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Top 10 PCB CNC Machine Manufacturers in China

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PCB CNC Machine Manufacturers in China

Do you wish to know where to get the best PCB CNC machine manufacturers?

The acronym CNC refers to Computer Numerical Control, a computerized programming process where pre-programmed software is programmed into its machine for faster and precise making of a PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

As we can acknowledge that the manufacturing industry is evolving as new technological feats are discovered.

A CNC machine commands various manufacturing machines such as mills, lathes, to mention but a few. It has transformed the dynamics of mechanical and manual manufacturing processes, thereby making production less cumbersome, faster, and accurate.

It may involve several codes, the computer language used for developing programs, and software inputted into the computers for a CNC machine to create a beautiful work of art.

A CNC machine combines mathematical, drawing, and programming skills to turn an ordinary plastic, wooden, or metal production part into a vital part of a device or a mechanical machine. Hence, the need to source for the best suppliers and manufacturers of such machines in the global machinery market. 


I. Top 10 List of PCB CNC Machine Manufacturers in China


Several PCB CNC manufacturers and suppliers are scattered abroad across the globe. Still, there are a few whose products have not only exhibited top quality but have also acquired the trust of their customers.

China alone boasts of a number of these quality and customer satisfaction-oriented manufacturers and suppliers, and that’s why we have researched and listed a few of these trusted suppliers in the machinery market below.

Top Rank

PCB CNC Machine Manufacturer



Blue Elephant



Ray Fine Tech



























1. Blue Elephant

1. Blue Elephant PCB CNC Machine Manufacturer


Ji’nan City




Blue Elephant is an international leading manufacturer and supplier of CNC machines with over ten years of trusted quality service and customer base in over a hundred countries.

Its forty thousand square meters high professional factory is equipped with over three hundred professional, innovative, technical support staff, enabling it to redefine the CNC machinery market.
With over 40 patents and numerous standard quality certifications and cooperations spanning over 5000 different enterprises, Blue Elephant remains one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of CNC machinery.

Key Products:

  • Three Head Side CNC Boring Machine with Saw
  • Automatic Coil Fed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • Exchange CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
  • CNC 3D Wood Carving Machine


2. Ray Fine Tech

2. Ray Fine Tech PCB CNC Machine Manufacturer


Shandong, China




Established in 2009, Ray Fine Tech is specialized in the supply and manufacture of CNC machinery, devoted to professional service and constant research and development to make better and improved CNC machines.

RayFine’s machines are devoted to quality service. They have been sold in more than a hundred countries worldwide, resulting from credible technical support staff and a team of visionary expertise.

RayFine’s team upholds a standard of excellent spirit towards all of its machine’s production, after-sales servicing, and exceptional knowledge of the mathematical, mechanical, and programming knowledge required to produce these machines.

It also strives to maintain a high level of quality control to ensure the quality supply of manufactured machines.

Key Products:

  • Metal CNC Router Machine
  • CO2 Laser Marking Machine
  • Fiber Laser Marking Machine
  • CNC Router Machine


3. Lintcnc

3. Lintcnc PCB CNC Machine Manufacturer


Jinan City, Shandong, China




Shandong Lintianzhiyuan CNC Equipment Co. Ltd. is well known for its quality product manufacture, sales, research, design, and after-sales service of the CNC machines. It has a production factory that sits primarily on 10,000 square meters of garden-oriented factories.

Shandong Lintianzhiyuan CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. also boasts over a hundred competent staff and a technical support team. Its quick and reliable response to customer needs makes them stand out in manufacturing one of the most technology-intensive products.

It has affiliates in more than 50 countries like Germany, Southeast Asia, Canada, Britain, and many others worldwide. And it possesses standard quality certifications from various quality control regulating authorities after passing all required quality assessment and control tests.

Key Products:

  • Wood CNC Router
  • Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines
  • Metal and Non-Metal Laser Cutting Machine


4. Quick-Fulltek

4. Quick-Fulltek PCB CNC Machine Manufacturer


Jinan City, China




Jinan Quick-Fulltek is a professional CNC machinery manufacturing expert that has been certified to manufacture and supply quality CNC machines since 2007.

