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Top 10 Cold Forging Machine Manufacturers in China

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        Top Cold Forging Machine Manufacturer in China 

Are you having a hard time locating a suitable cold forging machine manufacturer in China? 

Cold forging is one versatile technique of manufacturing products, especially metals, and it has become widely accepted in the manufacturing industry. However, top Chinese manufacturers for forging machines are not easily accessible. The reason is the confusion often experienced by buyers who are presented with so many options but with no clear method of distinguishing the good from the unreliable ones.

Nonetheless, identifying a suitable cold forging manufacturer shouldn’t be difficult if you make a selection based on a consistent track record of delivery and customer support systems put in place by the manufacturer.

This guide will show you the top cold forging machine manufacturers that you will find in the Chinese market today.

So, if you’re ready, let’s dive in.


I. 10 Best Cold Forging Machine Manufacturers in China


Major Chinese manufacturing companies specialized in the forging of metals for manufacturing and production of other components that become a part of larger equipment.

Therefore, for this purpose, the best machinery is required and is sought after by these manufacturers. 

China is one of the leading producers and suppliers of cold forging machines, so Chinese tool manufacturing companies are referenced first wherever topics like these are discussed.


Top Rank

Aluminum Die Casting Machine Manufacturer






Jonsen Sander















Jinan Linteng









Ningbo Laifu



1. Jufeng



Yixing City, Jiangsu Province




Established in 2003, with an employee base of two hundred staff, Jufeng is centered in the Jiangsu province of China, one of the topmost machinery hubs in China. While they’ve been known as a manufacturer and supplier of easy-to-handle, high-quality, and easily maintained machines, they’ve also been a very active manufacturer of multi-stage cold-forged machines. These machines are created to improve work efficiency and effectiveness with top-level precision and intention.

Their machines have found application mainly in the cold extrusion molding found in motorbikes and automobiles. However, Jufeng has perfected their advanced technical production methods, with high materials devoted to producing these machines. Even so, their mantra for every sale is that customer satisfaction remains the goal.

Needless to say, that they have been doing very well for themselves, multiplying their annual turnover rate of between thirty to fifty million yuan which is a sign of a quality manufacturing company.

Key Products:

  • Screw molding machine
  • Cold forged molding 
  • Nut molding machine
  • Cold-forged accessory molding machine


2. Jonsen Sander



Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China




Hangzhou Xiangsheng Abrasive Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd, also known as Jonsen Sander, was established in 1993 and has amassed over two decades of expertise. While their expertise has been in surface treatment machine production, they have nonetheless collected over a score of patents in high technology inventions. They have remained the production standard for metal works in the Chinese national metal sanding machinery.

Coupled with their high standard of production is a consistent record of solid customer relations. This customer-centric position has provided them with constructive customer feedback and, in turn, has helped them model machines that suit customers’ needs. 

Also, the wealth of experience garnered over the years has enabled them to supply and manufacture quality equipment and accessories to their customers both locally and internationally. However, these customers are often the center of the different applications and solutions provided by Jonsen Sander. They have provided over 10,000 industrial solutions over the years. Likewise, they are committed to research and design to develop great machines with utmost seriousness and dedication.

Key Products:

  • De-slagging equipment
  • Oil surface finishing machine
  • Double abrasive belt stroke sander


3. Yuhai


Foshan, Guangdong


Guangdong Foshan Yuhai Screw Machinery CoLtd is a manufacturing company that produces screw machine equipment. This equipment includes the multi-position cold head machine, the two punching head machines, and other screw machine equipment.

While the company has continuously endeavored to be a leading screw machine manufacturer, their introduction and infusion of screw parts, sleeve hole parts, and axle parts have also been a constantly refining experience in the machinery market. Consequently, they’ve been able to further liaise with both customers and investors in the industry.

Yuhai has also been constantly investing in research and development, focusing primarily on modern manufacturing equipment and machines. This development-oriented approach has led to its exhibition of advanced riveting technology. Nevertheless, their top-notch after-sales team is ever ready to respond to all the inquiries and queries a customer may have.

Key Products:

  • One die two punch cold heading machine
  • Tail hole puncher (semi-hollow rivet machine)
  • Two die four-punch cold heading machine
  • Open and close die header





Dongguan, Guangdong Province




Established in 2005, Guangdong Taishin Machinery Co. Ltd is equipped with over a decade and a half of quality manufacturing of cold forging equipment. Fortunately, they have their headquarters and branch strategically located in the Guangdong Province – Dongguan city and Yangjiang city, respectively, from where they operate their profitable enterprise.

Most importantly, its machines are made to fit the best quality at competitive market prices. However, this quality manufacturing has only been possible with the many positive feedbacks from its customers, especially for the open die cold forging machine and thread rolling machine. Nevertheless, they base their quality machine production process on the pillars of maximum stability, high precision, and optimal output.

