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Top 10 Battery Spot Welder Manufacturers in China

Battery Spot Welder Manufacturer in China

Have you been searching unsuccessfully for a suitable battery spot welder manufacturer? 

The issue is often not the availability of manufacturers, but it is sometimes getting one that suitably fits your battery manufacturing objectives. While China offers many battery spot welder manufacturers, perusing through their list can be tiresome and confusing. At the same time, you might not have enough background information to ultimately make an informed decision when in the market for a spot welder supplier from China.

This guide familiarizes you with the battery spot welder manufacturers that have constantly delivered battery solutions to their customers over the years. But while they might not all be at par in years of establishment, they all have high-quality standards.

Table of Contents

I. 10 Best Battery Spot Welder Manufacturers in China

China is booming with many battery spot-welding manufacturing activities, attributed to a massive manufacturing economy powered by a large pool of manufacturing expertise and professionals. These factors often contribute to the low cost of production and an abundance of innovation, making Chinese manufacturers less expensive than their American and European counterparts.

This list consists of the top 10 battery spot welder manufacturers that you should consider when looking for a reliable supplier.

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1. TOB

1. TOB Battery Making Machine Manufacturer


Fujian Province, China




TOB New Energy was established in 2012, and its primary focus of production is the Lithium-ion batteries and other external products that align with the operation of the batteries. Such machines include the Battery Mixer, Electrode Coating Machine, Battery Slitting Machine, Battery Winding Machine, etc. Consequently, they have had to rely on sophisticated machines and high-level technology to have manufactured over 200 lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitor production lines. 

As a high-tech company, TOB New Energy has over twenty years of lithium-ion battery production and is highly invested in research and manufacturing. However, their compliance with quality control has never fallen short of high international standards. In addition to their quality standards, they’ve also obtained international quality management certifications such as the ISO 9001, Quality Management System, and CE Certificates.

Their international clients include BMW, A123, Benz, MIT, and IIT in the United States, Australia, Europe, Russia, and India.

Key Products:

  • Lithium battery electrode slitting
  • lithium-ion battery coating machine
  • Lithium-ion coin cell lab-line equipment

2. Tmax

2. TMAX Battery Making Machine Manufacturer


Fujian, China




Tmax Battery Equipment limited was established in 1995, and its core production centers on lithium battery equipment and technology. While doling out products from its two thousand square meter factory, its over 100 workers and staff ensure that quality products and excellent service remain their forte.

In addition to their factories, they still partner with other sub-contracting facilities registered and liaised with Tmax for reliable and fast service distribution. While these efforts are fascinating, they never rest on their oars. They find additional opportunities to collaborate with other international universities for research and development to produce better and sophisticated equipment.

With more than 20 years of professional and experienced service, Tmax Battery Equipment has carved a niche for itself and is trusted by its international clients for quick response, hard work, and sincerity which has remained its core values. Above all, its quality control processes are of high standards. This standard has been authenticated by acquiring international certifications such as ISO:9001, 2008 certificate, CE Certificate, and Quality Management System Certificate.

Key Products:

  • Polymer battery pack assembly
  • Film coating machine
  • Prismatic cell manufacturing machine
  • Flow cell assembly

3. Kende

3. Kende Battery Spot Welder Manufacturer


Zhejiang, China




Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical Co. Ltd. was formerly known as Zhejiang Kende Welding Equipment Co. Ltd. While they’ve been famous for manufacturing electric arc welders, they’ve also been known to manufacture gas-shielded welders, cutter bars, welding protective articles, welding materials, and welding accessories.

Established in 2001, it has become one of China’s largest welding equipment manufacturers. They seem to be doing well for themselves with an annual welder output of 1.5 million units and yearly export sales close to USD forty-eight million. Also, its international presence boasts of self-managed import and export rights, which have contributed to its reputation as the first and best in China in the electric welding industry for three years consecutively.

Its business and operations policy on production management, independent innovation for development, and customer demand-centered models have justified all its accolades and certifications in the CCC, GS, CE, SAA, ETL, EMC of TUV, CSA, and PCT. Still, its provincial and national research and development infrastructures stand tall. It was commissioned to improve the quality of production equipment while applying advanced technological systems to ensure complete qualification rates of all machinery produced.

Key Products:

  • Spot welding machine
  • Professional welding machines
  • Battery charger

4. Tico


Guangdong, China




Shenzhen Tico Laboratory was established in 2016, and it specializes in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of laboratory research equipment that deals with batteries. While its focus has been manufacturing its main products, supercapacitor equipment, and lithium battery laboratory equipment, it is also known to manufacture battery lab machines, gloveboxes, and battery fabrication machines.

In any case, they’ve got a team of engineers and technicians who are equipped with vast knowledge and industry experience in designing and manufacturing battery laboratory equipment. Nonetheless, they still have over a hundred staff and technical support teams at their factory, built on a three thousand square meters land size. 

