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Top 10 Industrial X-ray Machine Brands in 2021

In this blog post, you’ll read:Are you looking for a new industrial X-ray machine for your company? To make your work easy, we have listed the best 10 industrial X-ray brands of the year 2021.

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Are you looking for a new industrial X-ray machine for your company? Are you aware of the top X-ray brands?


To make your work easy, we have listed the best 10 industrial X-ray brands of the year 2021. However, before proceeding with this list, let’s understand the significance of an industrial X-ray machine and the considerations for selecting the right brand.


What is the industrial X-ray machine?



Industrial X-ray Machine
    Figure 1: Industrial X-ray Machine

Radiographic inspection is a type of nondestructive testing (NDT) where an industrial X-ray machine is used. This X-ray machine can determine the hidden defects of the given object be tested without damaging its properties.

Do you wonder why X-ray is used? X-rays are electromagnetic waves that have a shorter wavelength. Hence, it can easily penetrate any material of varied densities due to the variation in its light intensity. As a result, the outcoming contrast effects develop into an image to highlight the interior structure of the test sample.

Industrial X-ray machines (Figure 1) can be used in varied sectors such as automobiles, electronics, lithium batteries, security, etc.


What are the major components of an industrial X-ray machine?

An industrial X-ray inspection equipment consists of six parts (Figure 2):

Major components of an X-ray Machine
Figure 2: Major components of an X-ray Machine
  • Control panel – It helps in setting up varied settings like aperture size and power.
  • X-ray tube – It is a vacuum bulb meant to produce X-rays.
  • High voltage transformer – It ensures that sufficient power is delivered to the X-ray tube for generating X-rays.
  • X-ray grid – The sample is kept in the adjustable grid through which the X-ray passes.
  • Collimator – It regulates the intensity of X-rays produced from the X-ray tube.
  • X-ray radiographic film – It can be developed into X-ray images.

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What should we consider while choosing a suitable X-ray machine brand?

Pay attention to the following factors while selecting the right brand (Figure 3):

  • Price
  • Brand
  • Communication
  • Maintenance and services
Factors while selecting the right brand
Figure 3: Factors while selecting the right brand

Let us go through them one by one:



Suppose you are buying a camera. Obviously, the one with more pixels will be costlier than the lower pixel camera. It’s because the pixel rate detects the image resolution. In case you are a professional photographer, the higher pixel camera works for you. However, if you are a student, a lower pixel camera is enough for you. Again, it’s your personal requirements that decide the price.

Similarly in the X-ray machine, factors such as detector resolution, degree of automation, power, spot size, specifications of the generators, voltage, and the proximity of the X-ray source to the object decide the cost. Furthermore, decide whether you require a flat panel detector or an image intensifier. A flat panel detector is comparatively more expensive with bright high-definition images.



When it comes to brands, Germans are always renowned for manufacturing the best quality products across the world. Of course, industrial X-ray equipment is not an exception anyway. However, in recent times, Germans are losing the market. And in turn, China has started manufacturing reliable products. Hence, German manufacturers have transferred their production base to China. Chinese are famous for developing high-performance X-ray machines at low cost so that the end-user can buy them. And that’s the formula for their success.

German brand or Chinese brand? Despite having peace of mind, it is worth considering X-ray machines from other credible manufacturers, before taking the decision. Try to judge the brand on its own merits, without paying much attention to the place of origin.



See whether you have a good rapport with the X-ray manufacturer before buying the machine. In case of any queries or inquiries, the manufacturer should be proactive enough to guide you by providing a personalized X-ray machine at an affordable budget. Even after selling the machine, the manufacturers should be in touch with you regularly and solve your inquiries if any.


Maintenance and services

Usually, maintenance service on your industrial X-ray equipment should be carried out every quarter. The intervals will be specified by your manufacturer. Possibility of any non-compliance may end up in liability issues.

