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11 Tips Help You Save $10,000 on PCB X-ray Inspection Machine Price

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Have you ever thought of how you can save on your next X-ray machine purchase? Perhaps you’ve thought it is impossible.

Fortunately, it is possible to save up to $10,000 or even more. Most people fail to consider the right factors or get the wrong advice from an unqualified or inexperienced person.

Look at it this way, if you wanted to buy a car, would you ask a carpenter or an automobile mechanic? The answer is obvious. The point is you need to get your advice from an authority (which we are), and then you need to consider the right factors.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

PCB X Ray Inspection Machine Cost Comparison Between USA and Chinese Manufacturer 

We compared the price difference between Chinese PCB X-ray inspection machine suppliers and their American counterparts, and the results were eye-opening. We compared prices for the entry-level, the intermediate level, and the premium level. See the difference for yourself in the table below.



PCB X-ray Machine Cost: USA 

PCB X-ray Machine Cost: China 

Entry Level



Intermediate Level



Premium Level



11 Tips Help You Save $10,000 on PCB X-ray Machine Price

Here are the essential factors you should note to save on cost when purchasing a PCB X-ray machine. Do well to follow each item through.

❶ Follow the Latest Promotions on PCB X-ray Machine.

Who doesn’t like the good old discount while making a purchase? Companies carry out promotional offers regularly, especially during holiday seasons and off sales periods. For instance, Black Friday sales have become acceptable the world over as the traditional period for great discounts, and promotional sales offer as thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approaches. You can target these periods to make your purchase as many producers, including PCB X-ray machine manufacturers, also do promotions and discount PCB X-ray inspection machine prices.

What else can you do?

Google is your friend, and you can use it to search for PCB X-ray machine manufacturers running a promotion. Type “PCB X-ray machine + discounts.” You can refine your search by replacing the “discount” with another word that is equivalent to discount, e.g., “offers,” “offerings,” “promotion,” etc. 

Also, you can visit mega e-commerce sites that offer different types of equipment from different manufacturers, especially Chinese manufacturers. They offer the most price-friendly products, and different companies on these e-commerce sites offer discounts periodically. 

❷ Do Price-Quality Comparison on Different PCB X-ray Machine Brands.

One other way you can save yourself up to $10,000 on your next PCB X-ray machine purchase is to do what is known as a price-quality comparison on various brands of PCB X-ray machines. This concept is also known as a cost-to-benefit comparison.

Here is how it works.

  • Firstly, write down a table of what you want from a PCB X-ray machine. Write down the features you are looking at including, power capacity, image magnification, level of automation, portability, etc.
  • Next, go online and search for different PCB X-ray machine manufacturers who produce the machines with the listed features. Identify the machine on their site and ask to be given a quote.
  • Now, because it's a free market, different manufacturers will have widely varying prices for PCB X-ray machines with the same features. Of course, if you ask them, they'll justify the price, but it is left to you to choose if their justification is valuable enough for you.

❸ You Must Consider Types of X-ray Tube Used.

The X-ray tube is an essential part of the X-ray machine, and it determines the accuracy of your X-ray inspection. But how does it do this, you ask. 

The thickness of the PCB weld will determine the amount of radiation that it absorbs. A very thick weld will often require an X-ray tube with more radiation power to penetrate the welds to project a clear image on the screen for proper analysis. 

Hence, why you need to consider the X-ray tube of the machine you want to purchase, however, to reduce your X-ray machine cost, you must identify the type of X-ray tube that will give you the required result. Once you’ve identified the X-ray tube, you need to ensure that a manufacturer is not supplying you with an X-ray tube that is far above your requirement, as this will substantially increase your X-ray inspection machine price.

❹ Focus on Tube, Detector, Platform Specifications on PCB X-ray Machine.

Manufacturers often have various additional functions to add more value to the inspection process. 

