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Industrial x-rays machines are used to check the interior of products so that the manufacturers of the product can get to prefabricate better products.

The industrial x-rays play a huge role in preventing a manufacturing company from multiple mass productions of low-quality products. The best industrial x-ray machines scan through the inside parts of products, not to analyze what they are made up of but to navigate through them to see if there are holes or misalignment of the product’s parts. The best industrial x-ray machine manufacturing company is one that ensures that they offer affordable prices and ensures the supply of the best and up to date top-notch quality x-ray scanners that have different sizes and energies.

Types of Analysis Available


  • 2D X-Ray machine

This is the type of x-ray machine that is used to validate if the products are performing well and cause no danger or harm to anyone. The 2D X-ray machine is simple to use yet made from the latest digital technology to map out any internal part that is corrupted.


  • Real-time X-Ray machine

The changes in technology, especially in radiography have evolved to a point that it is possible to scan through objects that are in motion such as wheels to get an extensive search on the faulty parts in it. The results are usually displayed in slow-motion videos.

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Industrial X-ray

What Should We Learn about Industrial X Ray?

Industrial x-ray machines scan the internal structures of an object and highlight the flaws and internal defects that cannot be detected by a naked eye through radiological images. It is a quick and accurate test that helps to improve the manufacturing process and quality control.

However, before any industry can integrate x-ray testing into its evaluation process, several factors come to play to ensure it is the right equipment for them. One of those factors is establishing the quality requirements of the x-ray equipment needed depending on the intended purpose. The parameters to consider include the test object’s dimensions, material properties, and company standards.

Other factors to consider include image quality that can be affected by power, voltage, degree of automation, detection resolution among others. The complexity of the software, stability of the equipment, and price are also important features to think about before purchasing an industrial x-ray machine.

What are the Industrial Applications of X-Ray?

Industrial radiography is used to test industrial products to ensure they are in good condition before putting them on the market. Some of the common applications include;

Ceramic knives are the more elegant and sharper versions of traditional metal knives. They are made of zirconia and alumina powder pressed together and polished with the diamond to give it a great finish. X-ray testing helps to determine the right volumetric levels of zirconia and alumina powder and also ensure there are no voids or inclusions during the manufacturing process.

  • Car tire inspection

The wheel of a car is one of the most important parts and can be the difference between life and death. An x-ray machine is incorporated directly into the production process to test the interior part of every tire. It detects any pores, cracks, slagging, or looseness within the tire. It can also detect any foreign objects, air inclusions, and distortions.

Fuse inspection. X-ray testing can measure the internal structure and linear distances of the fuse accurately. It can also detect faulty assembly, improper connection, broken cables, open circuits, and the possibility of short circuits. The x-ray test is done at every stage to predict the chances of any short circuit or failed fuse.

Lithium batteries are widely used in consumer electronics, home appliances, and other fields. Because these batteries emit a lot of heat, a stainless steel sheet with the right thickness covers them to prevent any leak. A tiny imperfection of this process can be life-threatening to the user.

A high-resolution inspection using an x-ray machine is used to verify the quality standards of every battery cell. The x-ray also checks that welding inside the battery is properly done and the rolls are properly aligned to avoid a short circuit and explosion.

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