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Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Radiography

In this blog post, you’ll read:Industrial radiography is a non-destructive testing method, which is ideal for engineers and manufacturers to find cracks, flaws, fractures in industrial components and parts.

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Radiography is quite popular in the field of medicine. It is used for a wide range of applications. However, it is also used for industrial applications. This is what we call industrial radiography. In this guide, we are going to highlight everything that you should know about industrial radiography.

With industrial radiography, you can quickly analyze industrial components. It is a form of non-destructive testing (NDT). With industrial radiography, you can find flaws such as cracks in various industrial components without having to perform any serious damage to them.


What is Industrial Radiography?

Industrial radiography is a non-destructive testing method that enables industrial components and industrial machinery to be examined without the need of being taken apart. It is very good for finding cracks, flaws, fractures in industrial parts such as industrial belts, industrial fasteners, industrial gearbox, industrial bearings, etc.X-ray machine UNC330

Industrial radiography is mainly used in industrial applications. This is why it is always referred to as a branch of X-ray that specializes in industrial activities and not medical-related applications.

Industrial radiography is done mainly with industrial X-ray machines. Industrial X-ray machines are available in different sizes and capacities. These X-ray machines are powerful enough to emit industrial X-rays that can come in direct contact with industrial parts. 

Industrial radiography is done mainly with industrial X-ray machines. Industrial X-ray machines are available in different sizes and capacities. 

These X-ray machines are powerful enough to emit industrial X-rays that can come in direct contact with industrial parts without causing any harm. They also feature high doses of radiation.


Components of Industrial Radiography

Industrial radiography is executed and with the help of the following set of tools and equipment:

– X-ray Generators

X-ray generator

Industrial X-ray generators or industrial radiography industrial machines are the sources of industrial X-rays. 

These industrial radiography industrial machines are also referred to as industrial X-ray generators because they generate industrial x-rays that can be used in industrial radiography. 

They usually come with a control panel and industrial photoelectric detectors. Industrial radiographers use these industrial tools for conducting tests on their industrial components or products. 


– High Voltage Generator

High Voltage Generator


This is a machine that generates and supplies electric power to the industrial X-ray machine which will help it function appropriately. 

The high voltage generator sends positive electrical charges from one circuit to another within the X-ray machine. This will then lead to high voltage pulses being applied across the electrical terminals of industrial X-ray tubes.

This industrial tool will then produce X-rays produced during the industrial radiography process.

These industrial tools can be used for industrial radiography because they can produce industrial X-rays that do not generate harmful radiation. The industrial x-rays produced by these industrial radiography industrial machines are very high in energy and therefore, are capable of penetrating various objects such as a component or part of an object and exposing the internal structures which may contain cracks and faults.


– Industrial Flat Panel Detector

Flat Panel Detector


This is an important element of industrial radiography equipment. This is a device that helps in collecting, converting, measuring, and displaying industrial X-rays produced during the industrial radiography process.

 As mentioned above, these detectors are usually placed directly on top of the industrial film or industrial X-ray image as it is being exposed. 

The collected industrial X-rays are then converted by this machine into signals which can then be interpreted using specialized software. This enables you to view an image of what was captured on industrial radiography industrial machines through industrial photoelectric detectors.


– Industrial Radiation Protection Equipment

Survey meter

To prevent unnecessary injuries; industrial radiation protection equipment can be worn by all people taking part in industrial radiography procedures. It is protective equipment during these processes. 

There are different types of industrial protection equipment available. Each type has the ability to protect workers from harmful rays emitted from industrial radiography machines or other kinds of related industrial tools.


– Processing Software

This component is common for industrial digital radiography. Computer and specialized software are used for industrial radiography and industrial machines to produce industrial images and industrial x-rays. 

Industrial radiography software will convert the raw industrial data from the industrial X-ray generators into readable industrial images that can be presented and viewed during other industrial testing activities.