For instance, a manufacturer can add advanced motorized features, advanced computational abilities, or 4D computed tomography. These additional features often significantly increase the price of a PCB X-ray machine.

Moreover, these added features are not the most important features of an X-ray machine. You can often accurately inspect a PCB for errors without the need for these functions. The critical features you should turn your focus on include the tube, detector, and platform. These three features determine if you’ll get a precise result after inspection. The tube generates the radiation that penetrates the sample. The detector receives the passing radiation to form the image of the sample. Finally, the platform ensures that the sample can rotate well enough for the radiation to reach hidden places on the test sample. 

Hence, if a particular machine meets your desired specifications for these features, you don’t have to worry about other additional features as they can immensely increase the price of the PCB X-ray machine.

❺ Buy an Electronics X-ray Machine with High-Quality Standards and Safety Compliance.

While trying to reduce cost, sometimes you might unintentionally run into buying a low-quality machine. The irony of this case is that these kinds of machines often have short life spans, and they break down easily, racking up very high maintenance costs.

Now here’s what you need to do. Check to see if the electronics X-ray machine meets the minimum acceptable requirements of quality standard and safety. 

The implication of not meeting these standards can be far-reaching. For instance, if a PCB X-ray machine does not meet high safety standards, this means that the safety of the operator and the people around the machine during an operation is not guaranteed. If a machine leaks radiation above the acceptable limit, the risk of a health hazard or harm becomes high. If any harm happens because of the machine’s lack of safety, litigation can cause the company to lose a lot of money, and the damage it might cause to humans might be very serious.

❻ You should Focus on Key Image Quality Requirements.

During the inspection process, the image is the final stage before analysis and result, and as such, the image needs to be clear for the analysis to yield an accurate result. 

However, if you fail to consider the requirements to have a clear, easily readable image, you might end up with a machine that produces a bad image. You might also end up paying more either in product recall or in the cost of the machine with a better one.

So that this disaster does not happen, you must pay attention to key image criteria, which include spatial resolution, magnification, and anti-scatter grip. The spatial resolution entails recognizing separate but adjacent elements in a test sample, and magnification is the ability of the machine to zoom into the image without losing image clarity. Finally, an anti-scatter grip is the machine’s ability to control the radiation so that the image is focused on the detector for good image quality. 


❼ Initiate Savings in Buying from Chinese Manufacturers, Rather than European or American Ones.

Your choice of supplier is another essential factor to consider if you must save that $10,00 on your next PCB X-ray machine purchase.

It’s not a secret anymore that China is fast evolving into an economic power, a fact that is supported by the emergence of so many industries and manufacturing companies. The X-ray equipment manufacturing industry is also not left out as there are no shortages of PCB X-ray manufacturers coming out of China with innovative solutions.

This reason is why Chinese manufacturers have very competitive prices that put them ahead of European or American manufacturers.

Buying your next PCB X-ray machine from a Chinese manufacturer can save you upwards of $10,000 as their prices are significantly lesser than their European or American counterparts. Their range of tailor-made solutions is another reason they thrive more than the European manufacturers. They don’t give a general-purpose machine but the one that precisely solves your challenges. 

❽ Opt for Suitable Voltage Power, Not the Highest One.

Optimal power is key in your choice of a PCB X-ray machine. However, a machine with a high voltage capacity can get more work done, especially when the test samples are thick elements. 

However, getting a substantially high voltage capacity machine is like using a hammer to kill an ant. It’s overkill and unnecessary. 

Getting a machine with a voltage capacity higher than your requirements will only set you back more funds since the higher the voltage capacity of a machine, the higher the cost will be. The extra voltage might even affect your budget for other things like other necessary equipment that could speed up your production process. 

If you must save that extra money, you must learn to focus on getting a PCB X-ray machine with just enough voltage capacity to carry out the testing and nothing more.

❾ Choose the Basic System to Reduce PCB X-ray Machine Cost.