It also specializes in manufacturing not just CNC router machines but also other machinery such as laser engravers, woodworking machines, etc.

Its commitment to research and design has put them in the world market as one of the best manufacturers of CNC router machines. Its dedicated technical support staff also have developed their 3D skills in Computer-Aided Designs (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

It has gained many patents over the years through its quality manufacturing of the CNC Routers and other design products.

Key Products:

  • Multifunction CNC Router
  • 4-Axis CNC Router
  • Basic CNC Router


5. Sunkon

5. Sunkon PCB CNC Machine Manufacturer


Guangdong, China




SUNKON Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2012 and compiled strictly with a philosophy of “Survive by quality and deep by reputation,” which also classifies them as one of the best PCB CNC machine manufacturers.

Its factory, located in Guangdong, China, sits on 10,000 square meters of land with state of the art technological production equipment that goes into producing these machines.

It is constantly dedicated to the research and design development of advanced, user-friendly machines for other production needs.

Sunkon’s quality control measures assure any customer of a zero-defect product and maximum value for every machine produced and supplied for customer satisfaction.

Key Products: 

  • Glass Double Edging Machine
  • High-Speed Glass Straight-Line Double Edging
  • Stone Edging Machine
  • Glass Shape Edging Machine


6. Chengdu Jindali Technology Co. Ltd

6. Jindali PCB CNC Machine Manufacturer


Chengdu City, China




The Chengdu Jindali Technology Co. Ltd started as Pengzhou Dali Precision Mechanical Co. Ltd in 2009 before it was rebranded and is now known as the Chengdu Jindali Technology Co. Ltd.

Chengdu Jindali Technology has more than 10 years of experience in PCB CNC machinery production. It boasts a factory size of 2,000 square meters sitting in the business district of Chengdu City, China, with more than 50 technical staff dedicated to manufacturing the best PCB CNC Machines in China.

Its production capacity is over fifty machines produced to the best manufacturing quality and standard per annum. Its sales and servicing team are also always on standby to serve and respond to customer requests.

Key Products:

  • CNC PCB Drilling Routing Machine
  • PCB CNC Routing Machine



7. YUSH PCB CNC Machine Manufacturer


Jiangsu, China




YUSH was founded in 2004 and is situated in the heart of one of the worlds manufacturing cities Jiangsu, China. Its sophisticated manufacturing equipment is why it’s known for its quality production and manufacturing.

It comprises a very technical team and staff with over ten years of experience in the electronic equipment industry. Its investment in product innovation and quality has been phenomenal since its establishment in 2004.

Products manufactured range from PCB separating machines to PCB depaneling and other electronic equipment. The equipment produced has been of high-quality standard, regular and stable performance, cost-effective, and price competitive. Customers of these types of production machinery are spread around the world.

Key Products: 

  • CNC PCB Router 
  • Offline PCB Board Routing Machine
  • Four Axis Offline PCB Router Machine
  • PCB Desktop PCB Router


8. SenKe

8. SenKe PCB CNC Machine Manufacturer


Jinan City, China




Jinan SenKe CNC Machine Co ltd has commitments to manufacturing the best CNC equipment and research and design developments. It has designed and developed industrial machines such as stone engraving, wood engraving, tombstone engraving, advertising engraving, and laser engraving machines.

Efficiently maximizing customer satisfaction is one of the critical service principles that guide this company, and with that, quality cannot be undervalued. They are also inclined towards meeting human and cultural services using existing technology as a customer-oriented company.

Investments in Research and Design are also a core part of this manufacturing company, driven by the fundamentals of quality, integrity, innovation, and development for survival is its mantra. High-quality products are developed to keep serving their customers quality and value, distributed in the medium and large cities of the country and all over the globe.

Key Products:

  • CNC Router with ATC
  • Marble Carving CNC Router
  • Wood CNC Router


9. HJZ

9. HJZ PCB CNC Machine Manufacturer


Wuhan, Hubei, China




Wuhan HJZ Laser Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2009 with over a decade track record of manufacturing the best laser cutting, welding, and marking. It is the leading manufacturer of industrial laser equipment in China.

