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Top 10 Slitter Machine Manufacturers in China

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slitter machine manufacturers china

Have you ever wondered what a slitting machine is, what it does, and where to get the best types of slitting machines?

Here’s an accurate response to all of your questions.

Slitting machines are types that reduce large rolls of materials such as battery electrodes, plastics, papers, foams, and other materials into smaller rolls, and this process is referred to as ‘slitting’.

China remains the most prominent economic supplier and marketer of these slitter machines, and listed below are some of the best slitter machine manufacturers in China.


I. Top 10 Slitter Machine Manufacturers in China

There are numerous slitter machine manufacturers and distributors worldwide, but there are some distinct manufacturers in China.

Their guaranteed production quality and other after-sales services have distinguished different manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

A quick perusal of top 10 Chinese slitter machine manufacturers is listed below:

Top Rank

Slitter Machine Manufacturer

































1. TOB


Fujian Province, China




Established in 2012 by a passionate metallurgical engineer, Mr. Zhengyao Huang, TOB Machines has become a leading battery equipment company. Its partnership and cooperation with top mobile companies like Apple, Samsung, SKC, etc., have made it known as one of the leading suppliers of its equipment and materials.

Its top investments are in the super-capacitor lines in Russia and battery pack equipment factories in Shenzhen. Its battery equipment market has expanded, and it is ISO certified.

Key Products:

  • Lithium-Ion Coin Cell Lab-Line Equipment
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Coating Machine
  • Lithium Battery Double Layers
  • Continuous Hydraulic Roller Heat Press
  • Lithium Battery Electrode Slitting
  • Semi-Automatic Battery Stacking
  • Vacuum Filling Machine For Cylindrical Battery


2. Kingsun

2. Chinese Kingsun Slitter Mahcine Manufacturer


Xincheng, Wenzhou, Zhejiang




Kingsun is a company with more than 16 years of supply of various quality printing and packaging machinery. Meeting its customer’s needs has been at the heart of its research and development program since its establishment in 2006 as an offshoot of the ZhejiangOuhai International Trade Co. Ltd has increased sales tremendously after just a year of operation.

Over 65 major customers widely accept its machines for their printing and packaging machinery, spread across the globe.

Key Products:

  • High-speed paper or plastic film slitter rewinders
  • paper slitter rewinder machine
  • Label Slitter with Rotary Die Cutter
  • Holographic Film Soft Embossing Machine
  • Computerized Three Side Sealing Zipper Bag-Making Machines


3. Jota Machinery


Jiangsu, China




Product customization and customer satisfaction are the essential qualities of Jota machinery.

At Jota machinery, they make decisions about your choice of machinery easier and better by allowing you to design and customize your choice machinery.

Jota machinery also boasts of over 20 years of quality supply chain and network integration with the production of the slitter rewinder at their core with customers worldwide.

Key Products:

  • Fully Automatic Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Making Machine
  • Automatic Facial Tissue Making Machine
  • Thermal Paper Slitter Rewinder
  • Slitting Rewinding Machine
  • Paper Tube Making Machine


4. Jiangsu Furi

4. Chinese Furi Slitter Mahcine Manufacturer


Jiangsu Province, China




Furi precision machinery became a company in 2008, and they have a wide range of slitting machines coupled with strong technical support on standby from qualified technicians from around the world.

FuriMach has three factories in China, with the main factory in Kunshan city and others in Jiangsu.

They offer Effective after-sales service and efficient quality control for proper servicing of machinery. Also, Furi is committed to research and development for improved product quality.

Key Products:

  • Double-shaft Plastic Film Slitting Machine
  • Adhesive BOPP Tape Slitting Machine
  • Air Blade BOPP Stationery Tape Slitting Machine
  • Double-shaft Center Surface Slitting Rewinding


5. Ruian Loyal

5. Chinese Ruian Royal Slitter Mahcine Manufacturer


Wenzhou, China




With over a decade of quality and innovative slitting machines produced, Ruian Loyal has opened up to the international market in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Ruian Loyal Machinery is dedicated to excellence, quality service, and innovative technological designs to serve their teeming customers optimally.