A machine system with too many functions can be confusing for the operator and often lead to many mistakes and errors, especially when there are so many technical terms and things to learn. The cost of training an operator for an advanced system is also often high as the functions are mostly new technologies that have very few technicians with the experience required to operate it.

However, a PCB X-ray machine with a basic system can be advantageous in many ways, including increased ease of use. The possibility of making mistakes during operations is significantly reduced. Also, the cost of training is very low as there are so many technicians with the technical know-how to operate the machine and the training time is usually short if there is going to be any training at all.

So, going for a basic PCB X-ray machine with a simple operating system can help you save money. There is no expensive training required for the technician and a reduced possibility of making costly mistakes. 

❿ Go for the PCB X-ray Machine with Low Maintenance Cost.

Maintenance cost is a critical factor to consider before purchasing any machine. This factor is essential as these machines often rack up maintenance costs so fast that it becomes very expensive to maintain such machines if care is not taken.

What you need to do is to consider the maintenance cost before purchasing it. You need to ask yourself what can contribute to the maintenance cost of a machine. 

Some reasons that can increase the maintenance cost of a PCB X-ray machine include outdated technology, new technology, size of the machine, and high automation. It will often be hard for outdated technology to get spare parts in case of a breakdown. Sometimes the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) might have stopped producing the machine, creating a scarcity of parts. 

New technologies also have high maintenance costs as there is usually a scarcity of technicians with the knowledge of the new technology. A very big machine will also result in a high maintenance cost as most of the parts will need special logistics in transporting them to the site, and their repairs may require many hands to carry out. High automation is also another reason for a high maintenance cost since most automation is computerized and often requires special computer expertise to maintain them.

⓫ Get Assistance from PCB X-ray Machine Professionals.

Technical expertise cannot be underrated when it comes to PCB X-ray machines. The wealth of knowledge that an expert with so many years of experience can give you is enormous.

If you must save $10,000 on your next PCB X-ray machine purchase, then you might want to seek the advice of an experienced PCB X-ray machine professional.

Some people you might consider as PCB X-ray machine professionals include PCB X-ray machine operators with not less than ten years of experience as certified X-ray technicians or radiography engineers. As mentioned earlier, matter experts can advise you on the most suitable PCB X-ray machine for your use without spending excessively and without compromising quality. Their advice can include the best brands in the market, the best original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the best features to consider, and the ranges of prices for a PCB X-ray machine to suit your inspection requirements.

Your Best PCB X-ray Machine Supplier in China: Uni X-ray

Making a saving of as much as $10,000 while purchasing an item is an outstanding feat that is probably good enough to get you a recommendation for promotion. However, the most important thing is that you have not sacrificed quality in the process. 

But here’s the interesting thing, you can achieve all these steps as mentioned above with a single action.

Engaging Uni X-ray can save you as much as $10,000 or even more, seeing that Uni X-ray is a reliable PCB X-ray machine manufacturer with a wealth of industry experience that spans almost 20 years. Their range of innovative X-ray solutions is unique in that it is tailored to solve your specific needs and not a general-purpose X-ray machine that is not suitable for your needs.

What’s more? 

They’ve got a large pool of experts with professional and innovative experience. They can give you expert advice on the type of X-ray machine to resolve your peculiar quality inspection issues. Their customer support is astounding as they attend to any challenge you encounter while using their machine. 

And the best part? 

They don’t even have to be onsite with you. Everything is done online with efficiency and speed. 


The point of all these will have been lost if you don’t follow the recommendations in this article. To sum up, make sure you consider the test material, check out big e-commerce sites for promotions, and consider the critical elements of a PCB X-ray machine before purchasing. Also, choose a basic system machine, select machines with a low maintenance cost, and always consult a PCB X-ray machine professional before making your order.

Making those $ 10,000 savings shouldn’t be hard once you’ve followed the highlighted steps above. As long as you do not compromise quality in your selection, that’s all that matters.

So, make it happen!



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