Methods of Industrial Radiography

There are different types and techniques of industrial radiography. These are:


– Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT)

This type of industrial radiography involves directing an ultra-reliable industrial gamma source towards industrial parts/components. It is able to obtain industrial images of industrial components with high levels of industrial radiographic accuracy.


Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT)

(Source from the Internet)


Some of the areas in which this technique is used include industrial manufacturing, industrial inspection/auditing and industrial forensics/security. 

Industrial management uses industrial SPECT industrial radiography in conducting industrial quality control to ensure that industrial parts meet the required industrial standards for optimal industrial performance. 

Industrial inspectors who use this radiographic technique are able to detect some of the most common industrial defects such as surface pits/holes and corrosion pitting.


– Real-Time Radiography(RTR)

Real-time industrial radiography is a type of industrial radiography that makes use of industrial x-rays. These rays are directed towards industrial objects/industrial components to obtain industrial images with high levels of industrial detail.

 Concerning industrial imaging techniques, real-time industrial radiography is an approach that involves real-time exposure (as opposed to delayed industrial imaging exposure). It also provides industrial detection and assessment functionality.


Real-Time Radiography(RTR)


Industrial X-ray tomography has been applied in industrial RTR. This involves using industrial gamma beams at industrial angles to obtain a series of industrial data about each industrial component being inspected. Damages on industrial products may be repaired before they become big problems for industries. Industrial RTR can also be used to detect other types of industrial flaws that do not necessarily lead to product failure but that could cause injuries to employees or loss of production.


– Computed Radiography

Computed Radiography


This industrial radiography method involves industrial x-rays being directed at industrial components to obtain industrial images with industrial imaging sensors.

Industrial computed radiography is also referred to as industrial digital imaging technique or industrial computed tomography.

Some industrial applications of computed radiography include industrial assembly inspection, industrial welding inspection, industrial part inspection and industrial reverse engineering.


– Industrial Digital Radiography

This is done by using industrial digital sensors that can capture all the industrial X-rays produced during the industrial radiography process.

Unlike conventional methods, industrial digital radiography allows you to convert such signals into visual and quantitative data which then becomes easier for interpretation and analysis.

Industrial digital radiography generates data that are usually offered as industrial digital images that can be presented, interpreted, and analyzed easily. 

This form of radiography is better and more convenient than traditional industrial radiography.


Industrial Digital Radiography

(Source from the Internet)


Some application areas include industrial industrial assembly inspection, industrial weld inspection and industrial part inspection. Digital industrial radiography helps ensure the correct parts are assembled in industrial assembly and that there are no defects in industrial parts prior to assembling the final product.

Digital industrial radiography is also used for industrial reverse engineering of products.


Applications of Industrial Radiography

– Inspection of Welding Seams

X-ray inspection for welding


Industrial radiography is also used to look at industrial welding seams to determine whether they meet the required industrial standards.  Industrial radiography can be used for all types of industrial welds and it does not matter whether you are using electrical arc welding or flash butt welding.

Industrial radiography can be used in any industrial workplace where welds are present on industrial equipment. The industrial radiogram will show the technician or inspector how well the industrial weld was done and whether there were any problems with it or if necessary, how to address them.


– Rusting Detection 

X ray Rusting Detection 

Industrial radiography can also detect areas that have started rusting thus alerting engineers who may then take measures meant to save parts of a machine before it deteriorates and before unnecessary industrial repairs are carried out.


– Industrial Radiography for Security


Industrial Radiography for Security


The industrial radiogram takes a picture of industrial components that may be hidden inside industrial machinery. This will allow the technician to see if there are any parts of an industrial machine that someone has tried to remove without authorization. 

Security X-ray machines can also be used in airports, at border checkpoints as well as on cargo ships and boats. All this is done to make sure that no one has smuggled anything into the country or out from it through these means.


– Industrial Radiography for Installation 

Industrial radiography can be used during the installation process to show that all parts have been installed properly into necessary industrial equipment. 

