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Everything that You Should Know About X-ray Machine

In this blog post, you’ll read:Are you planning to buy or even use an X-ray machine? Then, there are many things that you should know. X-ray machines are X-ray imaging devices. X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that has been used in the medical field for many years now. This technology has proven to be very effective at showing us images of our internal organs such as lungs, heart, and even bones.

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Are you planning to buy or even use an X-ray machine? Then, there are many things that you should know. In this guide, we will enlighten you on all that you should know about X-ray machines.


What are X-ray Machines?

X-ray machines are X-ray imaging devices. X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that has been used in the medical field for many years now. This technology has proven to be very effective at showing us images of our internal organs such as lungs, heart, and even bones.

We can also define X-ray machines as X-ray production devices that allow X-rays to be produced. The X-rays will then hit an X-ray receptor found on the X-ray screen, which then transforms the X-ray into a visible image that you can see using your eyes.


x-ray machine
x-ray machine AX8400


The X-ray machine is also used in airport security and other security systems. In addition, x-ray machines are the most used in dental X-rays to determine cavities, infections, and cracks on your teeth.


How does X-ray Machine Work?

The X-ray tubes in the X-ray machine works by accelerating electrons under high voltage. These electrons will cause the breaking of atomic bonds, so it continuously releases electromagnetic radiation.  This radiation causes further collisions with other atoms in its path. These types of collisions result in the emission of more X –rays and gamma rays.  X-Ray screens are made from materials such as molybdenum or tungsten.


What do X -rays do to Your Body?

X-ray machine image source
Image source

X-rays are electromagnetic radiation, and they can bounce off of different types of materials. Some materials have high density, while others are less dense.

The X-rays produced from X-ray machines are very powerful in that they can go through flesh, bone, and even hard metal, depending on their power. X-ray machines have various power settings, so they can be used for many different things.  Now you can adjust the machine to operate at high power settings or low power settings.

High power settings are used when the X-rays need X-ray cross-sections of large objects or bodies or X-rays that are far away. Conversely, x-ray machines with low power settings are used when X-rays need small X-ray objects close to the machine.

The X-ray tube in the X-ray machine will shoot X-rays towards the X-ray receptor. This receptor can be adjusted to focus on where you want the X-ray beam to be emitted from.

X-rays produce a powerful dose of radiation every second that passes through your body, harming your cells if exposed for long periods. The effect depends on how much time and how many doses of X-rays you have received.

X-ray machine technicians are well-trained to minimize X-ray exposure, and X-ray machines can only be used in very short doses. X-ray machine technicians are also very well shielded by thick metals to not feel the X-ray radiation while working.


Components of X-ray Machine

X-ray component


Control panel

X-ray Control Panel is a computer control panel used to set up different X-ray machine settings like power, aperture size, or even wipe clean the X-ray screen. Most of these panels have buttons with pictures representing what they do so that anyone can use them without training. The control panel can also feature a touchscreen as the primary user interface.


High voltage transformer

X-ray machine high voltage transformer ensures that adequate power is delivered to the tube for the generation of X-rays. X-ray machine X-ray tube is the X-ray producing agent. X-rays are produced when an electrical current passes through an X-ray tube.


X-ray tube

The X-ray tube is a vacuum bulb designed for X-rays production. The energy released by electrons bouncing off the high voltage electrode in combination with the materials which fill it up produces X-rays that can be used in medical or security screening sizes. The output of X-rays depends on several factors, including pressure, voltage, and temperature

X-ray tube has two components, X-ray target and X-ray cathode X-ray tube also called X-ray source. X-ray machines use X-ray tubes that are made of molybdenum or tungsten. X-rays will be produced when a high voltage is applied to the  X-ray target. This X-ray will then pass through the X-ray control panel, a system used for regulating various settings on an  X-ray tube.


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X-ray grid

The function of the X-ray grid is to X-ray your body parts, and X-rays will pass through the X-ray grid to the X-ray receptor. This allows X-rays to reach receptors from many directions. However, X-rays can only pass through X-ray receptors that have low-density materials.

The benefit of using an X-ray grid is that you can adjust the grid to allow you to take a closer look at some specific body parts, so it’s easier for the technician to detect abnormalities. If there are no abnormalities detected, then you won’t need any further medical treatment for that day.


X-ray collimator

The function of an X-ray collimator is to regulate and redirect x-rays from the X-ray tube X-rays pass through the X-ray collimator. The X-ray Collimator has a high density, so it will stop X -rays from passing through it in all directions except at one particular angle. This is called an aperture.

 The X-ray machine technician can adjust the aperture of the X-ray Collimator to make sure that only specific body parts or organs are being radiated by controlling where X-Ray ions are aimed at.

 Using exposure factors, they determine how long they will leave X-rays on exposing your body part. Usually, anything over 20 seconds is considered unsafe, but sensitive areas like your lungs may be X-rayed for up to 30 seconds.

 X-ray collimator is used to reduce X-rays exposure where it’s not needed and redirect X-rays where X-ray receptors are placed, such as your knee or chest


X-ray radiographic film

The function of the X-ray film is to produce radiographic X-ray images. X-ray receptors will radiate your body parts, and X-rays will pass through the X-ray grid to X-ray film. X-rays will record an image on the X-ray film.