Consequently, they have recorded a massive sales high of over 300 machine sets sold to different countries worldwide. Not surprising, though, is the guaranteed sophisticated machines that you get from them. These machines are made with an advanced technological standard for every piece or set of their inventory. Additionally, their products are backed by a standby customer relations team to attend to all and any of your needs.

Key Products:

  • Automatic die cold forging machine
  • Automatic blow screw making machine
  • Mold opening & clamping cold forging machine
  • Screw bolt cold heading machine


5. Rainbow



Songbei District, Harbin




Production and manufacturing of cold forging machines have been at the center of Harbin Rainbow Technology Co. Ltd. Still, as a business, they’ve been a leading producer of fastener equipment in all of China. Though its reputation precedes it as the number one supplier domestically, it is also well-respected abroad. Its core customer portfolio in the US, India, Europe, and Southeast Asia for electrical and mechanical equipment is a testament to this respected status abroad.

Its technical and professional expertise helps to open up opportunities in the international market and open up its local industries. Likewise, its commitment to the principles of credibility, honesty, and mutual benefit, clearly defines its policy on customer service. This customer-centered approach is one reason for its continued success both at home and abroad.

By and large, they still seek opportunities to collaborate with potential customers in the cold forging industries to help them bring their projects to fruition. 

Key Products: 

  • Station bolt former
  • Die blow
  • Spindle nut tapping machine
  • Semi-hollow series 


6. Sijin



Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province




SIJIN Intelligent Forming Machinery Co., Ltd has been in the forging machinery industry for a while and, in that time, has acquired a standard factory line. Despite this achievement, it has furnished the plant with sophisticated machines geared towards improving and leveling up the national cold forming machines. This singular tool act of theirs has enabled the promotion of cold forming technology.

Additionally, it has consistently collaborated with the China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology University Institute through Its provincial technology research and development center.  These collaborations allow for the coordination of industry-university research works.

Fortunately, its efforts in research have been fruitful with industry awards as it was recognized and won the award for the “Famous brand products of the Chinese machinery industry” in 2017. Also, SIJIN was named in the Ningbo government’s famous quality products procurement Catalogue for October 2017.

With its customer-centric after-sales support team SIJIN is always ready to respond to customers’ inquiries and has been able to amass positive feedback from these customers to improve its service delivery continuously.

Key Products:

  • Cold forging machine
  • Part and nut forming machine
  • Thread rolling machine


7. Jinan Linteng


Ji’nan, China




Jinan Linteng Tech and Trade Co. Ltd was established in 2004, and those years have focused on the import and export of the different types of abrasive and forging equipment. However, they have endeavored to achieve quality delivery with a customer-oriented focal point. This reason is why they are well sought after both locally and internationally.

Over the years, their presence in the international market has seen their machines sold to so many foreign customers in the UK, US, and many European countries. Not surprising, therefore, that they have leverage over competitors given that their machines favorably enjoy the application in various countries. This is why they are in a partnership with different supplying companies, given their scope and knowledge of foreign and local markets.

Its extensive technical knowledge in these machines’ import and export business is one asset that has provided it an advantage in technical consultations and discourse. Nonetheless, they continue to find opportunities to satisfy customers before, during, and after-sales their products.

Key Products: 

  • Rail bound forging manipulator
  • Open die forging press
  • Free forging press
  • Hot die forging press


8. Innor



Guangzhou, Guangdong, China




Guangzhou Innor Machinery Co. Ltd was established in 2010 and has been an outstanding cold heading machine producer. Located in Guangzhou, it has continued to raise its bar for quality and standard supply of machinery components with an excellent sales and technical support team. And though it sits comfortably on 10,000 square meters with advanced machinery in manufacturing its products and services, competent personnel invest so much energy in upholding the organization’s standards.

It combines its research and development with technological advancements in manufacturing long-lasting, superior-quality machinery. And while it is well-known for quality manufacturing, it has also held a reputation for splendid quality service to local and foreign markets. Furthermore, its innovative team has also immensely contributed to its success in delivering quality to its customers. It continues to serve them and its partners.

Innor survives on a strict quality control policy because it keeps its word of being the best professionally and materially, constantly testing and checking for errors and mistakes throughout the production lines to ensure quality service. 

Key Products:

  • Blow cold heading machine
  • Multi-station cold heading machine
  • Thread rolling machine
  • Three die three blow cold forging machine
  • Riveting machine


9. Dongrui



Ruian, Zhejiang Province




Founded in 1989, Dongrui Machinery Co. Ltd. is a manufacturing company driven by research and development. But beyond this, it has manufactured a variety of quality equipment that meets the high standards of the quality management system and has been certified as a tested and trusted brand.

While it is located in the Auto and Motor Parts Garden in the Ruian City of Zhejiang, its factory sits on 32,800 square meters of space tailored to suit its technological and scientific enterprise. Moreover, its big factory size has been put to great use, and it has created a brand name through its customer-centric values and standards.

