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Case Study: A Cutting-edge Uni X-ray System to Inspect Lithium-ion Batteries

In this blog post, you’ll read:Any manufacturing step should involve quality control and safety testing in order to deliver safe, qualitative, and reliable products to the customers. There could be many factors that may go wrong while manufacturing lithium batteries.

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The Lithium-ion Batteries Client

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The Uni X-ray System to Inspect Lithium-ion Batteries Challenge

Any manufacturing step should involve quality control and safety testing in order to deliver safe, qualitative, and reliable products to the customers. 

There could be many factors that may go wrong while manufacturing lithium batteries. 


lithium battery X-ray inspection


A short circuit in a lithium battery can lead to its explosion. Hence, it is mandatory to check each feature within the electrical assembly of every lithium battery to ensure its complete safety. Furthermore, this testing should be performed in real-time.

Although mechanical and electrical tests are performed as part of the manufacturing process, they can pick up only significant faults. Intricate latent faults like misaligned elements inside the battery slip through the net. And these intricate faults can turn out to be a huge issue and dangerous to their end-users. Moreover, these traditional tests can be inefficient in determining the hidden latent faults inside the lithium battery.


How to Uni X-ray System fix this issue?

It is high time to introduce a testing method that can provide 100% real time inspection which not only enhances efficiency but also assures the manufacturing integrity of every lithium battery on the production line. Only when the battery companies follow a strict inspection policy in their manufacturing plants, they offer guarantees on their battery products.

lithium battery X-ray inspection


This is where X-ray scanning proves to be the best, cost-effective, and practical method in checking the internal parts of the batteries and ensuring that there is no issue in them.

A high-resolution X-ray inspection system can assess the alignment of internal parts of the battery and verify whether the cathode and anode are far from the battery walls to confirm the safety and long-lasting performance of the battery product.

lithium battery X-ray inspection

Hence, the client (BYD) was looking for a reputed X-ray equipment manufacturer who can deliver the highly precise X-ray system for his production line. And this is where Uni X-ray was contacted.

Uni X-ray is renowned for offering the best customized high quality X-ray system according to the client’s specific requirements at an affordable price. Hence, the client (BYD) tasked the Uni X-ray company to install a complete in-line X-ray inspection system. Moreover, the expertise and customized technology of Uni X-ray are the key factors to the successful installation of the X-ray system.


The Uni X-ray System Solution

Uni X-ray company designed, developed, and delivered the top notch customized high-performance X-ray system from scratch within two months for the client (BYD). This X-ray system included personalized software with utmost in-built flexibility. This flexibility was critical in two aspects: the X-ray inspection of batteries can take place at varying stages in the production line and this inspection is applicable on varied battery shapes with the possibility of more variants in the future.



  • High level intricate analysis with real-time high-resolution images
  • Easy to integrate with the factory setup
  • 100% complete inspection in real time
  • Part-wise inspection in two orientations at the sub-millimeter level
  • Fully automatic Pass/Reject


  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Assured manufacturing integrity of all battery products
  • Enhanced inspection efficiency
  • Complete inhibition of product recalls 


The Result

Now Uni X-ray’s machine is working 24/7 in the client (BYD)’s factory. We produce nearly 600,000 units per month and each one of them is screened using Uni X-ray’s machine. 

Even after the instrument installation, the client was able to receive constant support from Uni X-ray. This included remote support enabling Uni X-ray to make changes in system parameters remotely as the client constantly refine the manufacturing process.


Finally, Uni X-ray’s instrument has continued to assure the complete reliability and safety of the batteries for the customers. 

As the client (BYD)’s company grows, manufacturing integrity becomes mandatory and challenging. This is where a high-quality customized instrument like Uni X-ray’s system indicates that it is highly possible to deliver the highest standards of reliable battery products.

For further information, contact info@unixray.com 


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