The X-ray film is then inspected by trained technicians who are looking for any abnormalities. X-ray films allow X -rays to pass through easily even if they’re placed in a strong lead container enabling them to be stored and transported without danger of radiation leaks.

So, when buying an X-ray machine, verify that it has all these major components. They will determine the overall performance and functionality of your X-ray machine. An experienced X-ray machine technician may help you with the verification of the X-ray parts and components.


Types of X-ray Machines

Image of X-ray machine
X-ray machine AX9400

X-ray machines are classified according to their areas of application. We are going to look at the different types of X-ray machines and where they are used.


Standard computed tomography X-ray machines are X-ray machines used in the medical field and X-ray for airport security.

These X-rays have a high X-ray radiation power, so it can X-ray different body parts such as bones, skin, lungs, heart, etc. In addition,  X-rays use CT scans often to X-ray organs that cannot be seen using regular X-rays like the brain.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) X-ray machines are low-power X-rays that use X-ray spectroscopy (XRS) equipment, also known as Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (EDS). These machines are mostly used in laboratories, and they produce good-quality images of the chemical components of an object.

Radiation therapy X-ray Machines are X-ray machines used to X-ray the body so it can be treated. This X – rays are very powerful and cannot be used by people. X-rays use radiation therapy treatment to kill cancer cells.

Radiation protection X-ray Machine, also known as industrial X-Ray machine, is an X-Ray machine used in industries to ensure a clean production process. They will X-ray their products so they can see them clearly from the inside for checking any defects.

Radiation detection X-ray Machines are devices used to detect radiation and contamination levels in homes and public facilities. Because of recent terrorist attacks, there are strict guidelines on how much radiation one might have been exposed to. In most cases, if your devices are X-rayed and suspected that radiation levels are being emitted from these devices, it will be removed and X-rayed in a special isolated X-ray room.

Cabinet X-ray systems are X-Ray machines used to X-ray packages inside a secure room so the packages can be screened for any suspicious content. These X-rays are low-power X-rays and are often used in airports as part of security checks.


X-ray Dental system is an X-ray system with very low power. It is also known as dental X -rays. These machines produce X-rays with wavelengths of up to 10 micrometers and pinpoint dosages on small areas.


Medical X-ray Unit Machines are high-power X-ray generators, so they are mainly used for medical applications, including CT scan technology. However, today these machines are becoming antiquated due to the development in digital imaging technology.


Digital radiography systems ( X-ray machines) use X-rays to produce X-ray Imaging ( XRI), so these X – rays are very powerful and cannot be used by people. However, XRIs are used in medical applications and in airport X-ray machines to screen luggage contents.

Digital radiography systems are X-ray systems that can produce images appearing to show different colors, some imaging bones more clearly than previously. This technology is often used in screening air travel passengers.


Chest X-rays X-ray machines are X-rays of the X-ray that X –rays a person’s chest. This X-ray machine is used to evaluate any abnormalities in the X-ray subject’s lungs or heart.


Lung X-ray machine takes the images of a person’s lungs to see and detect any tumors or disease present in the X-ray subject’s lungs. X-rays machines are used by X-ray technicians for detecting lung cancer.


X-ray photoelectron spectrometers X-ray machine X-ray equipment is used to X-ray a person’s fingernails or hair so they can be analyzed. X-rays are sometimes X-rayed on objects that have been X-rayed before.


A high-voltage x-ray irradiator X-ray machine is used to sterilize medical or dental products and X-ray, X-rays are sometimes X-rayed on objects that have been X-rayed before.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the type of X-ray machines that you want to buy. You only need to specify the application area then go for the right X-ray machine suitable for the job.


Where to Buy X-ray Machines?

The best place to buy is from reputable X-ray machine manufacturers and suppliers. X-ray machines can be purchased new or used. But it is always advisable to buy brand new X-ray machines for sale. This is because you will get a chance to use an X-ray machine in perfect condition to execute its mandate. Therefore, ensure that you buy from reliable X-ray machine manufacturers and suppliers in China.

X-ray machine machinery is a pretty expensive piece of equipment, so it would be wise to buy from trustworthy X-ray suppliers and X-ray manufacturers.

Start by gathering all your needs and requirements for the X-ray machines. You will know the type and model of the X-ray machines that you should buy from this list. You can then proceed to verify the technical specifications of the X-ray machine. These include variables such as power and frequency of the machine.

Read the X-ray machine reviews, then proceed to choose the right manufacturer.


Unixray: Reliable X-ray machines Manufacturer in China

X-ray machine manufacturers offer X-ray machines for sale at affordable prices. X-Ray machines are usually the most expensive part of any medical diagnostic center, whether small or big.

It is very important that you only use X-rays when there is a need since they can do much harm should they be designed or controlled improperly. This is why we insist that you should buy quality X-ray machines for sale.

As a reliable X-ray machine manufacturers, we will help with all your needs. We have our staff which handles inquiries on X-ray machines. We also use high-tech technology to manufacture our X-ray machines. So feel free to contact us for all your needs with regards to the X-ray machines.



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