Regular safety checks including the wiring can verify the efficiency of your X-ray equipment and ensure there is no defect. Even remote training services can also help in reducing technical failures and malfunctions. Furthermore, system defects can also be rectified instantly with the help of remote diagnosis as well as access.

By transmitting the data collected from the X-ray instrument to the manufacturer’s computer center via a VPN connection, the data can be automatically inspected on site. On the other hand, you can terminate the maintenance service contract with the X-ray machine manufacturer.

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Next, let us go through the list of the 10 best X-ray machine brands in the year 2021.


Top 10 X-ray machine brands in 2021

1. YXLON (Germany)

2. Uni X-ray (China)

3. Nikon Metrology (US)

4. Nordson (US)

5. Smiths Detection (UK)

6. Oehm-Rehbein (Germany)

7. Bosello High Technology (Italy)

8. Baker Hughes DS (US)

9. Nongshim Engineering (Korea)


YXLON (Germany)


YXLON International offers industrial X-ray systems across the world for non-destructive testing that can fit in any manufacturing unit with assured high safety and quality. They have expertise in providing the appropriate X-ray solution to match every manufacturer’s requirement.

The inspection machines include complete radiation-shielded X-ray cabinets with varied manipulation systems with high-performance X-ray systems. Furthermore, the company offers portable X-ray systems and CT (Computed Tomography) systems as well for varied applications. They offer X-ray machines in the field of aerospace, automotive, electronics, weld, tire, science & research, wheel, and foundries sectors.

You get a customized product as per the application level, defect size detection (<1µm, <50 µm, <1mm, >1mm), part size/density combination (small, medium, large), and mode of operation (2D, 3D, high throughput).

Pros: YXLON International brand is renowned for its high ease of use, stable output, compact structure, low weight, safety, easy portability, and superior quality.

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Uni X-ray (China)

uni x-ray

Uni X-ray offers fully automated cutting-edge industrial 2D and 3D X-ray equipment with high-quality imaging for varied applications including security, lithium batteries, automobile parts, electronic equipment, tires, and welding.

Here also, you can get a customized X-ray machine at an affordable price. As the company has 18 years of expertise in this field, they have done business with top brands such as Audi, Tesla, BMW, Sony, Panasonic, Bosch, Philips, and Samsung. This high-tech company specializes in X-ray research, development, and manufacturing as well.

Their innovative products involve high resolution, increased magnification, high capacity, super optimization, intuitive software interface, custom microfocus technology, high-performance stage control, 90 kV / 100KV-5-micron X-ray source, high detection repeat accuracy, as well as positive and negative 60-degree rotation and tilt.

Furthermore, the company has obtained the certifications for safety and performance from US-FDA, ISO, EU CE, the Radiation Safety license, and the Ministry of Public Security. They also have advanced ergonomics for ease of use.

Pros: Uni X-ray brand is renowned for its high degree of safety, ease of use, versatility, technical expertise, great customer support, and top-notch image quality.


Nikon Metrology (US)

Nikon Metrology

Nikon Metrology is a globally renowned brand that has established itself as a market leader in optical instrumentation. This first microscope company manufactured its own glass that ensures high-quality assurance throughout its production stage. Their 100 years of expertise promoted them to be at the forefront of technological innovation ensuring trustworthiness and creativity.

Later, Nikon Metrology expanded towards 3D metrology, and today, they offer multiple solutions for applications ranging from mini electronic items to the biggest aircraft. Their X-ray and CT machines can be used for inspecting plastics, loaded PCBs, material defects, aerospace components, compact castings, assembly problems, automotive parts, and connectivity failures. Nikon has over 30 years of experience in offering X-ray systems and remains active in over 30 countries. Their 4K Ultra HD display is meant for combined measurement and real-time analysis with a low cost of ownership.

Pros: Nikon brand is renowned for advanced visualization, superior image quality, accuracy, and reliability.