Key Products: 

  • Automatic Coil Slitter Rewinder Machine
  • Automatic Blank Label Slitting Rotary Die
  • High-Speed Slitting Machine with Shaftless Unwinding
  • Flexible Film High-Speed Slitting Machine


6. Yancheng Longterm Machinery

6. Chinese Longterm Slitter Mahcine Manufacturer


Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, China




Longterm machinery is a manufacturer of automatic slitting machines and sheet cutting machines with expertise in intelligent machine manufacturing.

Longterm has their core specialty in research and development of cut edge slitting and cutting machinery.

They are certified by international standard bodies, including The Conformitè Europëenne (CE), International Standard Organization (ISO), and Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), as a hallmark of quality products and services.

Their customer reach is not limited to the Chinese market only but several other international markets such as Turkey, Spain, Germany, etc.

Key Products:

  • Kraft Paper Slitter Machine
  • Insulation Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine
  • Plastic Film Slitting Rewinding Machine
  • Printed Paper Slitting Machine
  • Non-Woven Fabric Slitting Machine
  • Auto Label Paper Slitting Machine
  • Silicone Rubber Foam Slitting Rewinding Machine


7. Newsun

7. Chinese Newsun Slitter Mahcine Manufacturer


Zhejiang Province, China




Newsun was established close to the China East Sea with many developments for slitting machines, lamination machines, inspection machines, and gravure machinery. 

Their affordable price range also gives it some bragging rights among counterparts in the world market. Their state-of-the-art factories are established in the beautiful Zhejiang province, China.

Newsun makes research and development a significant part of its objectives, along with excellent customer support.

Key Products: 

  • Paper Slitting Machine
  • High-Speed Slitting
  • High-Speed Slitting Machine

8. Zontai Machinery

8. Chinese Zontai Slitter Mahcine Manufacturer


Zhejiang Province, China




Zontai has been in business since 2003 with dedicated teams for designing, manufacturing, and selling slitter rewinding machines.

They are also massive in research and development, using it to improve product quality and meet client expectations. 

Their range of equipment also includes other machines used in the packaging industry, including laminating, inspection, and sealing machines.

Their environmental and safety policies are of high international standards, ensuring that their manufacturing process is safe and environmentally friendly.

Key Products:

  • Surface rolling Slitting Rewinding Machine
  • Non-Solvent Laminating Machine
  • Vertical Automatic Slitting & Rewinding Machine
  • Automatic Doctoring Rewinding Machine


9. Gawang

9. Chinese Gawang Slitter Mahcine Manufacturer


Ruian City, China




There are many professionally standard slitting machine suppliers. Still, Gawang stands out as one of the topmost manufacturers of slitting machines, plastic packing machines, slitting, and rewinding machines, to mention a few.

Gawang was established in 2005, and with close to two decades of professional and technical expertise, they have international standard certifications as proof of quality.

Gawang machinery also has a flexible payment plan for machines purchased from its distributing factories to give its customers more accessible and affordable means of payment. They also have ever-ready technical support to respond to any fault or complaints of their esteemed customers.

Key Products:

  • POS Paper Slitting Machine
  • Thermal Paper Slitting Machine
  • High Speed Label Slitting Machine
  • Flat Series Label Die Cutting Machine
  • Smart Medium Speed Paper Cup Making Machine
  • Fully Automatic Exercise Book-Making Machine
  • PLC Controlled Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine
  • Precision Slitting Machine
  • Wall Paper Rewinding Machine

10. Sanwin

10. Chinese Sanwin Slitter Mahcine Manufacturer


Ruian City, Zhejiang province, China




Sanwin Machinery Company is an equipment manufacturer specialized in manufacturing slitting machines.

There are also other equipment types in their extensive catalog of machines, including flexographic printing machines and paper straw-making machines. 

They have their factory in Ruian city where their research and development team put heads together to produce innovative industrial packaging solutions.