Tico’s core values remain high efficiency for optimal quality service and customer satisfaction, and its research and development department works tirelessly to bring value to its highly esteemed customers. It also stays authentic and consistent in its production and manufacture of battery laboratory research equipment, and it hasn’t wavered.

Key Products:

  • Battery spot welder
  • ultrasonic metal spot welder

5. Beijiexing

5. Beijiexing Battery Spot Welder Manufacturer


Suzhou, SIP




Suzhou Beijiexing was founded in early 2017, focusing on the production of industrial robots and intelligent equipment. While it has acquired over its short year period of establishment over thirty patents through the hard work, its fifty engineers remain dedicated and resilient to continue to dole out quality products.

Its factory is situated in Suzhou’s industrial park at the Science and Technology Park of the National University of Nanotechnology, and it covers two thousand square meters of land. Yet, its precise aim is to create and manufacture intelligent equipment designs in the new power battery industry. It also never shies away from its ambition to be a well-recognized stakeholder in local and foreign markets. Surprisingly, thus far, they’ve been able to achieve that.

Although their experience in the industry has been few and short, their impact has been exceptional due to the milestones it has been able to cover in such a short term through research and development. But above all, they have channeled all their resources into providing excellent customer-centered products which can quickly meet the customer’s needs.

Key Products: 

  • Spot welding machine
  • Single-side battery spot welding

6. Shenzhen E-Fire Technology Development Co., Limited


Guangdong Province, China




Shenzhen E-fire Technology Development Co. Ltd was established in 2013. Its primary focus is designing, researching, developing, and manufacturing Li-ion batteries, spot welders, and battery pack-related equipment. This equipment includes a battery management system, battery protection board, battery holder, nickel-plated, and shrink PVC.

With more than four hundred and twenty completed transactions, it is recorded to have an enviable track record of success in the battery equipment industry. However, most of its products can be found in major devices and automobiles such as motorbikes, bicycles, scooters, cars, energy storage systems, medical equipment, etc. Additionally, its total revenue is in the range of five to ten million US dollars, with its major marketers all over the global market like North America and Europe.  

Over the years, its unique selling point has been short production time, reasonable price, and satisfaction after-sales service. They are also very responsive, with response rates of under three hours and a response percentage of ninety-eight point nine-eight.

Key Products:

  • Battery welding machine
  • Spot welder 
  • Spot welding pen
  • Spot-welding machine


7. KNOKOO Battery Spot Welder Manufacturer


Guangdong, China




Knokoo was founded in 2012 and has provided a fume extractor, soldering product, and electronic tools. Most importantly, they’ve been excellent in the electronics industry with over seven years of experience. Yet, they keep pushing to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of the best electrical equipment in the industry.

While it is fully committed to quality product innovation, it has completed seventy-four successful transactions. Still, it strives for more as it garners a worldwide reputation in the development of assembly-line products. Coupled with their production excellence is their production facility built on a thousand square meters. Perhaps their most important asset is their eleven to fifty employees contributing their very best to seeing the company become one of the best dealers in the electronic industry.

Still, they have obtained international quality inspection certification, including CE issued by HIT, CE issued by BCTC, and CE issued by BCTC for fume extractor. But above all, they excel at customer response orientation, attending to customers’ needs with a top-notch response time of fewer than four hours and a 93.26% rate of successful customer satisfaction. No wonder customers in both local and foreign markets have fully vouched for their exceptional service.

They are also fully committed and devoted to research and development for the continuous supply of timely and innovative products that will serve more domestically and in the international space.

Key Products: 

  • Spot welding machine
  • Pen with a soldering iron 
  • Precision pulse portable spot-welding machine

8. Sihao


Shanghai, China




In 2015, Shanghai Sihao Equipment Co. Ltd was founded. In a short time, it has become the major supplier and manufacturer of mini-lathe, welder, plotter, laser engraving machine, heat press machine with about eleven to fifty support staff. Additionally, Sihao has been verified onsite by a world-leading inspection company, TÜV Rheinland, due to its consistent value-added service and competent technical team. 

However, its commitment to quality has been outstanding with its acquisition of international quality standard certification to show steady performance. Nonetheless, its clients all over different continents of the world patronize them for their quality products and solutions. And while it serves its teeming customers, its customer attentiveness and retention rates have been astronomical. It has been known to have a 91.09% response rate and a response time of fewer than four hours. This customer-centric response ensures that customers are well attended to, and complaints of any sort may be speedily sorted.

