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Handheld X-ray Scanner

What if you could inspect the hidden features of test samples onsite without having to worry about errors and inaccurate results?

Generally, X-ray inspection is the main method to detect suspicious objects during security check.
However, X-ray inspection needs to arrange luminous sources and detectors at both ends of the inspected object. It can only detect objects on the ground, but cannot detect objects that are close to walls or suspended in the air.

Moreover, the X-rays detected by transmission are not sensitive to low-density organic matter (explosives, drugs). The truth is that test samples often pass inspection when the right tool is not available. Contrabands, narcotics, and weapons can also pass without being detected if the inspection equipment cannot assess awkward inner compartments.


Handheld X-ray Scanner

Here is the good news! Uni X-rays range of handheld X-ray scanners is developed with the single-sided imaging backscattering technology. It is very effective in locating items hidden in hard-to-reach compartments and identifying errors in hidden areas, such as objects against walls, furniture, walls, car doors and tires, etc. We can save you unnecessary headaches.

Aside from the fact that handheld backscatter scanners are portable and are very useful for onsite inspection, they are also very precise and accurate in the results they present.

So, without further ado, have a check!

Handheld X-ray Scanner for Sale

Handheld X-ray Scanner 1





324mm x 300mm x 143mm

Waterproof and dustproof rating


Power supply

Removable Li-battery powered. The battery life is more than 2 hours.


Simple operation interface, with image enhancement, smoothing, pseudo-color enhancement, reverse filming, and puzzle functions.


It can distinguish plexiglass or soap behind 2mm thick steel plate.

Dual laser positioning

It is convenient to determine the scanning position quickly.

Detection area

When the scanner is 50mm away from the object, the detection width is not less than 160mm, and the length direction is unlimited.

Detection speed

240mm/sec, the image is instantly available.

Image resolution

The x-ray scanner is able to distinguish 0.32mm metal wire. You can identify the  metal wire in the image by your naked eye.

Safety assurance

There is a ray start-stop button on the handle. The scanner can emit rays when you press the button, and it will stop when you release the button.

Backscatter x-ray technology

Handheld x-ray scanner can detect suspicious packages, walls, furniture, car tires and car interior space. Single-sided inspection system does not require any imagine equipment behind the object to be inspected.

Handheld X-ray Scanner: the Beginner's Guide

Table of Contents

To begin with, you need to understand why you need a handheld X-ray scanner, and also its workings as well as what it can do for you.

Also, the specifications of its internal components are essential in preventive maintenance and especially when you eventually get your scanner.

So, let’s start with basic definitions.

1. What is a Handheld X-ray Scanner?

Handheld X-ray scanners are portable machines that use electromagnetic radiation generated from a source within the scanner to inspect the internal features of objects. 

They are typically the same as the big, stationary X-ray machines found in industrial factories and manufacturing plants. However, they differ significantly in size and are very portable, so they are very effective for onsite quality or security inspection.

You will mostly find them at airports, train stations, and immigration or security posts. Nonetheless, handheld backscatter scanners can still function in manufacturing plants where you often find industrial X-ray machines.

2. Why do you need a Handheld X-ray Scanner? 

It is usually challenging to have access to internal parts of objects and samples during onsite inspection. Security personnel at airports, train stations, and cargo posts can also find it difficult to accurately screen bags and cargoes for illegal substances and harmful objects.

This challenge can sometimes be life-threatening if the inspection is inaccurate, as some have led to the loss of lives.

A handheld X-ray scanner is often the preferred solution for this challenge as it offers many advantages, including high precision and accurate results.

3. How do Handheld X-ray Scanners Work? 

backscatter x ray

The handheld backscatter X-ray system is a compact single-sided imager that can be used to scan objects in hard-to-reach areas. Backscatter refers to the use of low energy X-rays to illuminate a point on an object, where the detector collects the backscattered rays to obtain information about that point. X-rays are passed through the flying spot scanning system, so that the ray projection point can scan the whole object, thereby getting the final image of the whole object. Since both the X-ray machine and the detector are arranged on the same side, the entire instrument is compact and can be arranged easily. This is how handheld X-ray scanner works.  

4. How can a Handheld X-Ray Scanner be Applied? 

Handheld X-ray scanners have numerous applications that cut through various industries. Some of the applications include:

◉ For House Safety Inspection

The scanner can detect the walls, tables, chairs, and furniture in the house, scan whether there is a mezzanine, and eavesdropping equipment.


handheld x-ray scanner - fast operation


◉ For Borders and Checkpoint Security Check

The volume of people and goods that pass through security and immigration points daily are numerous. Security operatives and immigration officers use handheld X-ray scanners to identify harmful and illegal substances that might try to pass through these points. As the x-ray scanner is lightweight and portable, you can check the luggage, vehicle tires or car seat and interlayer, bulk goods or packing wooden boxes at any time to see if there are prohibited or dangerous items.