The industrial X-ray is useful in this situation because it can be used to check whether there are any problems with part placement. If anything has been installed improperly thus alert technicians who will then fix it before moving on to another step in the installation process.


– Maintenance 

Industrial radiography is very important for maintenance workers who use industrial radiography to inspect industrial equipment they intend on repairing for defects.

By taking industrial X-rays the industrial radiographer can show technicians what is wrong with industrial machinery that was sent for industrial repairs. 

This allows them to come up with a better solution than just using replacement parts when in reality other problems are preventing an industrial piece of machinery from functioning well again. 

Industrial radiography also prevents workmen from sending industrial equipment back to workshops or factories if no repair is needed.  This wastes time and money both of which are very important especially in the industrial world.


Safety of Industrial Radiography


Safety of Industrial Radiography


How is safety guaranteed in industrial radiography? Industrial radiography industrial radiation industrial x-ray industrial exposure industrial safety industrial hazards.

For proper industrial radiography, all industrial radiographic processes are operated under a safe industrial routine. Several aspects of the use of industrial radiography must be considered for its’ implementation in the work environment:

Industrial radiographers should have been certified by an appropriate national authority and have achieved at least a basic training level in industrial radiography.

In addition to their expertise, they also should demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of health protection. This includes an understanding of potential risks related to radiation.

Industrial radiographers are required to wear industrial protective wear, industrial exposure safety industrial garments, and industrial radiography industrial suits.

Industrial instruments shall be calibrated in accordance with national industrial standards. Other adequate procedures are applied to ensure that the industrial radiographic equipment is operating within an acceptable industrial level of accuracy.

Industrial environmental control must maintain a minimum radiation protection standard. This includes limiting the time-weighted average (TWA) exposure for industrial radiographers to <0.1 mSv per month while they are working in the industrial radiography environment.

This will apply only when compliance with occupational exposure limits is demonstrated by monitoring workers’ individual doses after implementation of all provisions of this section and industry best practices.”

Also, ensure that you use quality and certified industrial radiography machines for industrial radiography procedures.


Industrial Radiography Industrial Training

Industrial radiographers must be trained in industrial safety and industrial health protection. During the industrial radiographic training, industrial radiographers are required to produce a radiation exposure report that includes actual measurements of their industrial cumulative radiation exposures. 

The supervisor must review this report and make modifications to the industrial routine if necessary. This will ensure that industrial radiographers do not exceed the occupational limit for radiation workers in accordance with federal regulation 10 CFR part 20.

The objective of industrial radiological protection is to prevent industrial injury or disease arising from individuals’ exposure to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.


Buy Quality Industrial Radiography Equipment

Would you like to get the best results from industrial radiography? Consider buying the best equipment for the job.

Most industrial radiography equipment is designed to be used in harsh environments and industrial settings. They have been built specifically for industrial use, therefore they can resist corrosion as well as withstand wear and tear.

Industrial radiography equipment comes with many valuable features that will enhance your industrial radiography project.

The industrial radiography instruments you choose can make the process easier or more difficult for you. 

There are some things that you should know before buying an industrial radiography instrument:

  • Power source
  • Size of the industrial radiograph
  • Instrument controls and features
  • Key components such as a timer or remote control device

For your peace of mind, ensure that you buy from reputable industrial radiography equipment suppliers and manufacturers. You can save money by buying industrial radiography equipment online, but be careful of the type of industrial radiography equipment you buy.

Ask what sort of industrial radiography projects the industrial radiography instruments are used for in real-life situations. Rather than just reading product descriptions, get answers from people who know industrial radiography inside out. 

The best way to do this is to speak with industrial technologists working in industries where industrial radiographs are commonly used such as construction or building maintenance departments, manufacturing facilities, and hospitals. 

Once you speak with them, visit their industrial radiography lab to see industrial radiographic equipment in action. 

Not only will you get an idea of industrial radiography systems that they are currently using, but you will also learn how industrial radiography is done by various industrial technologists.

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