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Top 10 Battery Making Machine Manufacturers in China

Battery Making Machine Manufacturers in China

Have you been looking for a battery-making machine manufacturer but can’t seem to find a suitable one?

The sheer number of manufacturers in the market today can be overwhelming. Naturally, checking their track record over the years can be one way to select a dependable manufacturer from a list of unreliable ones. Nevertheless, getting a suitable one that offers various options and checks all the boxes for your requirements is still possible.

This guide is a list of outstanding battery-making machine manufacturers in China. Even though they don’t all have the same number of years in the industry, one thing is constant with them all: their high level of quality delivery.

So, if you are ready, let’s dive right in.

Table of Contents

I. 10 Best Battery Making Machine Manufacturers in China

China is a one-stop-shop for all your battery-making machine needs with so many offerings from various quality manufacturers. Perhaps you already know this. Still, you might be surprised to learn that Chinese manufacturers are very affordable compared to their European and American counterparts.

The competitive pricing is often attributed to the massive availability of expertise and labor, which significantly reduces production costs.

This list is the top of the stack of battery-making machine manufacturers in China, and you can consider them if you are in the market for a battery-making machine supplier.

Top Rank

Battery Making Machine Manufacturer






Xiamen Tmax



Xiamen Lith



Gelon LIB Group



Nantong Zhenhuan









Xingtai Zhaoyang








1. TOB

1. TOB Battery Making Machine Manufacturer


Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China




Xiamen TOB New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. Since its inception, they’ve focused on developing innovative ways to make more effective Lithium-ion batteries and other related products. However, they’ve identified some gaps in the industry over the years and have decided to add additional products and services to their portfolio.

Some of the recent products included are battery manufacturing materials, advanced machinery, and comprehensive battery production solutions for international companies. However, they have also extended their services to research institutions concerned with the Lithium-ion battery industry.

To remain very relevant in the industry, TOB recently revamped its equipment and manufacturing technique which has transformed it into a high-tech enterprise with specialties in high-end battery making solutions. But that’s not all. They’ve also engaged a team of highly qualified individuals with over 20 years of experience in lithium-ion battery research and manufacturing. All of these efforts are to help them achieve their battery solutions objective. 

TOB has a teeming number of loyal clients that use their products in production processes. These companies include BMW, MIT, A123, Mercedes Benz, and other multinationals. While these clients trust their commitment to high-quality standards, TOB has also ensured they obtain relevant international certifications. These certifications include ISO ISO9001 quality management system and CE certifications.

Finally, their full commitment to serving customers’ needs has been very high over the years, following high standards of customer care and support to educate, counsel, and assist customers every step of the way.

Key Products:

  • Electrode coating machine
  • Battery sealing and crimping machine
  • Electrode slitting machine

2. Xiamen Tmax

2. TMAX Battery Making Machine Manufacturer


Xiamen, Fujian, China




Xiamen Tmax Battery Equipment Limited was founded in 1995 to manufacture Lithium-ion battery machines and technologies. After over 15 years in the clean energy industry, they’ve built capacity, increasing their initial objective to accommodate customers’ specific requirements for both technologies and equipment.

But perhaps the most interesting aspect of their experience is the many successes they’ve recorded locally in China and internationally.  

They have their products in a 2,000 square meter area from where they manufacture their products. However, they still partner with other production facilities in different regions with the same quality manufacturing standards to help them achieve their production targets.

Meanwhile, their research and development department consists of highly qualified engineers and experienced technicians who give customers innovative and quality products. Still, they continue to collaborate with other well-established research institutions and universities worldwide to expand the frontiers of clean energy development. Some of these universities include the University of Sydney, California University, and the University of Cambridge.

But wait, there’s more.

They’ve shown their unwavering commitment to high-quality standards by obtaining relevant international standard certifications, including ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate Quality Management System Certificate and CE Certificates. Additionally, they also continue to show their strong commitment to customer satisfaction as they strive to provide customers with cost-effective, quality, and timely solutions.

Key Products:

  • Cylindrical cell production line  
  • Pouch cell production line
  • Cylindrical cell fabrication machine
  • Coin cell fabrication machine    
  • Pouch cell fabrication machine

3. Xiamen Lith

3. LITH Battery Making Machine Manufacturer


Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China




Xiamen Lith was established in 1998 by a group of material science doctors determined to provide the best battery manufacturing equipment as they saw a need in the industry. Fortunately, they’ve been able to achieve their goals since the inception of the company by going all-out to turn the company into a leading supplier of battery manufacturing equipment.