With a very high standard for manufacturing quality machines, HJZ Laser Tech. has been able to supply to countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America.

It has met customers’ needs through a solid and devoted Research and Design team charged with developing the latest technology user-friendly machines.

Key Products:

  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • Laser Marking Machine
  • Laser Welding Machine



10. PURUITE PCB CNC Machine Manufacturer


Guangdong, China




Established in 2008, Foshan Puruite Technology Co Ltd is another manufacturer of quality CNC router machines which combines the latest technology from its research and design department with the technical skill set of its staff to create long-lasting, durable machines.

Over ten years of quality products have seen it grow into establishing three factories of over three thousand square meters and eight production lines.

Its professionalism is established in its original design manufacturing and its original equipment manufacturing, thereby entreating customers to various quality products in machinery. Its after-sales service and technical support are top-notch as well.

Key Products: 

  • CNC Engraving Router Machine
  • Desktop Router Machine


II. PCB CNC Machine for Your PCB Manufacturing


The conventional way of making a PCB is by etching or wetting, which requires a lot of processes, manual handling, and chemicals involved.

This process was necessary only until the emergence of technological advancements, which introduced the CNC (Computer Numerical Control).

This advanced PCB production method is swift, and all production processes can be carried out and maintained in a lab environment. It also does not require any form of hazardous chemicals that could be harmful to the body.

When milling or cutting a PCB in its production process, a single machine can perform all these processes, and the land patterns and tracks are accurately produced, which is the best and most efficient way of milling and fabrication.

All the required programming and coding can be directly linked to a CNC machine that is less cumbersome, environmentally suitable, and convenient.

PCB CNC Machine for PCB Manufacturing


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III. X-Ray Machine for Your PCB Quality Control & Inspection


Many devices and electronic equipment must go through some quality checks to ensure the right components and tools were devoted to producing such equipment irrespective of how minuscule the device is.

When it comes to inspection and quality control for PCBs, it must be thorough because the final production of a PCB is to be aligned into another electronic device. Therefore, all checks must be done and approved before the supply is made for public consumption.

Producers select PCB X-ray machines because of the several advantages it offers, the most crucial being higher productivity, cost-effectiveness, and result accuracy. Also, PCB X-ray machines are non-destructive means of quality inspection, making them advantageous over destructive methods that do not allow the PCB to be used after testing.

Some necessary quality control measures may include:

  • Parts/Product Test:

This checks for the positioning, size, dimensions, surface finish as stipulated by regulating authorities.

  • Machine Accuracy:

Movement and centering of the machine, the bearings of the Axis, bracket, and spindle must be carefully considered.

  • Process supervision:

an equipment production cycle to be followed to avoid unnecessary production delays and substandard products.

  • Other essential factors

include machine calibration, record keeping of all test information, and open communication in a situation where this process has been outsourced for strict compliance with regulatory authority standards.


IV. UNI X-ray: Your Best X-ray Equipment Supplier in China


With almost two decades of tested and trusted X-ray inspection machines, Uni X-ray has become a sought-after X-ray equipment manufacturer for quality control and quality assurance of PCBs.

With huge investment and several committed years of research, Uni X-ray has developed numerous solutions for significant inspections, quality control, and quality assurance purposes.

Uni X-ray inspection equipment effectively identifies defects, is user-friendly, and is very safe for operation. Also, their competitive pricing makes them a preferred brand to European and American brands since their quality is at par with these brands and sometimes even higher in quality.

With a dedicated after-sales service team, Uni X-ray ensures that you get all the support you need to maximize the use of your machine after purchase.




The CNC is a programming process that makes the production of PCBs faster and precise without the use of hazardous chemicals. It is also very cost-effective and produces an accurate and concise PCB product.

China and Chinese companies are the leading PCB CNC machinery manufacturer to the global market with their expertise and knowledge of the latest technological capacities in building highly innovative machinery.

The quality of each product is determined by several factors, including efficient quality control and quality assurance process.

When carrying out quality control and inspection, only the best tools required can give an accurate result of product testing.

Uni X-Ray inspection equipment and testing machines remain the best products for this purpose because they manufacture tested and trusted inspections with a consistent track of success.




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