For Screening Suspected Explosives

There has been an increase in the smuggling of contrabands and narcotics internationally over the years. Here is why drug enforcement agencies and anti-smuggling departments have equipped their departments with handheld X-ray scanners to counter these operations. You can scan suspicious objects in the corner, against the wall or hanging in the air, without moving the items.  

For Large Parcel Inspection

Large parcels can be detected directly on the mail sorting line without moving the inspected items, and there is no thickness limit.

For Site Security Check

In addition to luggage inspection, it can also check suspicious parts of the human body and shoe soles that are not easy to check.

◉ For Commercial and General Aviation Check

The aviation industry at both commercial and general levels relies on handheld backscatter scanners to assess the content of packaged parcels, baggage, and traveling bags without having to pry them open. This activity has helped airlines and airport authorities ensure the safety of passengers and their properties.

5. What is the Price of a Handheld X-ray Scanner?

There are different brands and manufacturers of handheld X-ray scanners with various additional features and functions. However, what should inform your decision should be your objective and inspection requirements.

The level of automation, source of power, and image quality are critical features that can significantly impact the price of a handheld X-ray scanner.

The choice of supplier is another factor that can immensely affect the price of a handheld X-ray machine. The reason is that Chinese suppliers are way more affordable than their European or American counterparts.

Nonetheless, the price usually ranges from $40,000 to $50,000 with advanced features.

Top Price-Performance

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6. What are the Advantages of Handheld X-ray Scanner?

You can gain numerous benefits from having a handheld X-ray machine, especially if you carry out security or quality inspections. The underlying advantage is the safety of lives and properties since it is indispensable in identifying threats. Some of these other benefits you will find below.  

  • Small and Lightweight

    The sheer fact that it is smaller in dimension than an industrial X-ray machine makes for many gains since it can fit into any portable baggage for transportation to any site. Its weight is about 5.5kg, far below that of an industrial machine which further increases its portability. It is designed with ABS engineering plastic shell, strong structure and excellent workmanship. 
  • Cost-Effective

    A handheld X-ray scanner is very low when comparing it with the industrial X-ray machine. Nonetheless, the handheld X-ray machine also performs the same inspections with accurate results. This feature makes it a very cost-effective solution for inspection challenges.
  • Less Processing Time

    For the industrial machine, processing time for the image can take a while to get the results, especially if computer tomography is also part of the process. However, a handheld X-ray imager requires very little processing time as the image develops almost instantly. 
  • Simple Operation

    The level of automation and functions of a handheld X-ray machine can vary significantly for different brands and models. Also, the various additional functions can contribute to the demanding mode of operation. However, when compared with an industrial X-ray machine, it is far simpler to operate. 
  • Quickly Find Concealed Threats

    Since the time of processing required is less than that of an industrial X-ray machine, it adds up that a handheld backscatter scanner will quickly identify hidden threats. This advantage is partly due to its portability as it takes less time to move around and scan an object for threat. 

7. What are the Features of a Handheld X-Ray Machine?

A handheld X-ray machine has some unique features that you will find in an industrial X-ray machine. These features make it easy to operate without any trouble. While some features help with powering the equipment, other features assist in easy operation. Here are the features as highlighted below. 

No Set Up Required

Unlike the industrial X-ray machine, which often requires the manufacturer's technician for a complete set-up, the compact X-ray machine does not require any set-up of any sort.

Self-Contained, Battery Operated

Due to its portability, it follows that a portable power source must be available if it must function effectively. Handheld X-ray machines come with their battery inbuilt and usually require charging for a period to achieve maximum battery power duration. Different brands and manufacturers have various battery capacities lasting for different duration for their portable scanners.

Large Detection Area

The detection area of the equipment is large. When the distance is 5cm from the object, the field of view width is 160mm, the length direction is the scanning direction, and there is no distance limitation. The scanning speed can reach 24cm/s.

handheld x-ray scanner image1

Single-sided Inspection

This feature increases inspection efficiency as inspecting from both sides can sometimes be confusing. Designing a compact X-ray machine with one side for inspection while the other is for imaging makes the assessment faster. Some other brands have their image screen on either the right side or the left while keeping the inspection side in front.