At inception, the first thing they did to achieve their ambition was to set up production facilities in Shenzhen and Xiamen. By doing so, they’ve had the opportunity to provide customers with quality and reliable battery manufacturing machines and equipment. These machines include a film coater, roller press, mixer, glove box, high-temperature furnace, and complete set of equipment for researching battery components.

Their products have enjoyed patronage locally in China and internationally with clients, including national labs, universities, and battery factories. But more important is their endeavor to satisfy customers by giving them cost-effective and intuitive solutions. 

Key Products:

  • Semi-automatic coating machine
  • Vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer
  • Electronic rolling calendar

4. Gelon LIB Group

4. Gelon Battery Making Machine Manufacturer


Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong, China




Gelon was established in 2003 with a primary focus on providing battery-related solutions to customers. Since their establishment, they have garnered over 17 years in the clean energy industry providing Lithium-ion battery solutions, including battery production machines, materials, and manufacturing batteries for their customers.

However, as a mission, Gelon is determined to innovate the Lithium-ion battery to improve the quality and lives of their customers. But to achieve this feat, Gelon puts its ears to the ground to keep up with trends and technological advancements in the industry, including new and advanced battery manufacturing equipment and techniques.

Finally, their objective for the future is to provide customers with technical support, professional service, and premium products using their wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

Key Products:

  • Slurry mixing machine
  • Manual slitting machine
  • Auto slitting machine

5. Nantong Zhenhuan

5. Nantong Zhenhuan Battery Making Machine Manufacturer


Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, China




Nantong Zhenhuan came into the scene in 2004 as a private enterprise engaged in manufacturing equipment for fabricating and processing metals, HVAC duct machines, and wire bending machines. They are also involved in the manufacture of battery-making machines, among other manufacturing machines.

In general, their primary focus has been capturing a fair share of the international market. As such, Nantong Zhenhuanhave placed a premium on quality manufacturing and services to ensure they remain very competitive in the global market. Nevertheless, they make efforts to meet customers’ needs locally and internationally with quality and reliable manufacturing machine solutions from out of China.

On the other hand, they are ever ready to collaborate in making manufacturing projects a reality for their customers. 

Key Products: 

  • Battery plate pasting machine
  • Battery grid casting machine


6. ACEY Battery Making Machine Manufacturer


Huli District, Xiamen, China




Since its establishment in 2009, ACEY has had the prime objective of employing research and development to manufacture high-end Lithium-ion battery equipment. But despite this primary ambition, they have equally been working hard to become a leading high-tech enterprise specializing in new energy products.

Over the years, ACEY’s portfolio has increased to include other Lithium-ion battery products, including battery raw materials, cylindrical and pouch cells, and lab-scale production machines for coin cells. Additionally, they’ve also included supercapacitor manufacture equipment and a battery packet assembly line to make their product offerings more robust.

ACEY’s production facility sits on a 20,000 square meter area with the capacity to turn out huge quantities of battery products annually. However, they have also engaged a very active and innovative research and development department with over 20 highly qualified engineers with more than ten years of industry experience and product knowledge.

The fascinating thing about their research and development is that it has been very fruitful over the years yielding over 60 complete Lithium-ion battery solutions, which have been successfully utilized in over 40 countries worldwide. Likewise, their commitment to the highest quality manufacturing standards is evident in the warranty programs they offer their customers on purchase of their product.

Nevertheless, their commitment to customer satisfaction is unfettered, giving customers access to technical support and maintenance both locally and overseas. 

Key Products:

  • Pouch cell research machine
  • Lithium-ion battery pouch cell research machine
  • Battery electrode coating machine

7. Haoneng

7. Haoneng Battery Making Machine Manufacturer


Pingshan District, Shenzhen, China




Haoneng started in 2005 clearly to become a leading new energy enterprise out of China providing battery manufacturing equipment to its customers. Fortunately, they realized the first thing they needed to achieve this goal, and right off the bat, Haoneng established its production facilities in Shenzhen and Huizhou, covering areas of 50,000 square meters and 15,000 square meters, respectively.