Nordson (US)


Nordson DAGE leads the industrial X-ray market by delivering award-winning X-ray inspection equipment for nondestructive testing and quality control management. Their high-resolution nano focus can be implemented within the production field as well as the failure analysis laboratories.

The company offers a manual X-ray system, inline system, offline system, semi-inline, quadra type, and CT system. Their ergonomic-friendly system includes an intuitive “point and clicks” user interface, 30 advanced filters to get the sharpest image, a flat panel detector (16-bit contrast with 6.7 MP resolution), and a LaB6 emitter instead of a traditional tungsten filament.

Pros: Nordson brand is renowned for quality, performance, unique design, high resolution, and ease of use.


Smiths Detection (London, UK)

Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection is a global market leader in threat detection as well as screening technologies. The company has 8 R&D centers, 21 global offices, and 5 manufacturing sites. They manufacture X-ray inspection systems in the aviation, defense, and security sector. Various international airports, especially Narita International airport, implemented their X-ray screening for security purposes. It offers complete solutions for air cargo, mailroom screening, food safety, baggage, security checkpoints, prison security, and airborne COVID-19 detection as well.

Pros: Smiths Detection brand is renowned for extended global coverage, reliability, and complete technical support across the world.


Oehm Rehbein (Germany)

Oehm Rehbein

Oehm Rehbein offers personalized industrial digital X-ray solutions in varied sectors such as military, quality inspection, human medicine, veterinary medicine, OEM, and security. This company is one of the early pioneers of digital X-ray technology developing software for evaluating and recording X-ray images. Their highest quality stationery and portable X-ray devices can easily determine the smallest deviations in routine inspections. Their innovative X-ray systems can also be used in the construction, energy sector, jewelry industry, oil and gas, ship, aircraft, vehicle, assembly tests, and geology, archeology, and arts.

Pros: Oehm Rehbein brand is renowned for compactness, mobility, ease of use, lightweight, flexibility, quick turnaround, reliability, and wireless connectivity.


Bosello High Technology (Italy)

Bosello High Technology

Zeiss Group-owned Bosello High Technology, renamed into Carl Zeiss X-ray Technologies Srl, offers X-ray inspection systems across various sectors such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, and medicine. Their X-ray test inspects internal flaws and measures internal structures and performs the structural material analysis.

Their X-ray systems are equipped with a digital flat-panel detector, X-Ray sources from 160kV up to 450 kV or microfocus sources up to 150kV, electronic safety circuits controlled by a multifunction controller (level 4 safety class compliant) with no mechanical contact switches, and high-speed door movements controlled by inverter.

Pros: Bosello High Technology brand is renowned for reduced setup times by up to 80%, timesaving of 30-70%, and user-friendliness.


Baker Hughes DS (US)

Baker Hughes DS

Baker Hughes company works as a global leader in non-destructive testing by providing varied best-in-class solutions from radiography systems to portable eddy current and ultrasound equipment across varied applications including turbomachinery process, oilfields, measurement, testing, and quality control.

Pros: Baker Hughes brand is renowned for innovation, timely customer services, quality, and usability.


Nongshim Engineering (Korea)

Nongshim Engineering

Nongshim Engineering company is a global inspection leading company that offers X-ray inspection for investigating foreign substances, shapes, omissions, and damages of varied sectors including beauty, food, and pharmaceutical items. This system can be installed during packaging, product inspection, and bottle/can inspection. In 2002, the company started this X-ray inspection business and expanded sales across Europe, China, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

Pros: Nongshim brand is renowned for safety, high speed, precision, and user-friendliness.



As technology advances and awareness about nondestructive inspection increases, the industrial X-ray imaging market is set to improve remarkably in the coming years. Hence, we recommend every manufacturer install an industrial X-ray machine for quality inspection.

Without wasting your time in search of a brand, go through the above list and make the right choice. If you have any questions, reach out to us and we are there to help you.


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