Additionally, the manufacturing of big-sized machines such as the 2-die-3 blow cold heading machines and a host of other machinery fit for use by its highly esteemed customers have added to their excellent reputation.

Most importantly, Dongrui boasts over two decades of quality supply and manufacture of standard equipment, which is made possible by combining its highly efficient R&D and manufacturing teams.

Key Products:

  • Three-die Three-punch
  • Four-die Four-punch
  • Five-die Five punch
  • Six-die Six-punch


10. Ningbo Laifu



Zhenhai District, Ningbo City




Ningbo Laifu’s foundation is built on the four principles of integrity, innovation, quality, and efficiency. These principles are its commitment to delivering value to its customers. Founded in 1965, its production plant occupies 15,000 square meters where all the creative and innovative production and manufacturing occurs. And while Its quest to provide quality service to customers has strictly complied with professional quality service, it has ensured it delivers quality products using optimal business practices.

Fortified with a complete commitment to each customer, it serves its teeming clientele based on efficiency and integrity. Interestingly, its machines, such as the straight shaft-steel frame punching machine and the likes, are built from the knowledge it possesses. However, it has used this know-how to bring cutting-edge development combining it with its research, design, and development for a sustainable service.

Admittedly, their over fifty years of wealth of experience has given it the occasion to garner trailblazing achievements. These breaks have opened up diverse opportunities for local infant industries to lunge into the foreign market with ease and comfort. 

Key Products: 

  • High-speed press
  • Straight-side double crank press
  • Cross-shaft precision power press
  • Straight-side single crank press


II. What are the Forging Inspection Methods to Ensure Safety and Quality


Here are some ways you can deploy to inspect the quality of forged parts: 

  • Chemical Analysis: This allows for determining the chemistry of materials to explain the required and specified quantities and volume in detail. It includes atomic emission spectroscopy (AES), combustion analysis, etc.
  • Mechanical Testing: In this test, there’s a need to carry out hardness testing, tensile testing, charpy impact, bend, fracture toughness, fatigue crack growth, and low and high-cycle fatigue.
  • Non-destructive Testing: Also referred to as NDT, allows for ascertaining internal and external defects and deficiencies through its ultrasonic, radiographic, magnetic particle, and liquid penetrant examinations.
  • Metallurgical Testing: The various techniques employed in executing such examinations include microstructure, grain size, micro-cleanliness, and macrostructure.




III. X-ray Machine: The Best Inspection Solution to Detect Forging Defects


Getting a suitable cold forging machine is dependent on getting a reliable supplier. However, a forged product’s quality depends on getting an appropriate testing method to identify forging defects in a product.

While many manufacturers have a quality inspection process, most don’t have effective quality inspection solutions to detect forging defects. Many of these manufacturers rely on either mechanical testing that involves destructive methods or visual inspections methods that are not effective for internal defects.

Nonetheless, non-destructive inspection methods using X-ray machines are often very effective for inspecting forged products. The reason is that X-ray machines use radiation to penetrate the forged product exposing even defects that are difficult for other inspection tests to identify.

X-ray Forging Parts

What’s more? The result is more accurate and faster to generate while providing ample magnification for the image generated by the detector. Still, it is cost-effective as it saves the manufacturer from the unnecessary cost of recalls for defective products.


IV. UNI X-ray: Your Best X-ray Machine Supplier in China


Chinese X-ray machine manufacturers are always the first point of call for most people or organizations looking to purchase an X-ray machine. One of the reasons has to do with the competitive pricing and the high quality of these Chinese X-ray manufacturers compared with their European or American counterparts.

Uni X-Ray is a Chinese X-ray machine manufacturer with two decades of industry expertise and consistent successful delivery of X-ray solutions to many cold forging product manufacturers. Their X-ray solutions have been used by various multinationals and blue-chip manufacturing companies both home and overseas.

The driving force for this consistent delivery of X-ray solutions has been a dedicated research and development team consisting of highly qualified and experienced engineers. This factor, coupled with their responsive after-sales support team who goes all out to resolve customers’ challenges, has been behind the success.




To wrap up, cold forging machine manufacturers are a dime a dozen, but picking out a suitable one starts from cross-checking their track records against their quality delivery claims. While Chinese manufacturers have been well sought-after over the years, their offerings and customer support are different from one manufacturer to the other. This factor can form your basis for choosing one of the suppliers listed in this guide.

However, getting a suitable cold forging machine manufacturer is not enough. There needs to be an effective system to ascertain the quality of the forged product manufactured.

An effective non-destructive method like X-ray machine inspection is often the best quality assessment method for detecting forging defects due to its high accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness. Meanwhile, Chinese X-ray machine manufacturers like Uni X-ray with a consistent track record of successful X-ray solution delivery will suffice for your X-ray inspection needs.

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