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We help you get better understanding at X-ray inspection: applications, case studies and technical articles from industry experts alike

What is Industrial Radiography?

Industrial radiography is a type of non-destructive testing that utilizes ionizing electromagnetic radiation to inspect the test components or materials. With the help of industrial radiography, the inspectors can figure out and enumerate internal and external defects and degradation in the sample material that may cause the failure of engineering structures.

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How to Calculate the File Size for a Digital Image?

You should consider and calculate these parameters carefully when choosing industrial x-ray equipment for adequate image handling. Improved image quality often ends up with two divides. On one side is the improved bit depth of the digital detector and on the other side is the increased file size.

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Preventive Maintenance Of Industrial X-ray System

Hence, the X-ray system’s maintenance for achieving these assessments will go a long way in preserving its objectives and, ultimately, business in the long-term. In order to avoid the breakdown of industrial X-ray machines and, consequently, a loss of production time and revenue, preventive maintenance is often initiated to avert this loss.

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Security X-ray Machine 6050E

How Does the X-ray Baggage Scanner Guarantee Our Security?

Huge numbers of people pass through airports every now and then in public places like airports. These places become the potential hotspots for all illegal activities. Hence, safety here is the top priority and ensuring that safety is again the herculean task. This is where the regular security check can do the needful.

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14 Basic Questions About X-ray

X-ray is both beneficial and dangerous, depending on its use. The benefits of X-rays are numerous as they cut across many industries such as medicine, engineering, electronics, and many more. It is used for many purposes ranging from medical imaging to components inspection and many more.

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How To Use X-ray For PCB Inspection

How to Use X-ray for Pcb Inspection?

X-ray test is used to detect the sample that cannot be detected by the appearance of the position. X-ray penetrates the material of different densities due to the change in its light intensity. The resulting contrast effect can form an image to show the internal structure of the object to be measured.

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