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Who we are

• Getting to Know Uni X-ray

Uni X-ray is your one-stop-shop for all your X-ray solutions.

Could you have been having a hard time getting reliable manufacturers of industrial X-ray machines?

Or, have you been longing for a topnotch inspection solution for your products?

With Uni X-ray, you have all your solutions and desires at the tip of your finger.

Uni X-ray is short for Unique X-ray, the name comes from several unique technologies and patents that our company has in the x-ray industry.

• Our Location

We have our head office at Shenzhen, southern Guangdong province, the People’s Republic of China. For easy access to people, coming from distant places, the location of our headquarters is “more popularly” referred to as China Silicon Valley due to the presence of numerous top-tech companies in the area. And, of course, these companies have attracted a massive congregation of highly skilled individuals who seek for better opportunities.

(Photo of Shenzhen City)

Uni X-ray is leveraging this opportunity to recruit exceptionally talented individuals into the workforce. This has given us a competitive edge over all other companies that manufacture similar products, in terms of quality and price. When it comes to innovation and consistent inclusion of new features into our products to meet costumers’ satisfaction, our company is second to none.

Established in 2002, Uni X-ray is almost two decades old today. The long years of the company are fairly justified in the quality of the products it gives to her esteemed customers. 

We specialize in the innovative research, design, development, and manufacturing of super-functional industrial X-ray machines. Our quest to meet customers’ satisfaction has put us in the position of leadership in this industry. Uni X-ray is the first in the industry to embrace and fully integrate “internet-of-things and cloud computing” technology into its operational architecture.

Our staff retention policy has helped us to keep as many talented workers as the company needs. The presence of these staff has engendered swift dynamism in our operations and services. For instance, between 2002 and 2018, there has been consistent inclusion of new products and features to meet our customers’ satisfaction.

Today, Uni X-ray is a leading company when it comes to domestic X-ray inspection technology, as well as, equipment manufacturing and management. Our equipment and technology have come off as the first choice in the manufacturing sector. Our products such as X-ray Machine for Electronics, X-ray Machine for Automobile, X-ray Machine for Lithium Battery, X-ray Machine for Welding, X-ray machine for security are widely used in the first-tier-tech industries.

• Our Present Business Status

After a series of routine improvements and upgrades, Uni X-ray has successfully transformed itself into a super-modern tech-hive, covering over 30,000 square meters of modern factories and R&D centers in Wuxi New District. Also, we have other subsidiary manufacturing plants in Shenzhen and Chongqing, as well as sales and service outlets across Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Qingdao, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xiamen, Ningbo, and Shenyang.

• Our Customers

We work consistently towards customer satisfaction. As a result of this, our products are considered some of the bests in the world. Our clients cut across global first-tier manufacturing and tech companies, some of which are Foxconn, Bosch, Sony, Philips, Flextronics, BYD, TCL, ZTE, Ningde Times, Panasonic, Samsung, BMW, Audi, Tesla, FAW-Volkswagen, Chinese Academy of Sciences, ABB, Dongfang Electric, and numerous other reputable companies in the world, some of who also use our technology solutions for transportation, security, judicial and postal services.

Also, we sustain cooperation with many renowned institutions such as People’s Public Security University of China.

• Our Vision

While appreciating customers’ needs, we strive to sustain excellence and honesty. We keenly advocate the culture of decency, learning, and gratitude.

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