Key Products: 

  • Automatic Paper Straw Slitting Cutting Machine
  • Small Paper Straw Slitting Rewinding Machine
  • Straw Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine
  • Mini Paper Straw Slitting Rewinding Machine
  • Aluminum Slitting Machine
  • Cutting and Slitting Machine

II. Slitter Machine for Your Battery Production Line


Slitter machine helps battery manufacturers cut battery electrodes to fit the different packaging sizes. This equipment is responsible for the different sizes of batteries that you can find available today.

But here is the thing.

The level of automation and technology varies for different slitter machines. It then makes sense for battery manufacturers to identify their specific needs to choose the right splitter machine.

A rolling slitter machine, for instance, is necessary for reducing the width of materials that operators feed into it. It is necessary to achieve the designed size, shape, and pattern of the material. However, you may require a machine that feeds the material faster without removing the element of human monitoring.


slitter machine for battery production


Hence, a semi-automatic slitting machine may be ideal for this purpose. Additionally, you might need to consider other factors when choosing a slitter machine manufacturer for your battery assembly line. 

A factor like the input voltage can be crucial since voltage standards are different for different countries. The number of cutting blades, blade material, and diameter are also super important since these factors ensure the speed and longevity of your splitter machine. Other essential considerations include the slitter machine’s RPM (revolution per minute) and cutting thickness.


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III. X-Ray Machine for Your Battery Quality Control & Inspection


Many devices and products are very much dependent on batteries, ranging from the most miniature torch to the largest generator machine. 

Every battery production line and process must conform to a high-quality standard. A tiny fault in a product can cause the ineffective use of the products, which is why you need quality control and inspection. 

A quality team working round the clock is also essential to attain an optimal production process for a quality product.

Numerous battery manufacturers have failed to meet industry-set quality standards due to inefficient quality control. This inefficiency may cause the inability to obtain standard certification to market their respective products. 

Inspection creates the opportunity to notice and identify mislaid or missing components. 

In the case of battery inspection, an X-ray machine serves as the parameter for inspection and quality control.

This process allows for determining the defects in a battery, the alignments, telescoping, layering, and deterioration in the components.

battery x ray inspection 2battery x ray inspection 1battery x ray inspection 4battery x ray inspection 3

Due to the energy batteries possess, X-ray machines can help discover and avoid leakages because of heat generated from the battery and to help analyze if the battery casings can hold.

An X-ray machine is also helpful in measuring and aligning its internal linear distances, short circuits, and inappropriate materials.

X-ray machines also help determine accurate battery inspection in all components in little to no time.


IV. UNI X-ray: Your Best X-ray Machine Supplier in China


Selecting an effective and efficient X-Ray machine manufacturer can be tedious and arduous. Still, the first and most important is identifying the parts required for inspection, which reduces the inspection task.

When searching for an X-Ray machine for inspection purposes, you would consider the best machine at the best bargain.  

Uni X-ray is a highly recommended manufacturer and supplier of the best X-ray machine, with almost twenty years of reliable service. Uni X-ray has competent service delivery, with excellent technical support geared towards customer satisfaction.

Uni X-ray is a Chinese manufacturer that remains outstanding due to the competitive advantage of their experts and professionals that help cut their cost of production by a substantial measure.

And with such an astute technical team, it has granted them the competitive advantage to produce the same valuable, durable, and quality machines at reduced production costs.

Uni X-ray Machinery’s customers are paramount to them and with the customer’s needs put first, they have a huge, innovative online presence that allows them to attend to customers’ technical difficulties anywhere in the world on the clock.




In a nutshell, slitting machines contribute significantly to the production process of batteries and many other products. 

The standard of such products is grossly reliant on the standard of the production levels and processes of the Slitting machines as well.

The slitting process entails narrowing wider materials into narrower and slimmer components and is considered one of the most critical manufacturing processes requiring constant quality control.

By all production guidelines, producers commonly bank on appropriate slitting machines for a perfect slit of materials by production standards. More so, timely and frequent quality control helps determine if a slitting machine has attained professional standards before being marketed globally.

X-ray machines provide faster and accurate quality control and inspection processes than visual inspection methods do.

Uni X-ray is one of the topmost reliable manufacturers of X-ray machines that constantly provides innovative options to customers at a reasonable and affordable price with a group of standby technical customer support staff.

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