Key Products:

  • Low power consumption spot welder 
  • Automatic dual voltage welder 
  • Hot stapler plastic repair system

9. Mingda


Guangdong, China




Shenzhen mind equipment co. Ltd. It is a major manufacturer and supplier of 3d printing equipment and battery welding equipment. Since its establishment in 2012, it has maintained a facility space of 1,000 to 3,000 square meters and has a staff strength of over fifty personnel. But perhaps the most remarkable achievements they have are two trademarks, seven product certifications for quality, and three patents in 3d imaging and printing equipment. 

Mingda’s production flow starts from raw material to assembling and testing with competent, innovative, and knowledgeable minds and hands, making this process smooth and unhindered. While they try to ensure quality output, several different test equipment is also deployed to guarantee an up to standard production process and distinctive production with quality control measures tailored to perfection.

Its market presence in the international and domestic markets has been phenomenal. This reputation has been demonstrated with a buyer interaction of 97.14% and can be attributed to its standby customer service representatives, who are always ready to attend to any waiting customer.

Key Products:

  • Industrial automatic spot welder
  • Capacitive discharge spot welder
  • Lithium battery welder

10. DuroPower

10. DuroPower Battery Spot Welder Manufacturer


Guangdong, China




Huizhou Durowelder Limited was established in 2013 by its parent company Welding Technologies which was based in the USA and served as the manufacturing factory. Though its primary focus was manufacturing welding machines, it has metamorphosed into providing products that include induction heating machines, tube processing machines, wire bending machines, and polishing machines. 

While its factory size is a 10,000 to 30,000 square meters expanse of industrial space, it has generated an annual output value of a hundred million dollars and a production line of more than ten. However, it still has its yearly production capacity getting most of the sales from welding machines with eight hundred units produced yearly.

Remarkably, it has acquired three patents for its technological-based manufacturing and four production certificates due to its quality production. These production certificates include ISO9001:2000 facility, National Mandatory Safety System certificate of CCC, European CE, and others.

Key Products: 

  • Tape spot welding machine
  • Inverter dc battery spot welding machine 
  • Battery spot welding machine

II. How to Spot Weld a Battery?

Have you ever asked any battery manufacturer how they carry out battery spot welding?

Even though batteries are a common sight in our world today, some production processes such as battery spot welding are not privy to everybody. However, battery welding is an essential part of the production process, and anyone can aspire to know how it is done.

Unlike traditional welding methods like arc welding, the process of spot welding does not require any filler material. What it needs is the application of pressure and heat to the concerned area. Current is often transmitted through a copper-alloy electrode to the material, and this current melts and merges the parts.

This method is often advantageous for large-scale welding procedures such as battery manufacturing because it is cost-effective and reliable with almost permanent welds. However, it is not cost-effective for small-scale welding, and it is not suitable for some materials.

spot weld a battery

III. How to Ensure Safety and Quality of Battery?

Batteries come in different shapes and sizes, but all contain hazardous chemicals and acids that are corrosive and all produce an electrical charge. As valuable and essential as they seem to our daily living, they are also harmful if not handled properly.

Therefore, when handling batteries, the safety and quality of the battery must be considered, and the first thing you need to consider is to stay clear of the manufacturing area during manufacture.

However, this poses a challenge when ascertaining the quality of the battery as most inspection methods, including visual inspection, might require getting close or even handling with bare hands.

One way to overcome this challenge is the use of X-ray machine inspection. The reason is that X-ray uses radiation to penetrate the battery during quality inspection to reveal any anomalies. This cuts out the possibility of handling with bare hands or moving too close.

battery x-ray inspection NG battery x-ray inspection
ok NG

IV. UNI X-ray: Your Best X-ray Machine Supplier in China

While X-ray machines remain your best bet for inspecting batteries, finding a reliable X-ray manufacturer is another matter entirely. While there are suppliers at every turn you make, Chinese suppliers like Uni X-ray are still the most sought-after suppliers because of the high quality and the competitive prices they offer.

Uni X-ray is a Chinese X-ray machine manufacturer with almost two decades of successful delivery of fit-for-purpose X-ray solutions. Their team of highly experienced engineers consistently puts heads together to produce some of the most innovative X-ray solutions in the industry today.

But that’s not all.

Uni X-ray also has one of the most responsive and dedicated after-sales support in the industry, with their customer support team available round the clock to attend to your challenges. No wonder multinationals and blue-chip companies like BMW, BYD, and Philips trust the Uni X-ray brand.


To wrap up, though battery spot welder manufacturers are numerous, you sure can find a suitable one in China to meet your requirements if only you start by doing a background check on them, and yes, we’ve given you a good head start in this guide.

However, you still need to consider a suitable quality inspection process that guarantees the safety of individuals. For safe battery manufacturing, the best is X-ray machines because of the ability to identify manufacturing defects without the need for anyone touching the sample.

However, Chinese X-ray machine manufacturers are still the best in the industry. One such company with a dependable track record of almost two decades of successful delivery of X-ray solutions is Uni X-ray.

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