The Shenzhen facility operates to assemble, debug, and store products, while the Huizhou facility is for machining. Yet, they have established another 2,000 square meter facility in Huizhou, which manages metal sheeting.

On the other hand, their staff strength has been catering to the various needs of the company and its customers with their 870 employees. These staff members comprise 150 research staff, more than 500 technical staff, and 150 after-sales engineers.

Perhaps unsurprising is the solutions that the research program of Haoneng has yielded. This research program has produced several solutions and innovative products over the years, including the 120 m/min high-speed double-layer extrusion coating machine. Additionally, it has also produced a high-speed intelligent slitter machine and a high-speed intelligent double-layer extrusion coating machine, to name a few.

In spite of this, Haoneng continues to partner with several well-established companies and research institutions to innovate some of the best battery solutions in the industry.

Key Products: 

  • Coating machine
  • Calendering machine
  • Slitting machine
  • Automatic high precision slitting machine
  • Cylindrical battery coating machine

8. Xingtai Zhaoyang

8. Xingtai Zhaoyang Battery Making Machine Manufacturer


Xingtai City, Hebei Province, China




Xingtai Zhaoyang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 as a high-tech enterprise with technical subject matter expertise. However, they’ve had to integrate research and development of battery products with manufacturing, sales, and services into their portfolio. Accordingly, they’ve been producing Lithium-ion battery manufacturing machines, including slitters, press-cutting machines, roll presses, and other equipment used in Lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

Their unique selling point is the energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and excellent mechanical properties that their products guarantee. But by and large, Xingtai Zhaoyang has built an outstanding processing capacity with over 50 sets of various sizes of mechanical processing equipment like CNC floor boring, CNC gantry milling, and high-precision grinding machines.

But that’s not all.

They also possess over 60 other auxiliary processing equipment and over 30 inspection and testing equipment types, giving them an edge over counterparts in the industry.

Coupled with their high-tech equipment is their research and development arm concerned with generating all the innovative solutions possible. This department consists of over 20 senior mechanical and electrical engineers, eight external experts and professors, and 160 front-line technical workforces. Their remarkable work has also yielded 27 national patents and outright intellectual property rights.

Key Products:

  • Dry roller press
  • Automatic power splitter
  • Automatic lithium battery splitting machine
  • Fully automatic rolling and cutting machine 
  • Continuous rolling production line

9. Shenzhen JXC

9. Shenzhen JXC Battery Making Machine Manufacturer


Shenzhen, Guangdong, China




Shenzhen JXC was established in 2010 as a specialized manufacturer of high-quality electromechanical equipment using research and development to innovate and manufacture its products. While they’ve had over ten years in the industry, they continue to create complete battery production solutions that customers have known for over the years. These solutions include an automatic battery core spot welder, automatic Lithium battery packing machine, and automatic battery spot welding machine.

Shenzhen JXC’s solutions are mostly marketed as phone batteries, low-pressure injection molding machines, battery-pack automatic making equipment, and molding materials. Yet, their expertise has been enhanced by constructing two facilities for automatic battery-producing machines and low-pressure injection molding machines.

However, one thing remains constant, and that is the dedication of their workforce. The staff members work in various company departments, including administration, purchase, research and development, marketing, after-sales service, and manufacturing.

But then the research and development department serves a major and perhaps the most important role. This department is responsible for producing innovative designs for the manufacturing department to manufacture products that have increased quality, effectiveness, and reduced cost. Their research and development have also won the company many patents and intellectual property rights.

Key Products:

  • Battery making machine
  • Battery packaging machine
  • Low-pressure injection molding machine
  • Face mask machine

10. AME

10. AME Battery Making Machine Manufacturer


Linyi, Shandong, China




AME was established in 2016 as an engineering company specializing in designing both small- and large-scale battery equipment for development and manufacture. While its ambition is to deliver effective and innovative solutions to the most complex manufacturing and assembling challenges, they’ve naturally employed a combination of consulting, affordable options, and quality equipment in their service delivery.  

Over the past five years, AME has expanded and expanded its portfolio of services. Their portfolio of offerings has grown significantly with the addition of substrates, cathode, solvents, anode, electrolytes, and binders’ supply.

