy protection. These functions make it an essential piece of equipment to reduce the passage of unlawful items.

Some potentially harmful objects detected by the scanners are banned items, illegal drugs, sharp metals, and explosives. It also can precisely show images in both horizontal and vertical points with consistent accuracy using self-regulating generators.

While utilizing atomic numbers of objects, these X-ray scanners can detect a wide range of metals. It also uses color-coding to identify various harmful items, image analysis, and see dangerous objects easier.

It serves well in both cargo and baggage inspection without any intrusive activity. It also uses a low conveyor belt to ensure easy loading and offloading.

UNI X-Ray scanners are used in many security situations to ensure the world’s safety and security.

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X-Ray Baggage Scanner Manufacturers

  1. What is a baggage scanner?

Gone are the days of physically searching the contents of baggage for harmful and illegal objects. Scanners are the technologies employed for non-intrusive inspection of baggage and cargo. They are loaded and offloaded off a low conveyor belt.

This X-ray system offers a suitable solution for inspecting parcels and heavy loads, especially in public places. The installation of a low deck platform on the X-ray scanners at just 30 cm height makes loading easier.

With a color-coding function, the x-ray scanners can swiftly detect harmful or illegal objects using their atomic numbers while making the image analysis very fast. Substances such as banned items, explosive devices, and weapons are easily identified.

If an optimal inspection solution is your goal for public places like subways and airports, X-ray scanners are the appropriate security equipment. Other logistics outfits can also benefit from the X-ray baggage scanner’s high output and efficiency with their minimal footprints.


  1. What’s the main application places of x-ray baggage scanners? 

UNI X-ray offers one of the industry’s highest quality inspection standards with our accurate and precision-focused X-ray baggage scanners. These scanners are well-known for their durability, long-lasting, and superior performance.

These scanners are suitable for various places, including subways, airports, hotels, museums, offices, banks, warehouses and factories, hospitals, malls, and supermarkets.


  1. How does x-ray baggage scanner work

An X-ray baggage scanner’s workings rely on the projection of X-rays in small amounts on the inspected item to reveal the details of its content without the need to pry it open physically. 

The X-rays projected on the item produce an image on a detector, easily analyzed with a computer’s help. 

The computer unveils the item’s properties and immediately shows the threat level based on a color code. The computer analysis ignores non-dangerous items, including ordinary everyday objects.

The X-rays projected on the items do not cause any harm to digital devices. However, humans are advised not to limit their exposure to X-rays as long exposures or single high doses of X-rays can prove harmful to human health.

Harmful effects can sometimes include lesions that may be irreversible. Nonetheless, x-ray scanning machines have shielding devices that ensure X-rays do not leak, not to cause any harm to operators or other humans.

  1. Why choose us?

If you seek a reputable security solutions company with international standards, look no further as UNI X-ray has the highest industry certifications, including OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001.

With our versatile and well-experienced R&D team located within our 10,000 square meter facility, we can develop an effective and reasonably priced X-ray baggage scanner. Our scanners are well-known as the best within the industry with our responsive after-sales service team.

We have experienced and well-versed specialists that ensure your security system work optimally. They are hands-on with the training of your staff and explanations for the workings of the equipment. Some documentation makes operation very easy and makes sure you have no technical issues.

With our X-ray baggage scanners, you get advantages like

  1. Reasonable pricing
  2. Sharp images
  3. Sturdy
  4. Sizeable tunnel size
  5. Operational ease
  6. Efficient object detection
  7. Safe operation

At UNI X-ray, we are concerned and focused on how best to integrate your existing access control and security gate to best suit your security needs.  


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