Real-time Imaging

The need to collect the image on a film and then process it for analysis is no longer necessary. The handheld X-ray machine has image processing features with an instant display of the picture. This feature is another time-reduction feature as it reduces the time required to carry out inspection. Besides, the real-time image is of high quality. As the backscatter technology is sensitive to organic substances, such as explosives and drugs, it can easily and clearly distinguish organic and inorganic substances. Handheld X-ray scanner from UNI X-ray can even distinguish 0.32mm metal wires and have excellent noise control. The image quality is significantly better than similar foreign products, and the signal-to-noise ratio is more than 100 times higher than similar foreign products.

handheld x-ray scanner image2

Foremost Backscatter Imaging System

Backscattering technology refers to the use of low-energy X-rays to illuminate a point of the object to be inspected, and the detector collects the scattered rays to obtain information about this point. The X-ray machine uses the flying spot scanning system to scan the entire object with the ray projection point, thereby obtaining an image of the entire object. As the X-ray machine and the detector are arranged on the same side, it can detect objects against walls or thick objects, which makes up for the defects of ordinary transmission X-ray detection. The backscatter image system is another unique feature that helps achieve a very clear image. Without a clear image, inaccurate analysis and results can occur, leading in some cases to security threats.

handheld x-ray scanner image3

Immediate and Fast Operation

Integrated design of equipment detection and control parts. The control part is an 8-inch tablet. Turn on the software image acquisition function, aim the handheld device at the object to be detected, hold the handle with both hands, and press the acquisition button on the handle to work. That's how you make the handheld x-ray scanner work on your own. With the increase in the ease of operation of a handheld X-ray machine, the procedure is often faster and with an immediate result. When you compare it to the industrial X-ray machine, the gains in faster operation time quickly becomes appreciable. 

Low Radiation and Long Operating Time

The inbuilt battery allows the handheld backscatter machine to operate for long periods without the need to switch off or recharge. This ability, though, depending on the capacity of the battery installed, is still a long time of operation when you compare with industrial X-ray machines. The handheld x-ray scanner adopts the low-energy ray, as well as very small scanning point. Thus the radiation dose is extremely low, only slightly higher than the environmental background radiation, suitable for long-term handheld use.

8. How do you Choose the Best Handheld X-ray Scanner? 

To choose the best equipment for any situation, you must have understood the equipment’s most crucial working components. These essential working parts determine the efficiency and the accuracy of the result that you get even if the fancy machine designs are not there.

The handheld X-ray scanner is no different in this regard as the understanding of the fundamental working parts like the X-ray generator type and capacity, the battery capacity, scan speed, and the image display technology. These requirements are important and directly relate to the requirements for your inspection type. 

You should also consider the x ray scanner manufacturer as the consistent track record of the manufacturer will inform you if you are getting value for money spent. 

In all, identify your requirements for inspection and choose a handheld X-ray scanner that meets them without having to overspend.

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9. How do you Maintain a Handheld X-ray Scanner?

Preventive maintenance is always better and cheaper than corrective maintenance for your X-ray scanner. Still, maintenance involves a good knowledge of the parts of your scanner. 

  1. Firstly, you should clean the case thoroughly periodically to ensure that debris and dust don’t get into the case. If possible, buy an anti-dust case to keep specks of dust out.
  2. Secondly, image display is critical for analysis and accurate results. So, make sure that the display is working correctly at every point.
  3. Thirdly, ensure that the battery is working properly by noting if the discharge rate corresponds to the acceptable design discharge. Ensure that you change the battery once you notice that it begins to discharge faster than ordinarily acceptable.
  4. Also, ensure that all moving parts are working well, all fastened parts are screwed down properly and change worn-out screws, nuts, and bolts. 
  5. Lastly, all wires, cables, and plugs should be connected appropriately and insulated with any breaks internally that can cause electrical surges while charging the battery. 


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Handheld X-ray Scanner: FAQ Guide

You will often find a handheld scanner at airports, seaports, and land immigration sites, where it scans baggage, and packages including cargoes. It detects illegal objects like arms, weapons, narcotics, and contrabands concealed inside boxes in transit.

Handheld scanners mostly use X-rays as this technology is very effective at identity and detecting uncertified elements within a package. It is also effective at spotting errors within a test sample, usually onsite rather than in the factory.

Too much radiation exposure can be harmful to humans. However, safety requirements for X-ray machines, including handheld backscatter scanners, are pretty high and, as such, leave very little room for the possibility of exposure to radiation from handheld X-ray scanners. Additionally, safety devices and protective gears are part of the design of an X-ray scanner such that a sudden leak of radiation will cause it to shut down automatically.


To conclude, the handheld X-ray scanner is benefit-packed equipment that will benefit from a non-destructive testing kit in a portable body. 

Choosing the most suitable handheld X-ray machine for you will depend on identifying your inspection needs and understanding its workings. 

When choosing an x-ray scanner, make sure to note the specifications of the parts and their capacities. Note the battery size and power, the X-ray generator, the imaging system, and the scan speed. Other accessories such as water proof casing, adjustable strap, and extra batteries can also come in handy. But remember, the choice is always yours.

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