Nonetheless, AME’s products have enjoyed application from various clients both locally and internationally. These clients essentially include top universities across the globe. But then, they have also successfully installed assembly lines for companies in various countries like the US, Canada, Russia, and Germany.

But more importantly, their customer support is top-notch, providing prompt responses to an inquiry as well as initial installation requests. They also work seamlessly with the shipping department to ensure your products are well packaged and shipped appropriately.

Key Products: 

  • Hydraulic cylinder cells crimping machine
  • Lithium battery cells crimping machine
  • Lithium battery manufacturing machine 
  • Lithium battery semi-auto grooving machine
  • Manual winding machine for Lithium battery

II. What Machineries are Needed for Battery Production?

Have you ever wondered what machines are needed for battery production? This section will highlight the manufacturers’ machines to produce the different types of batteries you see today.

battery production machine

source from TOB

Front-end Equipment:

  • Battery slurry mixer – the first stage of making a battery is mixing the constituent material that makes up the battery slurry with a battery slurry machine for consistency.
  • Battery coating machine – the next step is applying the slurry to electrodes using a battery coating machine.
  • Roller press machine – the third step is calendering, which is smoothening the electrode, done using a roller press machine.
  • Roll slitting machine – cutting the coated and smoothened electrodes is done with a roll slitting machine


Mid-range Equipment:

  • Battery winding machine – this machine is used to separate the cathode and anode in a battery. 
  • Auto stacking machine – this machine automatically arranges the batteries in a queue for electrode cutting. 
  • Battery tab welder – this machine that welds the covering foil on the battery  
  • Spot welder – this machine is used for welding the battery strips together


Back-end Equipment:

  • Vacuum sealing machines – this machine is used for sealing individual packages within the battery
  • Side sealing machine – this machine is used for sealing the side of the cover foil

III. Defects of Finished Battery

Manufacturing batteries, just like other manufactured products, can sometimes come with manufacturing errors. These defects can either be physical defects or internal defects.

  • Physical Defects: These are easily noticeable flaws on the exterior of the battery and can mostly be identified using the eyes. These defects can include peeled coats, dents on the body, and damaged terminals.
  • Inner Defects: These defects occur within the sealed body of the battery and are often associated with the internal components of the batteries. These flaws cannot be seen with the eye and will need non-destructive tools like X-ray machines to discover. These defects can include inconsistent electrode slurry.
inner defects of battery

IV. How to Effectively Identify Inner Defects of Battery: The Best Solution X-ray Machine

Manufacturing batteries take care and caution to ensure that a quality battery devoid of any flaw comes out of the production machine. Manufacturers have to put processes in place to inspect the quality of the batteries both during manufacturing and after production.

However, some manufacturers often employ ineffective quality inspection methods like visual inspection, which is insufficient to ascertain internal defects. A non-destructive method like X-ray machines is often effective in checking both internal and external defects in batteries.

The reason is that X-ray machines use radiations that can penetrate the internal features of sample material to reveal its internal structure and uncover any defect that might exist within the component.

V. UNI X-ray: Your Best X-ray Machine Supplier in China

Finding a suitable X-ray machine supplier is often daunting, and when you finally get one, it is either they are very expensive, or they cannot give you a tailor-made solution for your unique inspection needs. The good news is that Chinese X-ray manufacturers like Uni X-ray have various X-ray solutions that are tailor-made to suit your exclusive requirements.

Uni X-ray has a consistent track record of successfully delivering X-ray solutions to clients both locally and internationally. They work with both multinationals and blue-chip companies, and startups to provide an effective solution. What’s more, they offer the same X-ray machine quality as the best European or American brands, and the best part is that their prices are very competitive, drawing a comparison with European and American brands.


To wrap up, battery-making machine manufacturers in China offer very competitive prices with mouth-watering incentives and warranties. However, a critical thing you need to consider when getting a battery-making machine from China is also to plan to get an X-ray machine to ensure the quality of the batteries you make.

The reason is that sending out defective batteries to the market can adversely affect your reputation and your income as customers begin to avoid your product. Uni X-ray is a Chinese X-ray machine manufacturer with almost two decades of consistent delivery of innovative X-ray solutions to clients worldwide. Every product is backed up by years of research and developments, as well as a responsive and timely after-sales service team.

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